Looking Forward???

  • I was hoping I could back with an old flame. But I don't have anyway of contacting him. He moved after we split. Can you see anything in any way of relations rekindled?? or is there going to be a new one?? Or am I destined to remain alone?? Thank You.

  • You have to find contact information for this man. There are site on the internet that you can do a search, the white pages is one that lists phone numbers and sometimes address (in the states), and will have many links for more info, but you have to pay for those. Regardless, I feel you must contact this man, and resolve the issue within yourself. I do not see whether you will rekindle this old flame or not, but I do feel you must contact him. Sorry I do not have something solid on that for you. And you will remain alone as long as you do not contact him. Contacting him will start your life a new.

    Best wishes. God Bless.

  • Thank You for responding, and for the advice. I will do what I can to find him. Take care, God Bless.

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