Cancer man and leo girll aaaahhh help

  • ok some of you knoe me some dont Hi i am Sirius not my real name but just for safety thats my name well ive known this girl for years now since 05 to now ive use to be immature then and so was she but ive always loved this girl she was my first love and she knowes it but i used to little things to show her i cared all the time but she said she didnt feel the same way so it kinda broke my heart i still tryed after that then things got weird and i just dropped it and left we met every now again after that but it always seem to be fated like i was into drugs nothin crazy just weed and drinking and the first time i got arrested sensd it the whooollllleee day i even say a picture in the clouds of two hearts breaking after a car pulls up well later on that day i got arrested right infront of her after a cop pulled up we stoped talking for awhile after that once she started talking to me i noticed something weird always happend to catch up to date we started talkin again and as soon as things started gettin personal i was arrested for the second time yes i was like maybe i should stay away but for some reason i love this girl and i really dont knoe how to let go or tell her how i feel now so we have been hanging out more and more lately but since she broke my heart before i dont wanna show love for her anymore just be a freind until she tells me she wants me but i dont think she can wich makes it even harder to be open with her she has sun sign leo and moon pisces i knoe the pisces makes it hard for her to trust and the way we use to be befor i would super romantic things to make her open up but i cant do that cause i dont want to be hurt aaaaaaaaahhh what should i do

  • hi Sirius. I am a leo woman involved with a Cancer man. I have started to understand how sensitive you cancer guys are and how easily hurt you can get, and how hard it is to open up. I understand that you fear being hurt especially if you have been hurt before, right? And you also have great difficulty letting go.

    I know this because in my situation I think I was the cancer's guy's first love but then i moved to the other side of the world and we were apart 12,000 miles. He moved to the same part of the world 2 years ago and came looking for me after 13 years. He told me how he felt all these years although I had rejected and hurt him many years ago I felted very touched and opened up to him. I don't know if this will apply to you and your leo. I am a Leo and I like getting my ego stroked like that, I am flattered when men open up to me, and that was why I gave him another chance. To win the heart of a leo you treat them like royalty, doing special things for them even as a friend and that would win them over.

    I know it's hard but to get back she has to know you still love her, because after my cancer and I got together he kinda stopped telling me he cares and leos like to know over and over that they are loved. My cancer is so indirect in showing he cares sometimes I wonder if he still does.

  • See i told her valentines day that i loved her i always have and shes like duh lol im very good at hiding but now i do because when i open up i give my all and it felt like a waste of time before and i just dont wanna waste it again but if it could work i think i should try but shes knows i got a soft spot for her so whatever she asks i do i gotta inside joke i call her Queen B and her names Brandy whenever i knoe shes being demanding i say yes my queen lol but shes been calling me more and more lately but i think im just two wild and energetic for her sometimes i guess its somethin we need to talk about but shes realy bad with her emotions she dosent really talk about them to anyone atleast not that i knoe of she just generalizes them and im all about talking about my emotions ive been told ive been different from most cancers im gaurded but i feel that some areas of me are so strong that they cant be hurt then others have just a lil cover so no one knoes it can hurt me but otherwise im just afraid to love again if she gave me a bigger hint to give in i might but it would be to much to try again just because id rather not worry about her or anything shes doin and just let her do her thing than to be a controlling asshole i knoe that i am well kinda im not like that anymore but sometimes it gets bad its just its really hard me to trust after breaking it and im only 21 and i have yet to this day to see a sucessful relationship so it kinda just makes me not want one

  • Sirius-don't worry you are only 21, my cancer guy is 33 and he has never had a serious relationship-he's so guarded it's like he has a wall around his heart.

    That's funny you call her Queen B, my Aqua friend used to always call me "your majesty"..haha we leos need to be treated like royalty.

    I know it's hard for you to trust especially after being hurt, many cancers are like this but at least you talk about your emotions, I wish mine did, it seems like most cancers are extremely emotional but don't talk about thier emotions. They are so guarded. My cancer only opened up once and that was because he was really seriously depressed for many years and his therapist told him he needed to express all this to me. Now he's all guarded again.

    I guess all you can do is be her friend now, she knows how you feel so it's up to her to let you know if she wants something more than friendship.

  • yea thats whats killen me cause things wont be the same unless she tells me and im just gonna bemyself and try not to have feelings for until then its almost like shes the cancer and cant talk about her feelings lol but i will try if things keep going the way they are and if she does i will

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