Please, Moving

  • Please, I need help, I have to know if I will be selling my house this summer...I need to know if I will be moving soon. It's like I said, I'm stuck in time. I need a boost out of this time warp. If anyone can help me, please do.

    Thank-You and God Bless

  • 10gemini06,

    When you get patience with yourself, and the situation, and stop worrying about everything, everything will fall into place. Take a long weekend somewhere to clear your head.

    God Bless,


  • Thank-you Brian, it seems so easy when you say it, hard when I think about it. It's hard in this day and age not to worry about every little thing. As I now have to make all the decisions and do all of the thinking about my future alone, I guess I worry about it to much. You are right, maybe once I quit worrying about it and thinking about it, it will fall into place and one day I will wake up and it will happen. I'm trying to relax, maybe I should try harder.

    Thank-you and God Bless

  • 10gemini06,

    Relaxation is what you have to try harder at, everything else you should just let flow. The house, money, and your future (you will not be alone), will all go really quite well, but only after you stop worrying on each of them. Find something to distract your mind, read, garden, volunteer your time, something. The real problem here is you will worry away, meaning repel, the good stuff that is coming your way. That is your choice. You and your friend worry can spend the rest of your life together, and he will keep everything good away from you, or you can get rid of him, and your life will just be wonderful. And yes, it is that clear cut 10gemini06.

    God Bless,


  • Dear Gemini and Brian,

    Isn't that the truth! Wonderful explanation. When your angels say "release it to Heaven" they mean exactly that -- stop worrying and stewing and fretting over everything. You don't control it, so stop doing it. Release your fears and your concerns and your worries to the Divine. They have many more resources to handle them for let them. Ask your angels to do it for you...take care of it all...then forget about it. That is the hard part I know...but in letting go of your attempts to control it...and having absolute faith and trust that your angels are busy at work resolving it all for just believe it will be taken care of. And it is.

    I'm not sure how religious you are and it doesn't matter at all, but I have a quick story. Jesus is an ascended master now, and when he was in human form here on Earth, he never worried or fretted about all the things he could have. He simply KNEW it would all be taken care of by his Father. He never questioned it. He never wondered, or hedged his bets. He simply believed. And in that that really can't worry because they are at odds. Worry and faith are opposites.

    Angel blessings to you, and just let the Universe handle it...after you ask your angels of course to come in and help!


  • Beth,

    That was perfect. As always.

    I am glad you are back, I am getting some concise questions for you put together. I will ask you when I feel they are what I need to ask. It is advice or guidance on a personal level, stuff you know from experience doing this stuff.


  • Beth and Brian,

    Thank-you both so much for taking time to help me. I will work hard to do as you say. I guess so much was piled on me, all at once that I lost my way. I know worry isn't going to accomplish anything and I can find other things to do to maybe distract my mind from worrying so much, your are right Brian, worry has been my best friend for quite awhile now, if you've read my other post, I guess you will know why. But I am going to dig myself out of it and move one with my life,everyone on this site can't be wrong. It is me that has been going about it all wrong.

    Yes Beth, I have a strong faith in God and although I have asked him for help, I have never asked the angels. Maybe it's time I ask them for guidance also. I just let things get me to bogged down.

    Blessings to you both,


  • 10gemini06,

    No, I had not read your other post, I read the one at the top here, and felt I had an answer, so I left one. I am glad I did not read your other post, you may not have gotten anything out of me. How terrible, you have my deepest condolences. You must realize something though, love does not die when the body stops living, and your husband does want you to keep living, and have happiness. That is what love is, to want someone's happiness more than your own, and he is a perfect being now, so that is absolutely what he wants.

    Where you are at, and have been at, is in mourning, an depressed. That is okay, but you have said it was just you and him, so that leads me to think you have been in that house for three years just existing, and that leads me to thinking that you should think very seriously about seeing a counselor to talk. This is beyond simple worries, you may have slid into a vicious circle of clinical depression, and it helps to talk to someone who can help guide you out. Your husband built the house you said, so if you have made up your mind to sell it, okay good enough, but you need to know that IS what you want to do.

    I do feel, that has not changed, that everything will fall into to place for you effortlessly, once you move forward a bit. Part of that has to be your husband's love for you, it is rare that things just effortlessly come together, the way I see happening. My question is, do you have to completely remake your life, or do you just have to start living again? I do not know, I have no answer. This disturbs me, for me, not for you. You will be fine.

    I know you have to get out into the world, and interact with people, that is for sure. The house in itself is not bad, not leaving it is bad. Your future is in living, not being in the house 24 7, that just makes it a tomb for the living, meaning you. If you begin to live again, the house will feel different, your memories will be happy and uplifting, as opposed to chains that hold you down.

    And perhaps, if you have not always done so, ask Beth for a reading of your Angels for some guidance, that maybe very helpful to you. She does a wonderful job imparting that information.

    I am only intuitive, as far as that goes, and I simply look at your post and give what I feel. If I start checking your other posts to see what you have said, or what you have asked for, I can not do what I do. I feel sick that I did not know the gravity your despair, but it does not change what I have given to you as what I feel is the course forward. That is the rub. Does not change a thing I said, I just feel awful, and you have my deepest sympathies.

    That said, the common sense advice I offered regarding seeking counseling is a wonderful way to move forward quickly. You can do it on your own, but being guided is much quicker, and if you find someone who is easy to talk to, much easier. Beyond that, get involved in something that interests you, anything. It will have to involve people, animals, plants something living. You need to be around life to feel alive. Your faith in God has gotten you this far, and continue to keep that strong. But remember if a member of the clergy gets a broken bone, they go to a doctor, not because they lost faith in God, but because that is what a doctor does. Your outlook needs adjusted, just make sure that is not a medical problem. Three years is a long time, that concerns me. And it bothers me that I feel nothing further regarding these new questions, but like I said, if I research I can not do what I do. And this is a case and point right here.

    God Bless You Minnie,


  • Brian,

    I know what you say about this house being a tomb, that's how I also feel. I just can't seem to enjoy it or feel any warmth in it now. I know I have to get out into the world and being summer is coming on, that will happen more. I have had little desire to do much of anything but take care of this house. Please don't feel bad about not know more of what I gone thru, I am a very hard person to read, have been told that by many. I don't know if it's because I'm a Gemini or not. I appreciate your even taking the time to write me at all. I have talked to Beth on here and I have tried to connect with my Angels. I'm not sure how to even to it. I have read and re read your advice, it makes sense and by coming onto this site I know has been a good step. I have gotten some good advice. A lot of these things are inside my head somewhere but I needed someone to just bring them out.

    God Bless


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