Tough decision about future path

  • Hey, I was wondering if someone could help me with a very difficult decision. I am about to sign a contract to go work in Taiwan for a year and think it would be a good adventure. But I keep thinking about what would happen if I moved out to Los Angeles with my brothers and got a good job and tried o also become an actor (my dream) in my spare time when I'm not working. I already have a fairly good idea of how Taiwan would play out....could someone please give me a reading about moving to LA and going for it? Many thanks to anyone who helps! My DOB is 6/22/81 and my name is Kenneth. I feel like I am at a fork in the road and am torn between two of my greatest desires in what I want to do.

  • Acting would be good for you as it's a profession that rewards individual creative effort. Being at centre stage would allow you to release your tremendous energy in a constructive way that could also bring joy to others. I feel you have a natural talent for acting and drama and you should go after your dream full steam.

  • Wow, thanks Captain...that is good to hear. I am so scared a failing if I move out to LA without a job lined up first which is impossible to do. If I do go, I just need to wing it I guess and hope for the best. Many thanks. I have a lot of thinking to do.

  • Well, because of my current financial situation, I decided to buy the ticket to Taiwan. I do believe you are correct, though, Captain. Will save up some money over there and will pursue it when I get back to the states. Just don't feel comfortable moving to LA with only $3,000.

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