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  • Hi, I´ve always felt drawn to the tarot and finally got myself a deck. Thing is, I thought it would come naturally but I'm having some trouble.

    Here is one of my first pulls. Can someone please help with the interpretation. I didnt do a traditional spread. I stopped pulling cards until it felt "right." My question was if my ex-boyfriend and I would get back together.

    I pulled in this order (no reversing):

    1. Ace of cups

    2. Two of cups

    3. Three of cups

    4. Seven of wands

    5. Eight of wands

    Any and all help is truly appreciated!! Thank you!!

  • Hi Dupepp,

    I have a theory (and definitely not anything more then that) that your cards show you an overview of your relationship in a past-present-future kind of way. At least in my experience Tarot usually shows a general overview of a situation instead of straight answers and definitions. Even though i advise against random draws, if you actually want to know a certain one thing, i will tell you my theoretical interpretation:

    The Ace of Cups represents roughly the pure form of Water, which deals with feelings (among other things) therefore i would say it may represent the beginning of your relationship (and possible the deepest level of your relationship) and suggest that even though you are apart now, the foundation of your relationship has been, or still is, pure emotions that drew you to him, (or him to you, or both). The Two of Cups is sometimes titled love, the number two is about polarity/duality/attraction/etc Much further I dont want to go about this one, but it sounds hopeful, it says something about the power of love.

    Three of Cups can possibly mean that your relationship ended by one of you suffocating the other by rushing things along or overwhelming the other. I am not sure why i might draw that conclusion but it is a possibility.

    After this, there is a switch. where up to this point you drew 3 consecutive numbers in Cups, all of a sudden you draw 2 consecutive numbers in wands. this change must mean something...

    the seven of wands and the eight of wands might be the future of your relationship?

    here i will leave it to you to continue, but remember there are many possibilities, thats the downside of drawing random cards without setting any limits on their meaning beforehand. For example, the cards might not represent your relationship chronologically, but in depth. Or, it might show your feelings, his feeling, your connenction, the possibility of coming back together, and the obstacles in your way. i have no way of telling.

    A hint i might add is to pay attention to the fact that you intuitively drew 5 cards, and not any more or less. i must have some significance.

  • Hi, thank you so much for this. Your reply is really intriguing (and a bit shocking in terms of wow factor) because you hit the nail on the with the cup cards. The exact reason we broke up is because I suffocated him and pressured him. That´s the exact reason. I´m further shocked by your accuracy because we are still very much in each other´s lives (as friends) and there is nothing but pure love and emotion between us.

    I didn´t really draw them randomly. I meant I didnt have a spread because as a novice, I have too much trouble interpreting spreads. I shuffled and cut the cards and drew the three cup cards. Intuition told me to only draw 3. I stopped but then something told me to draw 2 more and I drew the 2 wands. Actually, I didn´t include this before but the next day I tried to do a reading again and pulled the same three cup cards, except in reverse order.

    You´ve done a lot and I know you said you wanted to leave it up to me from here but would you mind giving some insight on the wands as well? I only ask because I never would have interpreted the 3 of cards the way you did yet you were spot on.

    thank you! this was so helpful

  • All right then, ill give it a shot.

    The Seven of Wands can sometimes be interpreted as "overcoming obstacles by strength of will", which can be a word of advice. It probably tells something about the next step of your relationship, and about what your relationship is like when it comes to facing challenges. This of course, does not mean that your differences and obstacles will definitely be overcome by strenght and courage, but rather that if you are to succeed, you must really want it and be ready to face your own fears and his. The Eight of Wands, the prime card of Sagittarius, tells you that you can reach what you want if you reach out and get it (and be prepared to fight for it, remember the last card). Also, i am getting the idea from these two cards that an awful lot of thinking will not do your situation any good, but rather following your intuiton and emotions.

    Remember though, that i dont mean to say, dont worry youll get back together. I just have the idea that these cards tell you that it is defnitely possible, but that you will really have to put your heart into action, rather then thinking about it a whole lot.

    I hope this was just as helpful as the earlier reply. and good luck to you and your friend.

  • This was exceptionally helpful and insightful. I just wanted to say thank you. I find your interpretations so interesting because you see things that I never would have thought of yet somehow they seem "right." Like I need to start using my heart instead of my head if I want to make this happen. (I´ve interpreted "use your intuition" from cards before but I never would have seen that fro the 7 & 8 of wands.) I´m not sure how to go about doing this because I´m a thinker but I´m going to give it some thought. hahaha. no, I´m going to try to turn it off and listen to my inner voice. However you go about doing that!!

    Thank you again. Super helpful. Good luck to you too!

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