HELP! Need relationship advice:PISCES WOMANW/VIRGO MAN

  • Okay, I'm a pisces woman, and I'm 43 and ready for a steady and commited relationship. this man, my soulmate, keeps coming back to me. We have known each other for about three years now. He is a virgo, and everytime we are together for only a few months at a time, he keeps leaving me for younger woman. Now, I know this man really does love me on a deep level. But it seems he has commitment issues. He's also in a band and is a muscician. I have been very patient wtih him, because I do know he is my soulmate and that we are meant to be by god. But why does he keep leaving me, and coming back to me? But he does not stay with me, and commit. Is there any hope that our relationship can and will work out? Please I need some advice on this one. thanks

    His name is Mario Rodirguez and his D.O. B. is 08/25/1980

    Mine is Sabrina Deville and mine is 03/11/1967

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