Twinsoul here, one question per post please

  • Hello Twinsoul,

    I am new to tarot forum. I receive the daily astrology reports. I would like to have a reading. Right now I am experiencing so much distress, heartache, and disappointments and feel like giving up. II feel like I am struggling. I am praying but I do not know if I am missing the answers. It is my finances, relations with my husband and family. I am feeling burdened down. everytime I turn around something is going wrong. Is there any good fortune or blessings coming my way soon? So tired. Please help if you can. brownsuga

  • brownsuga

    wow that man is very touchy. cranky, crank , crank. very hard to pet a growling bear. Money creates so many problems. Calm down. Two years is your time frame. things are going to start clearing up for you very soon. by the summer money will be much better, which means your husband will take off his bear mask long enough for you to remember how much you love him and what a nice guy he can be. As for you. You need to stand tall and set your family in one direction. the kids are being too demanding and self centered. you can put a stop to that tomorrow if you want. to. you are tired. stand up tall and be the take charge person you are in every other arena. You also need to set time for taking care of yourself. Hard to do. I know too well myself. Please just a few hours a week of you time will do you a world of good.

    Thing well get better. Just stop taking the bs.



  • twinsoul

    Can you tell me what is in store for me this year as far as my relationship family and finances? Thanks for all you do! You seem to be every where on this forum.

  • hi neena

    You will be busier than ever this year. so much going on all around you. Are you involved in a wedding right now? Things with you are happy, exciting and all good. Dont worry about little arguments, they mean so much more to you than the other person. Neena, i see only really nice things for you for a very long time. Love, money, happiness, celebrations WOW enjoy!!!



  • Twinsoul,

    Any insights for me? (I left it kind of wide open, I know, but I thought it would be easier for you that way).

  • Thanks Twinsoul. That made my day because I have gone through so much in my short life I was begining to think that things were never going to turn around for me. I'm not involved in a wedding right now but my sister is going to have a baby any day now. Since she is not married my brother and I are her biggest supporters. Again Thanks for all you do.

  • Twinsoul,

    lately nothing turns out for me. schooling, career, love/relationship, finances.. family life isnt going that well either.

    Do you see any love/relationship for me anytime soon. Will my situations get better?

  • Twinsoul - I posted the message on page 16 and wondered if you would help me? I would really appreciate your reply. Thank you very much.

    Twinsoul - I am really fed up, I see no end in sight. Always moving, always following my husband. With our life we're always told where we go, never any stability. Getting older now! lol! My question is, will our property overseas ever be sold, so that we can buy when we get back home? it means a lot to me. I crave a safe place. Many thanks.

  • Twin Soul I know you are busy, answer the other question when you are ready (page 15) but will this be a good weekend. You have been right before on my blessings! May the Universe Bless you into Infinity! Thanks! 🙂

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if you see any communication between me and a customer named Guy(his name) anytime in the future.



  • hello again hoping you might have something need a new begining

    just not sure where looking for some thing not sure any adice or insight thank you

  • twinsoul i think you were talking to me but not sure im angelonwatch

    is that what you mean angelonsoul you are very right on i have already sought help medical

    and im very sad my lofe is and has been turmoil for a while thank you so much

  • Twinsoul or anybody, by chance do you know if "ANGELREADER" has been deleted by choice or by "ADMIN".

    It seems as though her threads have disappeared.

    ANGEL HUGS with flower petals of your favourite fragrance.


  • To Twinsoul,

    thank you so much. You dont know how much this means to me! I just knew it couldnt be me by myself! I am being told I'm too emotional. I am just sharing my feelings and want to make things better. Thanks again.

  • Lovingsilverwings

    Yes big brother deleted her . Too bad she is a novice and is very talented. Dont think they like anything that competes with what they do. Who Knows? she never asked for money, never!!!

    I hope she comes back again.

    So how was your day. i love all of the flowers you send my way. Thank you, my dear.

    One thing that admin does not realize is that we psychics who have a large following outside of this forum, do direct people here to ask questions, when they cannot afford our fees in the real world. I am sure that many of the hundreds of people that my office has sent to this site, have bought services from Shame they are not able to see the reciprocal benefit of our relationship with them. Admin should know that many of us give away our work for free here as a community service. Without us, there would be no forum. Silly admins.

    Have a lovely evening Julianna





  • hi twin souls i was wondering if you get time im on page 18. U skipped me again.blessing

  • Hi twin souls. I seem to be stuck in my life right now. Stuck between which relationship, stuck between who I was and who I want to be. Please, do you have any insight for me?

  • my birthday wish to all



  • julianna

    blessings and happy birthday. Prayers for you of loving happiness on the anniversary of your arrival here on earth

    with loving thoughts


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