Twinsoul here, one question per post please

  • Thanks twinsoul - I have to agree with you. The entire process was supposed to be a short-term - rescue the finances and move on - but now he has gone on to rent out his condo with a year lease and the whole situation is turning my stomach. If he does as he says and works the overtime he says he will than I can foreseeably pay off most of my debts in 6 months. After that I will have to work on getting him out. This is going to be very stressful. thanks!

  • Twinsoul

    thank you...I'm going to go for it...he seemed to me to be a good guy too.

  • I wonder Twin Soul what you see for my relationship?

    I have read your readings and one day would love one,

    You seem to be very talented!!! Thank you ahead....

    I appreciate your response and no hurry!

    Peace Love Light

  • Hi Twin Soul, I am waiting patiently for my answer, we are moving the 24th of this month and if my daughter doesn't get a job in 6 months, we move again. Help. Bless you.

  • tonib

    your life is in the hands of too many people. you must be the captain of your own ship. i am sorry that your daughter is having a bad time getting a job. let her get two jobs, she is young. if she cannot get a job that she seeks take any one. heck a job is a job

    . when i was a younger woman , the father of my daughter left me for a hoo hoo dancer. soooo i stopped my hollering and pity party and went back to school, worked three jobs at the same time 6am-1pm shift at local hosp, 2-9 shift at convenience store, came home to say hi to daughter , have dinner with her, and went back to work. All day sat and sunday I worked as a nanny for someone else's child. I brought my daughter with me to work on the weekends.

    I studied as well. finished my education. Now working on post doctoral fellowship.

    Honey, if you want to be successful there is no such thing as sick, and there is no such thing as beyond tired. Work hard = Success.

    You can also work part time at home, just gotta want it!!!


    the woman behind TS

  • Hi twinsoul, can I ask you a question regarding my career, will I keep my job? Many thanks

  • gorgeous gal

    I do not see you losing your job.


  • Hi twinsoul - I am just repeating my question from page 5.

    Is my male friend really disgusted with me and won't call me back because he wants me to "go away" or is his girlfriend just giving him so much grief that he's had it with HER? (Maybe he's had it with everybody) If he's not mad at me when will he call me to talk about our stuff?


  • turtledust

    Your man friend wishes he was not in the situation of having one person yelling in each ear. He is in a pickle, isnt he. He is a doof, certainly not anywhere near you in intelligence, capabilities, and character. You just want to win, but the prize is him. Think, think think. Run run run


  • Twinsoul, I created a thread as you requested from your other thread which you stated you had lost most of it.


    Hopefully you will respond.


  • Greetings Twinsoul,

    I was wondering what you could pick up on my relationship with my husband.

    Thank you very much.

  • angelonsoul

    poor dear a troubled soul sound like it hurts. It might be a good idea to seek professional help on this one. you sound very sad. You will feel much better soon.



  • guidedbyravens

    only one question per post please. please be more specific. ask again

  • Twinsoul,

    My apologies. Didn't realize I was asking more than one question! blush I was wondering if my marriage was going to survive the mess it's in. Thank you for your time.

  • guidedby ravens

    Sweetie, i am not positive that this will work out well. what is wrong. i will try to help you.

    go to new topic and ask for me. write to me about what happened.


  • Hi TwinSoul,

    Can you tell me if I will meet someone special (relationship wise) this year?

  • Thank you Twin Soul. I know my daughter will have to work jobs that are less than her experience for a while. I was just hoping she might find that right job quicker than later. Bless you.

  • demmiee

    have fun traveling and doing things that you love to do for the next couple of years. Your forever person is coming to you end of 2013 or early 2014. then real life is going to being. it will be wonderful but filled with lifes obligations. Have fun, my dear


  • Dear Twinsoul, would you have the time to do a reading for me? im at a crossroads and confused about where my life is going or supposed to go , thinking to much and thought a reading would help me find some clarity because my mind is clogged with gunk now! also i have a lot of confidence in you. thank you for the gift.x x x

  • Hi twin soul - thank you for making me laugh. You are a dear.

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