New and in need of help desperately!!!!!

  • Hello everyone!! I am a Virgo and I am married to a Cancer. Ever since the beginning of our relationship it has been turmoil, jealousy, controlling(on his part) but caring and love that keeps us together. In my heart, our marriage has been over for a few years. I just don't feel like I am really in love with him, and that I possibly never was. (I was not in a good place mentally when I got involved with him) I have had enough to end the relationship and have been debating what to do. My best friend (Aquarian) and I dabble in tarot cards. We use the Celtic Cross. I have been searching for answers regarding this relationship for a long time and every time I have a reading done, I think it tells me to leave, but because of his begging, I find this difficult to do. Recently an Aquarian man has sparked my attention. There may be possibilities with him, and I am very interested. So my reading was regarding this situation.

    1. immediate concerns - 3 rods reversed

    2. crosses you, obstacles - 4 of cups

    3. crowns you - The Fool

    4. beneath you, past influences - The Sun reversed

    5. behind you, past influences fading - 10 of rods

    6. before you, near future - wheel of fortune

    7. current state of mind - hanged man

    8.your house and circumstances surrounding it - 3 of cups

    9. hopes and fears - 3 of swords

    10. outcome - lovers

    Can someone please tell me what this reading means. From what I thought, it obviously says to leave the Cancer and spend time alone. But my I am not sure about my future, the wheel of fortune care shows that I met a new person (yes) and I am holding back destiny by refusing to make needed changes. Could this mean that I need to end the Cancer relationship to start relationship with Aquarian????

    Please please please can someone give me some insight into what my future holds, and what my move should be??? I am going crazy and tired of wondering if the cancer relationship is worth fighting for.

    Thanks for your help!!

  • If you know in your heart that the relationship is over, then what are you waiting for? You need to get out of this unhealthy controlling relationship but you should not rush into a new relationship straight away. That would be like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. Spend some time alone looking after yourself and getting your head straight. It's easier to think on your own.

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