What is my lesson?

  • Hello, I have been with this man for 10 years now and I now that we are not compatible, we don't support each and my question is .:Why am I still with him , there is a lesson here that I don't see.

    I think I am with him to learn something but I don't know what it is? Can anyone read me,please?

    my DoB is 22/05/66 his is 21/01/66 Thanks,

  • MsCurious, I feel that you may have had some difficulties in your childhood - either outright abuse or lack of enough attention and time from your parents, that meant your home life was unstable. You seek security and stability now and may have some repressed emotions of self-doubt, anger, misunderstanding or resentment to work through. You tend to think one thing and feel another so it's hard for you to know what you want. You're unsure whether leaving would bring you more stability or less, so you remain frozen in place, unable to make a decision. You want a total permanent commitment from someone but your husband failed to make you feel he was completely dedicated to you. His curious and passionate nature mirrors your own restlessness.

    Neither you nor your husband is particularly stable in love and so your marriage can get pretty chaotic. At first, you probably enjoyed the apparent wild and exciting romanticism of the relationship - its sexual tension and energetic expression. You felt your husband offered the solidity and security you needed. But the rose-coloured glasses have fallen off and you realise both your expectations of each other were too unrealistic. Responsibilities have replaced the fun and good times. During difficult times, the relationship lacks the depth needed to keep you two together, and financial responsibilities can also be a bit lax.

    So you have a choice - take a chance and try to find the security and stability you crave, or remain out of fear in an unstable environment. Instead of seeking acceptance and approval through others, find it within yourself. Admit the wildness and restlessness you have always felt but suppressed and find an authentic life for yourself.

  • Dear TheCaptain, thank you so much. You are preatty much dead on the money.sort to speak . ,meaning you are right. Where do I begin. I want to very much take a chance and leave ,up until now I lacked the confidance and even the strenght to leave. I know I need help and guidance.

  • Dear Mscurious,

    Your angels want you to be happy, first and foremost. Have you ever asked them specifically to come to your side and help you with your situation? First of all, you need to know you are not alone. And never have been. You have been blessed with guardian angels and a whole host of angels who are around you all the time, working with you and trying to get through to you. You know that little voice in the back of your head you hear? And oftentimes ignore? That is your Divine guidance speaking. Your angels. And they have zero control to help you in your life unless you first ask them to help you. They also need to know what you want help with. You don't have to worry yourself about "how" they will help or 'what" they will do to help...just have absolute faith and belief they will. For example, you mentioned you lack confidence and strength. I would also say you lack love of yourself. So first thing, right after you read this, I would call out to your angels, your guardian angels, and Archangel Michael who is FULL of strength and courage and confidence and ask them all to be right beside you to lend you these very life enriching traits to help you. Ask them for their help. Ask them for their guidance. Tell them you are not strong enough yet to do this on your own and to help you figure it out.

    The main thing is you have to be clear in your own mind as to what you want the end result to be. Your angels recognize your intentions...but if you are not clear, you think one thing today, and another tomorrow, they are confused and won't know how best to help.

    I also suggest you ask your angels for signs they are with you. Initially, you feel you are talking to the room around you. Wondering if your angels even hear you. Rest assured they hear everything you say. Pray to them, and ask them for signs you will understand that they are with you. It may be coins in your path. Or feathers around you. Or an angel cloud in the sky. Or words to a song that means something to you. Little by little you will start gaining confidence that they are with you...and with them by your side, you have all the strength in the world. To focus on you. And your happiness. And start living your life. For it's way too short to be living it in an unhappy situation.

    Angel blessings to you,



  • Mscurious, do you have any friends or family who can help you?

  • Dear angelreader, Thank you. I have asked for help from my angels. Many blessings, thank you

  • Dear TheCaptain, yes I do have family and they are my friends.I am 43 years old and I have been asking my family for help all my life. They have been there for me. It's true how I change my mind all the time and that has frustrated some of my sisters. I have to make sure that I don't change my mind or I don't get so tired of fending off Marc (my common law husband).that I go back.I know this time if I can seperate from him that I would never go back but I always do.That's where I need my strenght. many blessings,

  • You go back hoping that he has changed into the fantasy man you imagined in the beginning but this is not going to happen because your expectations were always unrealistic and he can never be the man you need. Move on.

  • Ok ,yes.I have to repeat it to myself that it will be for the best. Thank you Captain.

  • Does anybody else want to share their wisdom. This is all making sense to me .When would be the right time to seperate?

  • my first incentive/insticnt is to tell you that you could save youre relationship by getting him on the same ground, and leveling things yourself to make stability for yourself.

    again its just what somethingthat popped in my head. so, its just a thot.

  • I know it seems like a waste . I have been trying to get him on my side for too long now. I am drained. Thanks for the thought, curiousitykilledkiki

  • it would be ironic if distance ended up bringing you two closer. either way, good luck curiosity

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