ASCLAC part 2

  • kel,

    cream pies are yum. cheesecake is also yum. are u guys still going to the zoo? got any plans with him??

  • stranger I'd love to, but that would be like dying on his front door step and falling right into the

    I may be out of line here but....

    I didnt think flow was that upset.... am I missing something everybody else sees? I thought she was just saying that Libra didnt call back.... and was a little disapointedI gotta go reread and see what you, SV & kel are talking about...

  • sv. hope u have a nice time at restaurant. i love middle eastern all the dips and flat bread and cheeses and kebabs and felafel and tabouli mmm yum. will there be a belly dancer?

  • lolpet,

    i think you can choose who you love.ahhhh i dont know.. LOVE... look what it does to people!!!!!! sometimes i think its possible to love anyone. mutual love is something different though.

  • adventure.... will you just go bake a pie and have dinner with your scorps family???

    Girl, Mangia!!! Buona Mangia!!! Boun appetito!!!!!

  • He will see you're trying for him... I bet it will start off a nice chain of events... for you and him!


  • ha mooooon moo!! r mad!

    you know the new moon has been in aries? not sure if it still is..

    yes.. bake. and it will all be better..maybe thats the thing.. thats where we have all come unstuck.. there is not enough baking.. its all stupid germaine greers fault..i bet she secretly loved to bake..i bet she would have baking fantasies while burning her bra and everytime she went to a bakery and saw apple cinnamon muffins she would see two breasts sitting there and her chest would ache.. then everything would become a blur and she would find herself lying in bed n.aked covered in crumbs wondering what had just happened..

  • haha mooon mooose!!! heehee

    yes mangia mangia


  • hey all! sorry didnt have to catch up the last some pages yet (will do tomorrow morning) but one important thing....

    KEL - NEED YOUR OPINION!!! he spoke out loudly today: couple/girfriend (concerning us/me)

    he was talking about a shopwindow (chocolates) we always love to check while walking. and he said that ANOTHER COUPLE was standing there last time he passed by alone (another means we are a couple too!!!) and then he said: i almost told them: me and MY GIRLFRIEND check this shopwindow all the time too...

    KEL!!! does this mean that he DOES consider us a couple??? like he spoke it out!!! 🙂

    ok its almost 1am i have to get up in 5 hours... just wanted/needed opinion!!! (of course from anyone else of you too, but since Kel is the crab male LOL)

  • omg.... and I am mad????

    Somebody call a bus, adventure has slid wayyyyyy off the deep end!

    Girl, you crack me up!!!

    burning her bra and muffins!

    Gotta run, catch ya'll later.

    Adventure girl, try and stay outta trouble 😉

  • adventure

    You are feisty today! lol I love it!!!

    I do have plans with Aries 🙂 I put the zoo on hold though for now because we're going to a concert on saturday, didn't want to overload him with too many things. But he's coming over my house Saturday, we're gonna go hang out with some of my old highschool friends and then I think he's going to stay the night 😉

    I got to meet his good friends on Saturday, figure I should start introducing him to mine



    You are now the envy of this entire thread lol Work it girl! You got this boy all wrappppppped up 🙂 I'm so happy for you

  • whoops

    meant *we're going to a concert on Tuesday...not saturday. saturday is when he's meeting my friends

  • Katie- to Kel "he was talking about a shopwindow (chocolates) we always love to check while walking. and he said that ANOTHER COUPLE was standing there last time he passed by alone (another means we are a couple too!!!) and then he said: i almost told them: me and MY GIRLFRIEND check this shopwindow all the time too..."

    Ok Katie I know this was for Kel but I just want to say...

    OMG!!!!!! YES!!!!! YAY, YAY, YAY, YAY, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Katie, it's ya Birthday, Go Katie, it's ya Birthday, Play Katie, It's ya Birthday, Go Party like it's ya Birthday!!!!


    YOU ARE IN There like swimwear (and that's his heart I'm talkin about.... not his pants girly girl!)

    Hmmmm.... although you never know! He's a Cancer 😉 look at me and Kel... lol... we be very, very freaky sometimes.... at least I be anyway... lol....

    I cant imagine whats going on in that crabs head of yours.... but I'm certain it's de-lish!!!!!

    Katie Girl, please throw some of that suga you got goin on--- right there on my Scorp's head


    Big ol smooches from me!!!!! oxoxo

    I'm so happy for you girly girl!!!!

    I just knew it..... a very long time ago...

    "Katie and crabby sittiing in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G"

  • Your posts always put me in a super good mood Katie, I love them. They're always so soft and gentle with feelings.

    I needed it tonight... Happiness is contageous 🙂

    Thank you girly girl, very sweet of you to share.



  • Just wanted to give an update before going to bed...went out to the restaurant friend bailed...she was tired but it was ok...I met up with the owner who I haven't seen in months, and two other friends who were there...we played some pool and then I left...I can officially say that the night went well...they were a little uncomfortable but it's a start! I'm going again on Friday. I have a feeling my crab will be there but that's ok...I actually feel way more comfortable there now...the owner, my friend, was still acting a little awkward, so I hope it's just that he's busy and not mad at me...we'll see how Friday goes...

  • I'm going to go backwards catching up. Funny..sometimes there's hardly any posts and sometimes this thread jumps 5 or 6 pages overnight.

    SV-That is good news, it's kinda good he wasn't there, at least you broke thrugh your barrier of fear and you got yourself there so when you go on riday you would be less nervous about it. Don't assume the owner was awkward because of you, it could be anything.

    anyway, good are moving forward

    Katie-OMG! That is soo cancer of himto mention it to you in a sort of indirect manner!! Right kel?

    I think he said it that way instead of telling you directly "we are a couple", also to test your reaction, but cancers are not very direct...Yes you are a couple!!! You are way ahead of me, my cancer still refers to me as his "friend".

  • Kel>>Your Aquas seem to be at all ends of the spectrum, I wonder which sign influence makes them so Aqua ex (the super clingy one) was a triple aqua - Aqua Sun, moon and ascendant...

    Your Cancer stalked you online for 13 years??!?!?! Wow! That's intense, sounds more Scorpio-like than Cancer-like lol

    Lua>>My clingy Aqua had moon in Picses and so does my highschool stalker..don't know thier rising signs. My friend in Brazil who gets bored with guys easily is a double Aqua with moon in Libra. My dad also had moon in Libra.

    I don't know if he stalked me for 13 years..just gathering info..I think we all google our exes from time to time, don't we? I googled my Aries ex-he's not on any social networking sites, just saw him name on some lecture lists and he owns an IT firm. Just recently saw a video of him giving a lecture on social networking-he's also a college professor at a Tech University in Sao Paulo.

  • Kel-yes it feels like an felt ok when he was tweeting and sending me all those videos and cute kitty pics..the silence is disturbing even though I know he's busy. He has a lot of friends. Hope he's not hooking up with his old girlfriends. he's been gone 9 days and will be back in 2 long..

  • SV

    Good for you. Don't get too wrapped up in the friend being awkward- remember that the anxiety thing can work you up until you see a tree instead of an acorn? Why would he have any reason to be mad at you? I am glad that you had a good time though, and wish you many more.


    I agree with moon - Fishboy saw YOU as more of a threat! Nothing good comes from being the messenger of bad tidings. He has probably given Scorpio a LOT to think about.

    Think about it this way, If you knew Aries ex had moved on, and you knew that Aries had REALLY liked them, still kept in contact with them occasionally, would you want to be the one to tell him?

    If you really loved Aries you wouldn't want him to hurt, so you would try to cushion the blow if you really felt the need to break the bad news. But am sure you would rather he found out from someone else.

    On the other hand, if you were really jealous of that ex, then you wouldn't be able to wait to spill the beans, regardless of Aries feelings.

    Which of the above is better for Aries? Which would he appreciate more?

    That fish just went off!!! anyone for food poisoning? I don't think so.

    My Scorp has changed over the years. He never used to look after himself. Didn't eat properly, drinking wayyy too much. He still drinks but not as often, and not so much as he did. But still ....I pointed out to him long ago that if he couldn't be kind to himself, look after himself, how did he expect to be able to look after anyone else.

    He has settled down a bit more now too - he was drifting when I met him, he used to move from job to job, didn't care about work, his house.Having said that, he was never out of work - he seemed to be able to move seamlessly from one job to another. Last year he went back to occupation he left many years ago and he loves it. He always regretted leaving and got the chance to go back so he grabbed it. He is earning much more, working to pay off debts, finally has an eye on the future. Planning on new house, new car. For months last year he worked on doing up his house.

    This will probably make you laugh if you are used to a Scorpios impatience - he didn't do it room by room - he ripped everything out until it was just a shell!! Then complained because of the building site he was living Any sensible person would have done it room by room.

    So once the building work was done, he involved me in all the redecorating - choosing wallpapers, lighting, even the shower and cabinet . I went with him to choose curtains, TV, even down to crockery and cutlery! Any time he bought something on his own, he couldn't wait to show me, looking for my approval.He is surrounded by me!!!! Everywhere he looks in that house he will see things we chose together.There is no escape!! (there is a certain satisfaction about that when we are

    He is more trusting of me also - accepts that I will support him, be there for him when no-one else is. He has opened up over the years and let me see all the hurt, the rage from his past because he knows I love him for what he is. He even makes an effort for me, plans little surprises for me, whereas before it was always me who did things like that. It took a while to get past that suspicious nature of his, but I think I broke the barrier.

    Hopefully not so someone else can reap the benefits!!!


    we haven't connected much on this thread, but I have been following your progress. WELL DONE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I don't think we always have a choice. Sometimes love sneaks up and slaps you on the back of the head and before you know it you are in wayyy too deep to ever climb out!

    Your head can say no, but your heart will be screaming YES YES YES. Logic will never be able to overcome feelings when you are in love.

    Hope this Aries moon doesn't cause you all too much trouble. Love and light.xxxx

  • Kel- wow, meeting the friends... this is good. You'll start to heal nicely with the Scorp wounds covered.

    Scorp is going to need time to sort all this out in his head. He's going to have to get his thoughts and feelings really sorted out.

    In your case.... I would not look at it as the bone in the yard anymore... I would look at it completely different. The fish has changed the dinamics of things I think.

    I think that the fish has started to force Scorp to "open his eyes" so to speak. This wont happen overnight.

    I do think that your Scorp is not done with you yet (even if you say you're done with him). I think you may become "the one that got away".... THAT would not suprise me one bit if you did.

    I think Scorp is going to slowly start to see the fish for what he really is.

    You see Kel, they say ignorance is bliss.... and this is true.... until we get educated. Once educated.... ignorance is no longer bliss. Ignorance becomes a hinderance.

    I think in time the scorp is going to start to separate from the fish... it will start slowly as Scorps are deadly. Once their minds are made up.... they can get cold, freeze you right out. I think he may start to disengage the fish from his life....

    He may need/want you or Libra to do this. If you see him trying to move into your circle more.... or Libra's circle more... I say let him.... if you want. I hope things stay great with Aries for you... but just in case (you know us cancers... always have a little "just in case" around).

    I dont think people change. I dont. An alcoholic is still an alcoholic... they just dont drink, I think they dont change.... just choose not to drink as it makes them act adversly in their life.

    Scorp wont change.... but what he can do and may do is realize how acting like a jerk got him no where with you and choose not to act like a jerk anymore.

    (not to bring up my scorp AGAIN BUT...)

    it's like when my scorp told me he really does not like to cheat as it makes him feel like cr^p. I actually believe him. I think if he was happy, he'd be less likely to stray. Not because he couldnt cheat, as he is a very handsome, funny, sweet, charming, rich man (ugh, kill me please

    but I think he knows that if he did get together with me and cheated I'd be gone.

    That's what he told me that day... and thats why he wanted his "space" so he could go out and be free for a while.... and not cheat. He was honest... he wants to bang the Budweiser girl... UGH! but anyway..... back to you.. lol...

    Your scorp I think would be the same if he was happy with you.... even just as a friend. He'd make a solid effort to show you his good side. He'd stay that way. If not.... he knows you'd move on... without him. You did it already... in the form of meeting Mr. Aries.

    Scorp I think will be needing a new "group" soon. If he's lazy, it may take him a bit longer than most... but he will, you just wait and see.

    really want to get revenge.... be kind to Scorp. Then he will see two things.... the one who got away (you) and the fish will be all alone.... oh well, poor dead fish.

    You'll make good karma too.

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