ASCLAC part 2

  • hey s.v

    how are you? glad you had a nice trip..

  • Ok skimmed through real quick, I took a vacation day off of work yesterday so I have a ton of work to catch up on here at work, this will be brief for now

    Flow -

    Read your update 🙂 I'm happy for ya! I didn't catch the date though....are you two going out soon? And then back to his house? heheheheheheeh 😉 have fun!

    And if I get this new job, I'll be sending you your plane ticket, check your mailbox lol

    Katie -

    I'm glad you're finally able to see clearly. I'm glad you took a stand against letting him go silent for so long, because in all honesty, this is the kind of behavior you will be dealing with for a looonnnggg time. He won't change

    It was a long weekend here in the States, I spent from Friday - Tuesday with Aries and we didn't want to kill each other 🙂 didn't even need any alone time. So that was pretty great, knowing that I can spend long periods of time together and not hate him by the end lol

    Applied to the job and now having my friend (who works for the company) follow up and put in a good word, crossing my fingers!!!!!!!!!!!

    I really want a new job, wasn't quite prepared to look yet (wanted to get the house done 100% first) but this opportunity came up that I couldn't pass up

    But on the bright side if I don't get it, it will have forced me to bring my resume up to date and ahve a template for a cover letter 🙂 so i can apply to more things now

    I think lilshorty is back from her trip maybe we can have moonbeauty do one of her famous one-line-per-person updates lol I love those, they're so helpful

    Previously on Days of our

  • hi Kel!

    vacation day!! YAY!! you so much deserved it already. i hope you could rest. 🙂 you are such a busy bee lately. 🙂

    i wont bug you at all, just a short question as it surprised me what you write... you say im gonna deal with it for long time... dont you think it is OVER??? i totally think so. or with you guys, it is never over? LOL

    so cool what you say about aries, spending that much time together and not wanting alone time or anything. that points to really good things. happy for you. 🙂

    and hey, i/we cross our fingers for you too with the new job. 🙂

    Moon, do you wanna do the Days of Our Lives? or should i do it this time? LOL

  • katie

    what I meant was, if you stayed with him, you would be dealing with his hot/cold behavior for a long time until either he decided to change or until you got used to it and just learned to deal with it

    katie, i don't want to get your head back into that mindset of being with the crab, but it's not over, he'll be back, he'll try some other angle to reel you back in.

    BUT i don't want you to think about that. this was the biggest mistake i made, instead of just moving past scorp as quickly as possible, i kept asking "is it ever really over with a scorp? wont he keep trying?" when in reality i DIDN'T MATTER if he did or didn't continue to try. and by asking and thinking about things like that, i kept myself in a scorp-limbo and it was very unhealthy.

    katie you can do the update if you have time hehe

  • Kel>> thanks for the answer. i'm really interested if he is gonna be back. but do not worry for me, cause i think i got really wiser. yes, i did freak out on monday with his act, how he brought back the photos and the textmsg.... but that was simply cause it pissed me of a lot and got me really sad... but next day i was already much better. i think im not really thinking insanly a lot anymore... i do think sometimes about things related to him, but that is just the processing and not the obsessing kind anymore.

    i won't say i never want him back, but for that he would have to do effort and i think he won't do that. and on the other hand... for me it is not the same how he would try to real me back... i mean for what reason... cause he just wants to keep me in his heartshaped box (cause i dont need/want that) or cause he really loves me.

    i will do the recap from Days of Our Lives now... 🙂

  • ps: i meant Kel otherwise, that i still need/want your opinion and advice if something happens. but i am just interested and not OBSESSING about what you say. 🙂

    what do you think the happy namesday wishing e-mail meant? i mean after he got angry and brought the photos and i texted him those things... he still communicated... is it testing the waters? of course it is, isnt it? LOL

  • Katie -

    oh yea i am definitely here if you need anymore advice

    i think right now since you decided you want it to be over, i think you need to focus on your own life again. build a life that is just your own, rebuild your self-confidence and constantly remind yourself what it is you do want out of a relationship and what you do not want.

    as far as the namesday thing, he was TOTALLY testing the waters lol

  • kel I have a question. You mentioned that you were able to spend friday to tues with your Aries withouth killing eachother, does that mean it is hard for a cancer to spend that much time with someone? I was with crab for 8 days-monday through monday but he spent one night away on his flight. Is that why he spent the last 2 days on his computer ignoring me? I thought it was so rude to ignore someone that came to visit. Also, why would he ask for days off so he can be with me and then ignore me all day on his computer? We had never spent that much time together before.

    I know I should be letting go but he was playing some weird game with me. I have not heard from him for 5 days now, but he was online on Skype. I was "invisible". Then I changed my status to visible and as soon as I did he went invisible. Then 10 minutes later he came on again. So just to test it I went visible and as soon as I did he turned it off again. The first time may have been conincidence but the second tme was too obvious. This really pissed me off.

  • ok Kel, i read your response. well good luck for him with testing the waters. i am dealing with myself and already feeling stronger than earlier. 🙂 and thanks for your constant help.




    since scorp made the drunk phone call she is very upset and crying and eating a lot, which she should stop and get herself together. 🙂 she is trying to stay away and not contact him at all. she is angry about scorp having the second Budweiser girl.

    ex husband freaked her out again with some f-ucked up thing.

    her son broke his feet.

    she got a mail from scorp in which he tells that he got teary when he saw moon’s package with the picture and that he will put it on his wall. he said thank you for all that moon did for him and told her how much he likes her and that he wants friendship for now as he has to sort his mess out and that moon can count on him forever. he said that he has to love himself first before being able to loving someone else.


    went to the first appointment to her new therapist, it is a woman. they discussed the treatment, she is going for the first real session on Wednesday (?). new therapist talked to Libra.

    then Flow had a nice phone convo with Libra the same day. they discussed a lot of things, even date and sleepover!!! she has to be happy cause things are going to the right direction for her (IMO)

    she saw s-e-x and the city 2 in the cinema and she liked it, and also Prince of Persia.

    she is learning/practicing Anita Baker’s Giving You The Best I Got for the upcoming ’show’.

    She had stress-related headaches, but she seems to feel better now.


    her daughter is going to NY around Thanksgiving.

    she has sunburnt and a sinus/ear infection and taking antibiotics and it seems to work, she is better now.

    her scorp is making effort but she is taking it slow.


    well, she is silent as she is/was away in Texas to visit her girls. Taurus payed almost all her money back. She was very happy to go to Texas.


    Lua is still sad, depressed about his crab. after HK went so bad, she wants to get over him, buti t is not that easy.

    She thinks crab is in a kind of depression, absolutely antisocial, being at home all the time alone and playing with his electric devices.

    he completely stopped e-mailing her for some days now.

    She is preparing for a fitness competition which will he held in Hawaii. but cant really get enough sleep or eat properly. she is gonna have a friend (other fitness competitor) over at her island and they will train together and party. 🙂


    she was in Arkansas for vacation for some days, she had a great time.

    she still thinks of crab, captain advised her to write him a text and tell him how she feels, but she is kind of hesitating/afraid to do so.

    oh and she is exhausted and has a backache from horseback riding.


    still missing her scorp. she found out from scorp’s sister that scorp is just outside of town in a trailer park/camp in his tent. she does not know whether scorp does not have money or just wanted to be alone and think or whatever he is doing.

    she often has the urge to just go and visit scorp, but she hopefully won’t. (sorry to say so but i think it is for the better now 🙂 )

    she is trying to keep busy, painting and doing all creative stuff. she is auditioning for a music course in two weeks.


    struggling with her scorp. he totally confuses her.

    he wrote/texted (?) her on Sunday just to say:

    „hi I had a really scary night and it made me realize how good of a person you are...which I already knew but not trying to bug you, just letting ya know"

    she totally freaked out about it (with reason) cause a week ago she asked him to let her go so that she can move on. after discussions here on the thread the gals arrived to the conclusion that he wants to keep in the line of sight.

    well that is all i could gather in like 20 pages backwards. if i missed something please peeps add it. 🙂

  • Lua -

    Yea I have a very very very hard time being around people for long periods of time

    I need and crave that alone time and space

    Even my BFF Pisces, I can't stand her sometimes and I can't really explain why...sometimes if I have to be around the same people for long periods of time, I just go really silent and get lost in my head to "escape" for a while and recharge

    Yea I can see a crab being on his computer 24/7 to escape, I think I told you this before, I started taking up online gaming when I really needed time away from my Aqua-ex (because he never gave me any). So i used the computer to just completely disconnect from him for a little while

    About skype...that is the kind of bullsh*t i used to do to Scorp, it was a way to get attention. He wants you to ask why he's avoiding you, I wouldn't play into it if you can avoid it

  • thanks for the update katie!!!!!!!!!

  • Gosh Katie,

    That is some Days of our Lives...LOL... a good one too!!!

    Sebastiaaaaaannnnn.... going to read up ...see where I left off.

  • Sebastian/Kel,

    “ Read your update 🙂 I'm happy for ya! I didn't catch the date though....are you two going out soon? And then back to his house? heheheheheheeh 😉 have fun!

    And if I get this new job, I'll be sending you your plane ticket, check your mailbox lol“

    Thanks!! The date is not set yet...that ball is in his corner. I hope soon yet he is rehearsing now so I am guessing some performances soon. This is the period that the gig’s pick up around here. And today I suggested a concert that he missed last year and the artist is coming back this year. So let’s see what he tells me.

    I got another cousin (female) that is going to perform (singing) at Michael Bolton and Chaka Khan. I will try to look her up for Chaka Khan. Three of the artist that I gave you to listen to are performing that day too. Waylon, Giovanca and Sabrina Starke. I am happy for her.

    But coming back to Libra yeah...if everything goes right I will end up at his house. 😛

    Oohhh now I am even going to have my panties twisted so you can get that job. I am waiting at

    the mailbox now!!! LMAO

    I am glad you had a good time with Aries without going bonkers!!!! LOL.

    Don’t be a stranger around here...missed ya!

  • A guy friend told me scorp is trying to stay in the line of sight. The fact that I told him to let me go when he said ok I will to only hit me up a week later says something. Drunk or not, hes thinking about me.

    But he told me not to write back.. to not go back on my word. Let Scorp know he cant have me the way he wants me cause it makes him feel better and me hurt. I dont understand what hes doing so im scared to put my heart out there.

    Havent had much response on here about it but I guess thats all I can do.

  • Wow! I have a TON to catch up on Katie!!!!! I lOVED THE UPDATE! (but am sad for you).

    Ok so I am going to catch up tonight but I am BURSTING so I just had to post this....

    last night at 0100 hrs my "Inner-crab" came out and I sent scorp this email:

    Moon to Scorp;

    "Im not insulting you, i mean this nicely.

    Through all the emails, the computer tv games, the phone calls, the toys, the actual playing with you... I had so easily fell right in love with you.

    And even with all the f-ed up stuff you said like.... i'm not thin enough, i have too many kids, you can do better than me, i'm not worth it... it all hurt me so much.

    And for the longest time all I wanted was a chance to show you the real me... The girl inside you would never allow yourself to get close to.

    And God gave me my wish... time with you Locked in a room to see the real me, my heart, my brain, my soul... And I got to see the real you... And I finally see... It wasnt me. For the longest time I thought it was me and that really hurt. So thanks :)"

    Scorp responded:

    "I don't think you necessarily saw the real me. You saw a person who was

    stuck in a bad place and let it get the better of them.

    I'm ashamed and embarrassed by my prior actions. That wasn't the real me.

    I'm finally beginning to find myself and my own identity now that I have

    stepped away.

    The advice you gave me helped me more than I can say in words. You made me

    realize how much I love my children because I allowed myself to believe the


    I take full responsibility for everything I did and said but I am now

    beginning to see why I felt the way I did.

    I told you all along that it wasn't you.

    So I responded:

    "I hate technology... and yet... I love it at the same time. I hate it because sometimes my messages get all mixed up.. like now... and love it because I can say what I would never say to you out loud now.

    No, that's not what I meant.

    Imagine a dog who is constantly being hurt, hit and abused... it will hide in a corner and growl & bite at anybody who comes near it. Even if you're just giving it food and trying to be gentle... it will still bite and growl.

    Eventually though... if you don't give up... and you shake off the bites and growls... the dog will warm up to you... and remember the fun puppy it used to be.

    You see the dog doesn't growl & bite because the person deserves to get bit.... the dog bites because that's all it knows.

    That was an analogy... I DO NOT THINK YOU ARE A DOG

    I know the other day you did tell me none of it was me. Just like I have always told you that deep inside you're very sweet & kind, and more recently that I know you're a great dad. What I mean to say is that sometimes we just have to figure it out on our own.

    Relax and smile Mr. Higgins.


    Try not to be to hard on yourself. I mean... well.... hmmm..... the arrogant Scorp was fun

    Catch ya later kid!


    He has not responded back.

    And i feel so good and happy again.

    Oh and my son... he does not need the hard cast! yay! ahhhh.... now, where is my water??? I feel a nice fast coming on! Goodbye cholocate hello crystal light!

    catch ya all tonight!

  • Flow -

    I know 😞 I'm trying to post more. A lot of opportunities lately that require my attention 😞

    Don't leave the ball completely in his court! Make sure you give little hints and follow up, I read that he called you out on that - leaving the ball in his court too much 😛

    Wow that's great about your cousin!! You have a contract in the business in case you want to go professional

    Of course we need to hear you first!!!!! Wouldn't be fair if the whole world did before us

  • that should be *contact not contract

  • SV,

    Sorry about the confusion. But I was talking about the

    I read what you posted. Once again since you know this you can do something about it and change the course of things.


    Yep it’s a boost when other men compliment you when you need to hear it. 😉

    I read your last response to me. It’s good that you got things clear for yourself like that. I hope for you that it remains this way. Do your thing.


    I worked in an art gallery ages ago and with my current profession we remodelled a few of the big and small museum’s here so you do see and learn one or two things. Have you plans to do any kind of exposition? If you do and have info online....let me know.

    “when i am by myself i am different..“

    We mostly are more at peace with ourselves. 🙂

    “hehe pillow fight! sounds like fun flow. he just sounds so gorgeous. i think its pretty amazing how he is managing his life. gotta have respect for that“

    I love games. Pillow fight...yep...I am a kid like that. My son can tell you stories of craziness I do in the house. I agree about him managing his life like that. I just rung him and he was moving yeah.

    “one thing that reminded me of her with how you described you and libra is ..the support thing.. it is something that is really important for her“

    Your gf really sounds as a sweetheart. Cherish her forever!!! Yes he is supportive that is what struck me about him long time ago. One of the very first things that caught my attention.

    Did you get to listen to Anita Baker – Giving you the best I got? Teach isn’t familiar

    Don’t get nervous for your audition. You sound like you got a I am confident that you will pull that off. I looked up PJ Harvey...I wasn’t familiar but if you can play that

    What song are you going to perform?


    As Adventure said...keep busy and take care of you. hugs


    I am yet to read up upon you. But reading what you just posted seems that your guy is doing what Moon’s is/was doing.

    Why is it so hard for you to just accept it for what it is now and stay in the line of sight also. Just not pounder about it too much and see what he is offering you.

    I don’t agree when men drink to voice what they have to say but some unable to communicate in a normal way find that this is their way to do so.

    Yet as I said once drunks and children tells you the truth without coverage of anything.

    I just saw that Moon decided to be “upfront and personal” with her Scorp maybe you should try it too instead of trying to guess why this or that. We respond if you break it down respectfully. So think what you want to express and see what comes from it.

    Yet I will tell you all Scorps are different. Can’t compare to the T. 😉


    Hmmm....okay...and what has your bro said about Scorp?

    Congrats on your son speedy recovery.

    And you better keep treating yourself right. No jojo!


    I am all for So no worries about that.

    No I won’t leave it completely in his court. Been thinking of a couple of other things that needs to be dealt with so I think we will be okay.

    Hints? Hmmm the man can be very

    My cousin yeah...she is great. Got a ridiculous talent for singing. I hope she follows through that is really one person I would like to see succeed.

    “Of course we need to hear you first!!!!!“

    blushing Uhmmm yeahhhhhhhh I knooowwwww.... perhaps together with Adventure ...I don’t know


    Night all...catch up tomorrow.

  • xtine - i'm sorry girl! I'm being pulled in a couple of different directions lately. I forgot about my niece's recital last night so I haven't had a chance to catch up with you. I promise to respond tonight after I work out. 🙂

    Hi everyone!!!! 🙂

  • Hi all,

    Pills made me soooo tired I think I have slept most of the past few days.

    Scorp texted to ask how I was daily (aww), so I mentioned how tired I was and that I felt like I needed a break as I had been so busy at work. He replied "we should go away then" ;-))) Yay!!!

    He is going on a motorbiking holiday in a few weeks with two friends though. They are touring the Scottish Highlands and camping. I know it will be expensive so have told Scorp that I can wait.LOL.

    Stranger - Good luck with your audition. I am glad you are finding outlets for your creativity. You are so talented. Painting, sewing, playing guitar, singing .... is there no end? I find it so hard to find free time for me - too busy running after my eight year old

    I just adore her - Last night she asked me if she could help make dinner. She had found a recipe with "beef, broccolli and MAN GET OUT" ????

    . When I asked to see the recipe, of course it was It still makes me giggle yet.

    I don't know how old your Libra friend is - I feel as old as

    I too am a Libran, and have found as I got older that I don't try SOO hard to please others. My friends often come to me for advice and I feel I don't have to sugar coat what I say, where I used to when I was younger for fear people wouldn't like me if I was honest and said something they didn't want to hear. Because we know each other so well I can be completely honest (but never brutal) with them. I am more comfortable in myself as I have grown older too. I like what I like, because I like it. Not because someone else does. I cannot bear false people so make a conscious effort not to be around them as they make me feel uncomfortable. I like being me. I feel I am being more true to myself now than I have ever been. I think that is why I wouldn't give in to Scorp, wouldn't do what he wanted me to if it wasn't what I wanted. I truly believe that is why he keeps coming back - he doesn't always get his own way and he likes that. Somewhere along the way I grew a backbone.LOL.

    Flow - I hope the Flowbro title didn't offend you (was meant in an affectionate way ;-)) ) yes you were a tag team, it was like an echo sometimes.LOL.

    I am so pleased for you - moving on nicely there with your Libra - going to his house. Good idea. Apart from the fact that your son is at home (the main reason for not taking him to yours), you can make a mess at his and he has to clear up after. Always good!!!hee hee

    I too have Venus in Libra.

    I am such a typical Libra.

    Have only been REALLY decisive about two things in my life - the first was my wedding dress. Six weeks before my wedding I went looking for it clutching a picture from a magazine. Nobody had one in stock. I tried so many other dresses but my heart was set on this one. The assistant in the last shop asked to see my picture. Then said - "We ordered that for someone else - it is in the back shop. I will let you try it on but you will have to put a bag on your head (LOL - to avoid getting make up on it !!!!). Once it was on, everyone agreed that that was my dress. The person who ordered it originally didn't come back for it, so I got my dream dress. Shame about the husband.LOL.

    Second thing was Scorp.

    Xtine - I can't agree more. Just sit tight. Don't give in. I think it was Moon's brother that said that Scorp's measure how much you love them by how much they can hurt you? I have found that to be very true. By holding back you are protecting your heart, making it stronger. It will need to be because Scorp men are NOT easy. But let him miss you. He is obviously thinking about you. The less you respond the more he will wonder why, and think about you more. They are very good at mind games. You can just choose not to play unless it is your rules. Try not to worry too

    Kel - good luck with that job application. I spend most of my working day helping others find work, and suggesting ways to amend their resumes to present themselves better. I hope yours works for you. I will keep fingers crossed for

    SV - hope your back is better soon. xxx

    Katie - excellent I think Moon has a rival.xx

    I think that man is trying to stay in the line of sight. Testing the waters as you and Kel said. But you are stronger and able for whatever comes.

    Lua - how old is he? 5? That is so juvenile. Don't give in and ask why he is avoiding you. That will annoy him more. He deserves it.!!!

    Just heard on news about some taxi driver who has gone crazy and shot randomly at nearly 40 people. Killed 12, 3 critical another 25 in hospital. Has there been a full moon?? following on from that psycho in Australia that Flow mentioned. There are some seriously crazed people in this world right now. Makes me worry about bringing up my children safely. All those innocent people, going about their business today, and now they are all dead - it makes me want to cry. SO sad. Look after you and yours people. Keep safe.

    Til tomorrow. Much love and light.xxxxxx

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