ASCLAC part 2

  • Hope nobody minds... but I think when it's too long things dont post!

  • use Keldjorans!!!! ACLAS.... Part 2!

  • Hi all. We're over here now. There were some technichial scorps and cancers... cant seem to get it together!

    So he ran away because of the girl.... I thought so the minute you said it... hmmm.... but that's no fun! No fair! I need that diversion!!!! I need, I need, I want, I want!

    So about your guy... what did you post after good, good? what did he say if anything? I cant imagine he went quiet suddenly...

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  • You guys are nuts!!!!!

    Moon since you started this it possible to make the above title part 3?? Less confusing for the others.

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  • Gonna be posting under this name from now on

  • sorry im such a pain in the a$$

    my paranoia is taking over...

  • Well...stop it. Just hope he is different than the others. Communication is the key!!! I like the new look

  • LOL! sorry mama Flow 😞

    See we still need you around to smack us with your stick every now and again

    It probably doesn't help that I'm running on like 2 hours of sleep, ughhhh!!! Definitely giving me paranoia lol sleep deprevationnnnnn

    I'll see what the tech people have to say, but from now on ill just post with this name


  • LOL...I entered that too soon.

    I am no ones mama....I am too young to take on that title...thank you very much.. 😛

    Shorty just posted in the other thread.

  • hey guys! it is not easy to find you LOL ASCLAC threads all around. it is already 1am and i work tomorrow, so just shortly.

    met him today, went to eat, then to the cinema, then he came up.

    he was telling me all the time that im so beautiful and so cute and how much he loves to be here (in my flat). so i just told him, why dont you stay? and he was like: i would love to, but you have to get up in the morning, you need to sleep.

    Kel>> can u imagine that he really just worried about me getting enough sleep? well.. i did plant in his head half jokingly in a child voice giggle 'complaining' that he never stays. LOL im very good manipulating in a not offending way, like a little cutsie child. i left it at that anyways, just wanted him to have it in his system, so that he thinks about it.

    ohhh... extra big point for me for tonight! i made brownies and he had some and he LOVED it. he was telling all the time, that he does not say to me that it is amazing cause he wants to be polite. LOL

    and then he told, hopefully he comes back tomorrow... i'll see whether he really will... but as i see, he really has a lot of plans with me, and sometimes i have the feeling that he would love to spend more time with me, he just maybe does not know whether i want more time or not and i guess he keeps himself back a bit too.

    oh Moon> you had right. in the first 5 minutes his question was: what friends of XY (my friend)? girls or a couple? hahahahahahahhaha he was definitely very curious.

    Kel> i start to believe that the more independent i am... the less im sitting at home... the less 'security' he has that i am granted... so the more he'll come after me... 🙂

    ok guys, im gonna catch up with you all tomorrow, good night!

    ps: Kel, happy that Aries is seemingly working out so good. 🙂

  • OMG! No you did not just call her mamma! Flow-- let's get em! ..lmao!... Kel you are hysterical.

    Flow- have I told you how much I LOVE your advice??? I am so happy that with all your good help I am working on the path back to my Scorp... and he is free of the wife! I am so in love with this man. I wish so much I could do something nice for you. I'm so grateful.

    I sent him a response: I said

    "____, you're not mean.... it's just a facade.

    So have you seen how fantastic the weather will be this week? I cant wait all ______ will be coming out to shoot each other soon... how exciting!

    Talk to you later -me"

    Flow- how did I do? I made a tad drop of a comment (about him not really being mean) and then quickly change the subject (the weather and my work) so he knows-- I understand--- that he probably finds talk about his feelings uncomfortable. So no more than a quick mention (to show I understand this about him-- and I appreciate him trying to make me feel better) and then on to the next topic like nothing was ever said.

    Am I getting better?

    Is this what you do for your Libra? Any word yet since Easter or your back? When is your next appointment with him?


    Ok, so the scorp opened up about the fish family vist and Libra was there too. Somebody's getting antsy!!! Hmmmm.... Oh, it's Scorp! He's making work out references... oh, he's scared.... his moose is moving into greener pastures... and he cant hunt on another mans land!

    Hmmm.... when will he start to take out the big guns and hit you up with some E-M-O-T-I-O-N-S?

    Now that's what I am wondering about... I say sooner than you think if this keeps up.

    When are you and Aries haning out again?

    Oh, BTW, What's the deal? will they let you delete the old thread?

    You are doing such a nice job with Aries 😉 I am soooo happy for your diversion!

    OMG! Kel you were so right!

    Sagg text me a few hours ago "happy belated easter"

    so then I text back..... 40 minutes later..... " Hey, Skippy Doodle, Happy Belated Eatser right back at-cha!".

    Then I went silent.....

    He's not text back but neither have I. AND I did not ask him one question like I would normally have done if he was a regular guy... but he is a Sagg and needs to run... run... run.. after me! Who am I to prevent him from running?

    Katie- your crab is going to not want to see any other guys around you anytime soon.... watch! I bet over the next few days/weeks he'll be around you more and more. Like I just told Kel, NOBODY wants their moose to graze in greener pastures.... You simply can't hunt on another mans land.....

    How is lua?

    Gotta go and read shorty and stranger... I'll be back.

  • kel-love your new name, kelcrab, lol! Now you are getting me paranoid...maybe I should change my name too..but my name is actually the name of my cat, It just came to me, lol but it means "little moon " in Portuguese and Lua is moon and I'm a Leo so I should change it to Leona or something..I named her Luazinha because I found her on a night of the full moon and she's the color of the moon.

    Kel>>Do it before he leaves, even if it's just to see how he's doing, even if you don't get to say all you want to say. MAKE THAT CONTACT! You sound like you need it

    Lua>>I called him but there's no answer..could be sleeping, flying or avoiding me..will try later again. When I think about the whole thing, it's really silly and immature, at this point I just want him to know I'm not upset any more, I don't want him to go to Brazil with bad feelings and this whole miscommunication hanging over us. maybe it's better to talk about the details when we actually see each other, I just want to communicate that I want to understand him better, and I want to see him in HK in May when he gets back from Brazil.

    yes, brazilians are generally more open to anything esoteric, astrology, reincarnation, numerology, etc. I met an American guy who spoke Portuguese fluently once, an he said he had lived in Brazil and was easy to make a living there. I asked him what he did there and he said "I'm an astrolger" Nuf said!

  • Katie>.he was telling me all the time that im so beautiful and so cute and how much he loves to be here (in my flat). so i just told him, why dont you stay? and he was like: i would love to, but you have to get up in the morning, you need to sleep.

    can u imagine that he really just worried about me getting enough sleep? well.. i did plant in his head half jokingly in a child voice giggle 'complaining' that he never stays

    Lua>>You have to ask him to stay when you have the next day off and have the next mornng free!! Cancers do cancer guy shut off the lights and said goodnight when we hadn't been together for nearly 4 months. I was disappointed that it seemed like he didn't want to mince but when I asked him he said "I thought you were tired and wanted to sleep"..

    cr*ap I feel myself getting frustrated that I can't reach him and he's leaving tomorrow..I have no idea what time..

  • Just called him..he answered, said he's running around busy although he's on standby cuz he's leaving tomorrow and was going to call me tonight and he has been busy getting ready to leave..he said he'll call me back tonight, my heart is beating like crazy..hope I didn't sound angry,,,

    I need to go run some errands then taking my Aries friend out for his birthday..

    I need to breathe, relax maybe meditate before I talk to him..

  • ok, so i managed to more or less catch up with all the posts. 🙂

    Kel>> It's seems like he's afraid of rejection. You'd think by now he'd be over it and learn to just be forward with you. Did you ever pull up his natal chart? I forget, I know you said he has a scorp moon, sounds like he has some Pisces in there too, he's just so passive, it drives ME nuts lol

    Katie>> he is probably pretty afraid of rejection. which is stupid, cause i cant show more of how i wanna spend time with him than what i am doing now.

    he is incredibly passive and i freak out from him wanting to leave all decisions on me... like i already choose a place to eat and then to have coffee and later on when we talk about where else to go, what else to do, he is still: 'it's up to you.'

    maybe he just very much would like to please me... like do what i wanna do. dunno...

    Kel, this is his chart, according to my calculations, but completely fits to him: (imagine when i take my chances on 7th of July and go and wish him happy birthday... if i nailed the date correctly... he will freak out and will want to know how did i know it... and i wont tell him... LOL)



    mercury -cancer










    so no pisces in his chart, but honestly, i dont know his rising... so that can be pisces. 🙂

    otherwise, you know Kel, this morning i felt in a rather good mood, so these times i always think, he is rather like a little scared child... who gets sucked into this relation with me... but does not know how to handle it.

    something pretty positive about yesterday:

    1./ he came away from home to see me, even so that IT WAS RAINING!!! when it is raining he always stays home....

    2./ brought me a small choco easter egg to wish me happy easter... and he was so funny... we had dinner and so and when we were finished and almost ready to leave the restaurant... he suddenly grabbed it out of his back, put it in front of me and said happy easter... and then very fast tried to redirect the convo for some other topic. hahahhahaha

    3./ he was looking around my flat and accidentally some old photos got into is hands about me, where i am muc fatter than now. and i told him to let those photos be cause i look horrible on them. and then the convo went like:

    him: "you never look horrible, morover when you have a moon face" (meaning round)

    me: "so what, you like me fat?"

    he:" you are never fat, just round."

    me:"what do you mean? did i gain weight?"

    he:"nooo, i meant there is still some to improve." (meaning i should gain weight)

    me:"cant believe you like me fat." (me laughing)

    and then he whispered: "i like you happy"

    4./ he slowly but steadily starts to call me names. like some time ago the "my princess" and last night when he hugged me goodbye he said: "good night, cutie."

    sorry for the blabla from me... just like to tell you guys everything, no need to comment on them all... just need the 'crutches' still. ahahahah can't just completely walk alone yet. 🙂

    so Kel, when i'm positive i think he really really likes me incredibly much, he is just REALLY that slow... god give me patience! 🙂

    Kel>> I dont think it makes you look needy, I mean asking him to stay the night once? That's not needy...asking him to stay all the time, that's needy lol

    Katie>> read my earlier comment/update... and tell me whether i was doing good in the 'why dont you sleep over" department... LOL and hey, now he really has to see clear that i want him to sleep over, so i will put this question very much away.. i wont offer/ask anymore... he has to know it.

    Kel, on Aries. good to know that things look good. great that even if he is an Aries(fire) he has like 5 waters. Kel, my dad is an Aries (i told that already) but now i checked he is also venus in pisces. 🙂 and i know it does not mean anything and btw. i have no daddy-complex LOL but i always said that if i found a man like my dad... i'd be happy...

    let us know all the time what is going on!!! it is so exciting... so look, maybe the universe is sending you something good too??? it is always worth to wait... LOL (looks who talks... ms. impatience 2010 LOL)

  • Shorty: Katie- I miss our convos too... I have been trying to get me a new sleep schedule with new job. now, so I may be instead of staying up late will be getting up earlier then we can talk again more. it will be your late evening my early morning just I will have slept 🙂 be patient.

    Katie> hey, i wasnt complaining. LOL i just expressed how i feel. 🙂 you just be busy and do what's best for you. 🙂 i'll be always around when you have more time. you enjoy the new job at least? and what's with mr. crabby?

  • moon: Katie- your crab is going to not want to see any other guys around you anytime soon.... watch! I bet over the next few days/weeks he'll be around you more and more. Like I just told Kel, NOBODY wants their moose to graze in greener pastures.... You simply can't hunt on another mans land.....

    Katie: Moon - i pretty much hope so! i start to think that i make a lot of mistakes. like i should go out more even when he is not coming out. cause i make for him everything too simple and secure. i dont mean to play games on him, but just give him a bit of time to 'worry' where i am and with whom... you know what i mean? that he feels he has to keep me strong. 🙂

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