ASCLAC....part 2!

  • Kel-did you red my convo (page 6 I think) with cancer?

    I don't think that is a convo of someone that wants to break it off.

  • lua,

    don't fall apart. get some sleep as soon as you can, and then call him. you need some clear answers as to whether or not he still has plans so see you in HK.try not to get angry. didnt you say you were interested to do a yoga thing there?

  • I just had 3 hours sleep-can't sleep any more.

  • ok. sorry lua i am not really in the best frame of mind to help you right now. but i am trying though. take cancer out of the equation for a moment.. are you still interested to go to HK for the yoga?

  • stranger-i don't think I could bare to be in HK without contacting my cancer. It was hard enough being in Manila.

  • ok so if you arent prepared to talk to him right now , then you need to focus your energy on getting yourself well again- eating and sleeping properly.

  • I got an email from him..he said they changed his flight to go to Manila on Monday after they gave him vacation so they can schedule him in with the vacation on april 7..still doesn't explain his odd behavior of not telling me he was calling from Manila and sending a stupif photo of his dinner with the manila caption..

    I started hemmoraging again..I know it's stress related..

  • lua. u really have to put your health first at this point im sorry. stop stressing it will be ok. do some yoga, use all that wisdom that you shared a short time back on yourself. go and do something fun to help take your mind off it a bit. turn all that energy and frustration that you have into something worthwhile for yourself. you owe it to yourself.

  • stranger-going to lunch with a friend now..too bad it's a Brazilian restaurant need to get out of the house. Yesterday I didn't leave because I was in tears.

    also going to dinner and movies tonight with another least I won't forget to eat. Tomorrow I'll do yoga and go scuba diving

  • good girl. have fun 🙂

  • my friend flaked for lunch, so having lunch at home

  • Starting to think my cancer is seriously disturbed and has severe communication problems.

  • Morning people,

    Have a extremely busy day today...I don't know if I will be back on but I will try.

    Kel, I forgot someone for your list. This is different kind of music a bit 30,40,50's also home grown.

    Caro Emerald....A Night Like This. Big hit here!!

  • Oh...and "Back it up" I think you will like that better.

    I am out...take care and keep your heads up.

  • hey flow, are u still there?

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • hey kel-I'm still feeling like cr*ap but I went to see Clash of the Titans and saw the big ugly scorpions and thought of you, lol! Cancer has been totally silent from all his internet stuff..I think he feels bad and is wallowing...I am starting to feel better at least not all angry and explosive. I am thinkng of calling him but he may be afraid of confrontation and not answer the phone so thinking of sending him an email first to let him know I'm not mad anymore, what do you think?

    sounds like you had a nice time with I'm thinking I should have hooked up with Spanish cappy..I've passed up a lot of yummy guys because of the cancer, lol!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Adventure,

    Sorry when I posted I left the house right after. Are you okay girl? Tomorrow is Easter that means standing in the kitchen and cook. lol. i am keeping it simple this time around.

    Oh oh Kel,

    Yeah I like those kinds of stuff. Good going on both of you being able to stop. Not sure if I would be so And yes do make a lunch date...see if the chemistry is still there.

    Today we had heavy rain and the most beautiful rainbow was showing after the shower. I closed my eyes and made a wish. 🙂 No need to say what it was right?


    Glad to see that your head is calming down now with everything that is going on.

    Shortyyyyyy, nice to see that your busy. I am swamped again. I just finished designing my businesscards and still writing my businessplan.

    Yeah ridiculous isn't it. They post so much and then make a new thread (just kidding guys).

    Yet I will catch with you another day/time....I am heading to bed early.

    Goodnight everyone

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