ASCLAC....part 2!

  • moon-you mention that you and kel both have more than one guy but are you suggesting that my cancer is doing this too? He has someone else? I thought i was the original love of his life.

    kel>>I second this, this is the only way to know, you'll have to pin him down by phone convo. if you do it through text or email, it gives him time to think through a response, you don't want that because it gives him a chance to sidestep

    Lua>> I am afraid of contacting him by phone now, I may explode on him. I am trying to meditate calm myself but my anger seems to be rising. I need to before he goes to Brazil, the roaming charges will be expensive he may shut his phone off. hard to pin him down, it's not like he works in an office, I don't even know what country he would be in.

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  • kel>>The heart-shaped box thing, means we had deep feelings for you at one time, and now they're just platonic feelings.

    Lua>>so what would cause deep feelings to change. what did I do? if the feelings are just platonic why would he ask me to bring sexy clothes and tell me he owes me "3 hours of loving from last time we were together"? (he had to study for an evaluation) he saidthis last night.

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  • He leaves for Brazil on April 7th. It's already the 3rd here in the Asia/pacific. I have 3 days.

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  • YAY! Aries! I wanna know how it wnet tomorrow!

    I did, and he responded that he wont tell seeing as he likes his fingers!

    Hmmmm... now what to say.

    Lua- Call him... when you're not going to roar of course. And when and if you're ready. Thats the only way to know anything.

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  • Yes, kel, he does like you. I think anyway. He's into you just got a fishy anchor around his neck!

  • Well, I sent a response to his "dont worry, I like my fingers"

    "Good, as I'd hate to disfigure you like that not to mention that it's illegal and I'd have to go to jail if I got caught. Would you rat me out if I disfigured you for telling a secret I told you... in secret? Hmmm? Would you???"

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  • Lua- kel did just that. He played along without engaging you. Kel, that was a great example.

    Girl, you need to talk to this man. All this analizing with kel and I will drive you insane. It's in our nature to do this with everything and everybody. Scorps do the same thing thats why flow and shorty can follow along.

    If you're not used to it... it will make you carzy.

  • I am going sideways arent I? I just hate to ask him and he says no. Not too mention it's taking him like 15 minutes to answer my text! I dont like that one drop!!!!!

    Ok, if he answers this one about being a rat then I'll ask... with the shoe comment of course! never direct!

    So for your aries man... a hollister shirt? jeans?

  • I suppose I should be calling him to get the answer rather than just speculating with you may turn out to be something totally different. last October when I found this forum my cancer disappeared for the first time for 2 weeks after being hot and heavy and everyone told me it was a cancer thing, fear of intamcy whatever but it just ended up that 3 co-pilots had quit and he had to cover everyone's routes, and he hadn't even been home for 5 days, and just long enough to pass out.

    Kel>>Ok then I think he was trying to p*iss you off then about Manila

    Lua>>whay would he want to piss me off? I have never been pissed off with him. I remembered that you usd to l Katie that sometimes you cancers would provoke or pinch us see if we c an take it ,as a test. So this is what I was thinking Everything has been so pleasant especailly when we were together maybe he wanted to see how I would react if he pinched...he never has before.

    ok enough speculating, but I don'think he would admit t wanting to pinch me to test me...

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  • kel- if I dont chit chat... have fun, running with kids too. Lua- hang in there! Yes, the moose I forgot. Thanks for the reminder!

  • kel-ok, that is not at all like the convo we had. BTW he lives in HK. This is how the convo went.

    Cancer: So are you coming to HK in May? (excited)

    Lua: I think so...

    Cancer:When?? I can get 3 days off, so let me know as soon as possible when you can come so I can ask for the days off.

    Lua: Ok

    Cancer: I have to ask in the next few days so let me know ok?

    Lua: ok

    Cancer: I found some great trails, we can go on some hikes. bring good shoes...(changes to sex*y voice) and your high heels and lingerie of course hehe...I owe you 3 hours.

    Lua: I thought it was 40 minutes

    Cancer: no, at least 3 hours

    Lua: giggle

    Cancer : and after my vacation I should be well rested so I should have better performance.

    (he had been extremely stressed out and tired the last 6 months)

    Isn't he the one that is engaging?

  • kel>>Yea Lua, this is all just speculation on our end. You will drive yourself insane if you let us continue to analyze lol we're nuts like that

    It could have been a test, or he could have just been in a foul mood and wanted to hurt somebody.

    Lua>>he didn't sound like he was in a foul mood..he sounded excited about me going to HK. But yeah, thanks anyway I am going insane analyzing this on my own as well..,I have not been able to sleep or eat. It's already 4 am...this is messing up my weight gain diet (sorry moon). I was only able to eat one meal today (supposed to have 6-8) . When I am upset I cannot sleep or eat.

  • wow...there's already a 2nd thread...the first one was started only a month ago...LOL...I'm still super busy...just thought I'd check in. feeling a little better and keeping myself busy, if anyone wanted to know...hope all is well with ya'll...

    Lua -looks like you made contact. 🙂

    Kel - how's the ariest situation?

    Moon - you talked and he said he wanted to marry you(in the future)??? WOW...that's awesome!! so happy!


    Well you do understand that you won't be seeing or hearing from me since I got to read ssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!


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