ASCLAC....part 2!

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  • Yes, You're right. He's got to want me... and only me.. he's got to find that out himself like dorothy did... There's no girl like moonbeauty... there's no girl like moonbeauty

    As for your guy... hmmmm... yeah, when hurt, I run right for the hills too.

    I think your guy likes you but is comfortable where he is. You pose change, work, emotions.... the fish is flat, secure, no worries. You're everything the fish is not.

    You must make him pay... with feelings. But how to get this nut to crack??? Ugh! Kel- I think you like me may have to wait.

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  • See--- your guy has to wake up and realize what a loser the fish is. How the fish brings him down and not builds him up. That's tough. Does the fish have an unlimited supply of cash from daddy?

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  • see because if the fish does not... than you can start to give cute senerios to the scorp... like...

    you: Hi what you doing on Tuesday night?

    Him: I dunno Fish and I are going to play Call Of Duty on x-box.

    you: Wow! sound like fun... how proud his dad must be of him....

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  • Ah! good to know... how about dropping little digs like.... "damn! I hope fish's dad leaves him a wad of cash when he dops dead cause at the rate fish is setting up his life he'll be a 40 year old loser with his dad paying his rent or he will have blown through all his inhertance...scorp you should talk to him"

    Now, this WILL make scorp think and if fish has a bad drug habbit... NOTHING scorp says will take it away... only fish can want fish's problem to be fixed... and he'll start to resent the scorp for interfearing.

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  • have you ever read "The Art Of War" by Sun Tzo? Divide and concquer GOD I cant spell!

  • kel>>Because he still might feel an obligation to see you, he might be putting you in his heart shaped box, making sure that you're happy (by seeing him). Does that make sense? It probably doesn't it barely makes sense to me lol but I get it. You'll have to call him and figure this out, it's really the only way to know for sure

    Lua>>no, I don't understand it, He's the one that invited me to HK, he's the one that saids he will get a week off in June to go diving with me. I never asked. He's also the one that originally asked if I can go to Manila in March and acted all happy posting smileys when I said yes. he would do this out of obligation to see me? I don't understand what you mean by "putting me in his heart shape box" If he wants to break it off with me why would he still want me to be happy? and again, if he wants me to be happy then why did he provoke me?

    I don't understand any of it. Either you like someone or you don't. Either you want to be with someone or you don't. Maybe I've had enough of the cancer sidestepping..

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  • That is the best way to go... to stay friends with scorp and show how fun your life is... he'll want that life... the problem is... you like me.... will have to wait.

    Thus.... for me.... the Sagg right now... and for you.....???? Baby I have NO idea! You are SO HARD to keep up with! No pun intended 😉

  • is it? For business majors? I didnt know that. It's a book a lot of us read when we're rookies.

    Now... The sagg.... should I text today? or tomorrow? I could send a little opening text like..

    "Remember.... you pinkie swore... you cant tell anything I told you last night or I get to cut your finger off!"

    Then if he responds I can bring up the shoes and Sunday. I hate to leave myself open!

    D*amn moonbeauty, I take my hat off to you lol you are a playah playah 🙂 You sure you don't have any Scorp in your chart? lol!!!

    What's playah?

  • Lua- Cancers are the worst this way I am so guilty of it myself. Here I am getting all nuts over Sagg boy while I wait for my scorp. If scorp called.... i would be like "sagg who???" same thing with Kel and aries he'd be like "hey, air boy!.. I like ou but I gotta go" I dont mean run for a phone call or to hang out... I mean for the comittment we want from them.

  • What I mean Lua is we side step everything and everybody. Thats why you two gotta talk. If he wont talk... then you may have your answer. He's side stepping.

    I'm sorry I dont want to say things to hurt you.

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  • Ahhhhh I am off. And totally not doing anything I am supposed to. I just text him lets see what happens!

    So how do you know what is up with Aries for tonight?

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