ASCLAC....part 2!

  • sv. sorry how are u?

    s.hit see this is what happens i get totally focussed on me that i forget all of you.

    i am going to see my counsellor today who i see every now and then.

    i will hopefully be in a better frame of mind later everyone x

  • stranger, jump over to the other thread... kel's trying to zip zap this one.

  • Hey everyone, I'm good. I'm currently travelling for my job so that's why I can't respond too often. I guess I'll catch up whenbi get back home over the weekend.

    Moon- haven't deleted yet and didn't send Easter greetings either. The only place I COULD bump into him is the restaurant and I have no clue if he goes there anymore. or when he would go if he did...:-/

  • This post is deleted!

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