ASCLAC....part 2!

  • Moon,

    “I am following YOUR RULES to a T. Or at least as close to the T as I can. “

    Whoah.... woman not my rules just survival kit and so at a point it has to be modified to your way of doing just don’t lose track of what you learned about him in this period. That is your foundation. The rest is up to you.

    I am glad he got you to focus with the word YET. This is his way of telling you to lighten up and be the woman he fell in love with. The one he met. Fun etc. That is what he needs it’s your turn to show him what you are looking in him (somebody special to share my time with.)

    He’ll be glad to see that you haven’t forgotten him in that way because you did say you was seeing someone. And Scorpio’s are jealous and don’t really like to share.

    “I think it's also important that he knows he can go off and do his thing and not have to worry about being "punished" for it when he comes back. “

    Uhmm your not home free “YET”. Yes that word again. What I mean with this is that both of you are single and you like/love each other but you’re not in a personal relationship just yet. Don’t forget that everything you do from now on can build up to that. So you really can’t punish

    “This whole staying in his line of sight is nice”

    Yes, it is because you don’t sell yourself short. If it works out then all is great and you go for it....if it doesn’t ....then it wouldn’t damage your business relationship with him. The same goes for me.

    My Libra has always been a kind of taking care of the woman type of man. And I refuse for him to do the same with me. Not that I wouldn’t want to but if I am to convince him that I am different I can’t go and do exactly the same as my previous competition did and lose myself in the process.

    “BUT my secret weapon is YOU!“ HAHAHAHAHAHA LMAO!!!!!!!! I’ll send you my bill ...LMAOO

    “I was wondering if you can help me one drop more with one more thing....

    l need to figure out a way that when he does finally contact me to hang out--

    if I should (a) fool around with him-- I really want to-- and I know he'll want to as well BUT I dont want to be his "call" girl.

    and (b) do it in a way I am not worried about disease (I have issues). I think I will be making him wear a rain caot. Somthing new for us. I prefer the actual blood test method BUT now with his new found freedom... I will obviously have to get a bit more strict. Rain coat and blood test. (I'm alergic to Latex... that's why). I figure I would say something like "We can play BUT you gotta wear it".

    (c)If we go out on a date do I make him come and pick me up? I used to meet him but I think he's gotta do a little more work. I used to think he was a bit selfish this. We'll most likely be going out by him in the city BUT I dont want to get him used to me going to him.

    (d) how do I avoid a FWB's type thing with him?“

    Hmmm now you want for me to give away my secrets. Hmmm. lol.

    a. You got fool around and you got fool around. I wouldn’t be in place that you would get it all off. I would totally drive him crazy yet he would have to go home to take a cold shower without me....sooo it’s up to you.

    b. We all have issues. I would definitely tell him that he needs to get those test before you proceed. Well it’s in his best interest as well. Rain coats there are different kinds. Shop around for the female body friendly kind. The ones that would give you allergic reactions. The industry knows about this problem. You got time so try some out. 😉 How?? Use your imagination....oooooohhhh

    c. Absolutely let him pick you up. And then let him wait a good 5 min before you actually open the door and meet him in his car. And smell good...first thing to hit him when you get in. Be ready when he reaches but just sit on your couch for a good 4 min then head out. Anticipation!!!! And show some legs hun!!

    d. FWB.....uhmm I know Kel explained this but it’s gone out the windows for me. It’s simple if you didn’t do that with other guys just don’t do it with him. But you got to bring me back up to speed with this one.

    HAHAHAHA...just saw your other post. Your welcome girl. Now keep up the good work and stop poking him about the facade otherwise you will have to explain yourself.

    My bill is on its way!!!!!! LOL

  • Kel,

    Me being mean I would of told him: "The was finger LICKING good."

    I am glad that Aries made a good impression on you. Enjoy... and those charts looks like your in a way looking into a mirror. Make it a good reflection.

    Hey guys heading back into the kitchen. Pasta and shrimps on the menu. I will try to catch up later.

  • Moon, distracted here:

    “I think I will type back:

    You're not mean, it's only a facade.... but... I'm still not going.

    I'll send another email on..... Wednesday? “

    Wednesday?? For this?? No. I would do that tonight or ttomorrow. Don’t leave too much time in between if he answers you on things like this. Remember your getting to know each other.

    Then for another email I would put a day or two in between.

    Unless he sends you one before. Then you get a pace doing this.

    I'll give you an example. Yesterday I sent out a general text to a few people wishing them a Happy Easter (like Shorty did) and Libra was on that list.

    Ironically in the late evening my back was killing me and I could of used some of his massage. I actually asked my son to rub me down with some ointment.

    I texted him AGAIN (this doesn't happen much twice a day) and I actually told him that I was hurting and why. I didn't tell him that I needed him but I am sure he got the message.

    He complained in the past that I was such a though chick that I didn't show if anything bothered me....

    Pace and balance.


  • Moon, so you agree with kel that my Cancer means he misses me when he saids "You won't be as bored if you lived in Manila" and "I could easily live here"..hmm still don't get why that means "I miss you" I am a multi-lingual translator but I guess I'm not good at translating "Cancer"..I'm totoally lost in this translation..

    Well, he said "talked to you tomorrow" and "tomorrow" has come and gone but no sign of him and he leaves for Brazil tomorrow. I'm figuriing he's afraid of confrontation...Should I call try to call him? I am more calm now, just wanted to talk to him before he took off to Brazil. He's addicted to twitter but no sign of him for 4 days.

  • Flow- I took your advice and sent off the email.... 3.5 hours after his. Light, easy.... I'll send another on Wednesday or Thursday.

    Has Libra contacted you yet for easter or your back???

    Kel- OMG! "How was your date?"

    I do believe the boy is SWEATING YOU!!!!!!!

    What have you said back?

    Oh, Kel, help please???

    Sagg walked past me 3 times!!

    The first I spoke to him and his partner together (not him directly) and -- nothing BREALY looked in my direction

    The second he walked out without looking in my direction

    The third.... he turned his head as walking past and started a convo with his partner.

    HE is ignoring ME!

    He didnt ask me if I wanted lunch-- he always did before..

    He didnt text me what ____ are available. He does everyday.

    WTF??? Am I missing something... I'm still acting like myself...

  • Oh when I said I spoke to him and his partner-- his partner answered... he looked away. Never spoke back a word to me!

    This is wierd.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Keld, good work with scorp. You know he totally stewing! I bet he is jumping down the fishes throat every time he thinks about it. I think your tactics are great with this guy now. He has no idea wtf to do with you!

    Libra boy- ugh what is the deal with him??? All the digs about aries... talk about jealousy. I swear....

    Sooooo give it up,.... what did aries ask libra about you? Hopefully Libra didnt make you sond bad to aries to keep you from him

    No, Sagg does not know about scorp and if he does it's hardly nothing. Like a piece of lint... nothing.

    You know... come to think of it... I dont know if the finance is out of the picture... I never made a thing about it because I have no plans of doing anything serious with him... yet... maybe.... hmmm.... i dunno.... lol.... kel you are so rubbing off on me!

  • why would it matter if he was still with her... I'm not going to sleep with him... and... he would suddenly go from over interested to not interested in 5.0 flat??? with all the sexual tention???

    Oh, unless he knows that he can like me... a lot.... and being a sagg.... is avoiding me to be a good boy... hmmmm..... that may be the case.... makes sense as to why no kiss and running out like his pants were on fire...

    I dunno.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • we can do anything you want hunny bunny-- BUT I dont think you can delete a thread. I'll go dig up my post and sit something on it so on it so everybody can find us.


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  • Kel,

    Can't you just change ur username?? I am not sure if that is possible but to delete the thread where the others hasn't read their answers yet is a bit to much at the moment.

    I am not sure if the thread can be moved. It would be copy and pasting a great deal to get it all over and confusing.

    We will have to cross our fingers that he doesn't google or search this forum.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • flow,


    ive taken in what u said. alot of what i said was also me getting it out to realise that it is not working- the control, the pushing him for answers. funny in a way talking in front of his friend the other day was in a way a mediator but only int he way of having a third person, we both were more aware of what we said and how we came across. it wasnt as heated.

    you are right i dont feel like i love him at the moment. dont know if that is going to change.

    after i had my meltdown yesterday i wrote two songs. i have also ben having a few issues with my family so things were building up.

    in my anxious and upset state i had tried calling him yesterday morning early. he didnt answer.

    playing my music definitely calmed me down. brought me centered again. but there is always this huge build up to it. it is like something i go through, a process and it is pretty full on.oh well. such is the way it is. i liked the music.

    I ran into one of his friends down near the beach yesterday. i talked to him for a while. when i was away camping scorp went out with his mates to a few bars and got d.runk. this guy said it was the first time in ages they had all got together. i also found out that he smokes w.eed sometimes and gambles sometimes. he doesnt tell me any of this. but i sensed it. he hides so much from me. it hurts that he thinks i am the kind of woman who would try and stop him from having male friends and having his own life. i guess i was never the girly girl tho who went out on "girls nights" i would like to hang out with guys and girls together. i never did understand the whole separation thing. it seemed narrow minded to me. but i am realising that we all do need some time separately, but also together. the fact that he never asked me out with his friends always worried me. he didnt actually go out much at all. and i dont think he sees people much at all. but thus keeping me kind of hidden away..why? i used to rack my brains over it, not so much anymore though. but i used to think he was doing things he didnt want me to know about, and he was flirting with other women etc. i noticed he was seeing his friends after we had broken up each time. and i think sometimes he would intentionally pick a fight or split with me s he could do this. like he couldnt have friends and have me at the same time. couldnt be honest about it all. cos he would get jealous? cos he thought i would get jealous? i dont see him as having very strong boundaries to be perfectly honest. ahh im feeling things that arent good again. letting them go now. you know i have gotten so worked up over him over the years, and it has done me no good at all. flow you are right. and i am really wanting to keep standing back.

    i think not having s.ex with him is helping that. for me to be more objective and see things clearer.

    He came over yesterday. i handled it well. for the beginning anyway.. then i stuffed it up.

    i will give you a run down..

    opens door

    him-" hello'

    me "hello"

    me" what are u up to?"

    him " just thought i would come around and see you"


    him" what are you up to?"

    me" i am watching a movie. i have a friend coming over soon."


    me " do u want to come in?"

    he comes in

    him '" why did you ring me this morning?"

    me " i wanted to talk to you"


    me " why didnt you answer?"

    him" because usually when you ring me at that time it is to blow my head off"

    me- calm. nonreactive.

    me-" would you like a drink?

    him" ok thanks"

    him " what are you doing this week?"

    me " oh pretty busy..'

    me -(feeling nervous) "why?"

    and thats where it went pearshaped. i am still attracted to him. i havent had s/ex wirth him in a month.he is standing next to my kitchen.

    to do the small talk thing now is hard!! but i KNOW i have to learn it . i KNOW that this is where i get stuffed up. things get physical too fast because of the attraction. because i get shy. because he is shy. and i really cant stand the idea of having to play games to have to learn all this stuff. especially at my age!!! i was painfully shy when i was younger, the thought of talking to boys terrified me. then i went the other way.. but i just slept with them, conversation would almost get in the way. that approach got me nowhere too. i WANT connection. on ALL levels.

    i stuffed up because i got funny when he asked me what i was doing for the week. i do many things. my work is sporadic and i also work for myself from home as well. i am also still working on house so things get done in between. anyway....i lost my cool. got a bit emotional.. talked about my family..blah blah. ugh. it was so hard to suppress my feelings and just be in that very moment with the conversation. so yes i sabotaged. he mentioned something to me like that i dont tell him anything.. then im thinking well you dont tell me when you see your friends and that u went out and got P.issed!

    anyway... at one point he walked over and tried to kiss me. i said no. he then tried one more time. i said no again. then he pulled away. and asked me if i had met someone else. i asked him why does he always have to say that? dontthink he answered.

    i then asked him if he really wanted to get counselling.

    he said "yes but it doesnt seem like you want to"

    me" im just scared"

    him" why?"

    me ...starting to feel very vulnerable--

    i basically started saying how i dont know what is going to happen and that i am afraid he suggested it as a way of closure with me..

    i said it will be draining. etc etc blah blah. me blabbing my fears.

    i said to him that he wil have to look at some deep stuff. we both will. its not going to be all easy. i was drowning at this point and did make a joke( i do this when i get like this)

    about a snorkel.

    anyway. then my friend turned up so he had to go.

    i then got a text from him later that night " goodluck for u. x"

    i texted back " you2. x"

    god this is getting ridiculously personal i feel like i am in high school. yet ididnt even do this in high school.

    and thats where it went slightly pears

  • cut off that last sentence- i think the thread is playing was a repeat of what i last wrote.

  • im sorry everyone that i have been so self absorbed.


    the chart sounds interesting. try to keep your boundaries re libra. this is YOUR thing with aries. other people coming i with opinions might confuse you more. follow your own instinct.


    umm. wow i dunno. i think flow is giving you good advice


    hello again. glad to hear you been busy and looking after you. i need to follow suit again.

    i have been so stressed.

    lua and katie i need time to reply back to you both later..

  • i am always feeling suspicious of scorpio. i just dont trust him. it eats me up.

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