Some advice for querious teenagers, sexuality, etc,

  • Hello all, this is a call to all of you who have some advice to give to the youth. They are watching and learning. They are reading and may become confused as to which way to go. I think that it is all fine and dandy that all of us adults can share, but what about the youngsters who read our stuff? I am all for free speach, and I do it myself often, as you know. I am interested in finding a way for our youth to be able to reach out as well. What I am thinking about is some kind of youth forum, that deals with teen issues. These children, teens have been exposed to some heavy issues and they are growing up thinking that the world is going to end soon. I would like, no love to see the administration create a new forum for teens. Many of them are thinking that [Witchcraft ]is cool, although I understand it, many are mistaking the teachings! Many are homeless, and feeling hopeless. They are vulnerable, and at risk of all sorts of misfortunes. The list goes on and on. Someone please help and start a clean topic for them to learn from, thankyou, Lola.

  • I meant to say curious teenagers. xo

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