Anyone who can please help interpret the spread?

  • I asked: What is the future of my new relationship?

    i did a horseshoe spread: Here is a description of each position and what card I received. I'm confused b/c it seems positive, but we're off to a little bit of a rocky start. None of the cards were reversed.

    Card #1 - Knight of cups. This card represents the past. This may be the immediate past, or it may go further back in time.

    Card #2 - justice. This card represents the immediate present.

    Card #3 - 3 pentacles. This card represents the immediate future.

    Card #4 - 7 pentacle. This card represents something that is on the consultant's mind.

    Card #5 king of cups. This card represents the attitude of another. This will usually be a person known to the consultant and is somehow connected to the question.

    Card #6 - the sun. This card represents an obstacle the consultant must face. If a favorable card comes up it would indicate that there is no real obstacle to overcome.

    Card #7 - Ace of wands. This card represents the outcome the consultant should expect

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