Identifying people in spreads

  • I dont do tarot spreads all that often anymore... it was part of my letting it go process...stop stressing and worrying about it. So now when I do, do them and ask specific questions on guidance I seem to be seeing a pattern, and I dont really know how to understand it. Everything tells me that I will be going through a struggle, the time for change is here or soon, and i will come out on top in the end... But it also tells me about two different people. One person being someone that is different than they appear, decietful, fake. And another one is strong, caring and seems to be the person that will help me with my growth and rebirth so to speak. But from what I see and feel those are two different people, but I dont have a clue how I can even go about getting any more clues to identify either of these people... More concerning to me obviously is the one that is being decietful and fake. Normally I can tell who those people are, but I feel that maybe this person is too close to me for me to see and sense it.... that I am ignoring my normal feel about this person.

    Any ideas on what kinds of spreads or anything I can do to get a little more information related to specific people that are being identified?

  • Funny today when i do spreads i get nothing on those two people... Thanks much for being able to tell you guys what the cards were... But something that stands out in my memory from todays and past repeat cards I know I have these frequently : Lovers, 10 of Pentacles, and Page of Swords.

    Any ideas?

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