Happy April Fools Day All

  • Wishing everyone a day of joy, blessings, protection and prosperity.

    My mom sure used to pull some dillies on us when we were kids. Like waking us up and saying, "you've overslept! gonna be late for school!" Hated it then. But one of many happy memories now! Any 'pranks' anyone wants to share? I need a good one for today. 🙂

  • Thanks ragbag!

    Wishing you well, joy and health too.

    Have a good one!

    just don't be "fool" by the angels today!

    (they love to play tricks too you know!!! ) lol

  • I remember being in grade school and the teacher turning all our desks the wrong way. We had the lift up lids that had your storage underneath and so you sat down at your desk and she told us to get into our desks and get something out and we couldn't do it. I don't know why I remember that and why we were silly enough not to realize our desks were backwards but it worked.

  • Morning !!!!

    Enjoy this day. Blessings to all.

    Usually one of the siblings would play a pranck on some of us children. The one would had it the worst was the sister whose birthday is today, April first. She could play some dousies herself, I avoid doing so as I felt some of the pranks would come back on me.


  • Found this online!! 🙂

    Pranksters of the world unite on April Fool's Day! While the exact origins of this mischievous holiday are unknown, many believe it all started in France with the switch from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar in the 1500s.

    April 1 had traditionally been the first day of the new year, and since communication was not what it is today, pranksters would play practical jokes on those not in the know about the date change.

    A common practice at the time was placing dead fish on the back of a victim's shirt and shouting "poisson d'avril!" (April fish). While open to debate, it is believed by some that this practice arose from April's proximity in the zodiac to fishy Pisces.

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