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  • howdy captain,

    this is interesting. i am at a kind of turning point. could you give me some suggestions too ? thankyou you are very generous.

  • Thank you girl,

    As always alot fits perfectly. In other areas I got to think a bit but thanks for your time and effort.

    I hope all is well with you.

    Have a nice day.


  • Stranger,

    She would need your date of birth.

  • hehe. hey beautiful flow. yeh she might need it huh.. wow my head has been crazy lately.

    been thinking of you, thanks for what you wrote the other day x


    hi again, i forgot to give you my birthdate. its 23/9/71

  • p.s flow,

    you're a pioneer!!!! now why am i not surprised! what a great reading.

  • Stranger2, you may find that in this lifetime your great sense of beauty gets rather short shrift until you learn to off-load old values, habits, and unfortunate behaviour patterns. The secret of your lifepath is to learn how to forgive both yourself and others. You also need to evaluate your value system on a regular basis to find out what it is you currently value in your life. If you can release the burdens of self-imposed negativity, worry and crushing responsiblity, you will experience a lightening of the spirit and an easing of your soul. By practising unflinching and objective self-assessment, you can let go of all that does not serve the highest and best in you. Watch your tendency to rationalise and find 'good' reasons to hang onto bad habits or unhealthy relationships. Your antipathy for letting anyone down can lead you to concoct elaborate reasons not to do so, but hanging onto outworn behaviours and people can bring you much suffering, such as in your career where you may stay with an abusive boss or company through misplaced feelings of loyalty or guilt. You don't seem to consider that you deserve better or that life can and should be easier - unhappiness becomes customary for you.

    You are gifted with tremendous powers of concentration, persuasion, willpower and mental discipline, and a kind of craftsmanlike approach to any matter at hand. Applying even a small dose of your own heroic temperament to fighting on your own behalf will reap rich rewards. Fortunately you do possess the ability to step back and detach emotionally from charged situations. This can help you to know when others have a valid point or are just trying to control you. Such detachment can help you maintain the strength of purpose to stick to your guns.

    You can share your tremendous capacity for giving love and your strong creative urges by working with or having your own children, or by going into expressive fields such as teaching or acting. If you allow the youthful energy in you to flow and let your inner child have the fun she desires in life, you can do extremely well as an artist, musician, or writer. You can see how to promote open harmonious cooperation so you would be effective working with groups of people, doing what's best for the group as a whole. Humanitarian goals or idealistic causes in which you believe will draw you. Positions that require objectivity like a scientist, electrician, technician, or computer expert would suit. You are very talented in the esoteric sciences - astrology, numerology, Tarot, handwriting analysis, I Ching, etc. Work in radio or TV is another field in which you have innate talents. You are here to share your unconventional knowledge in some way and, although you may not always get approval for voicing something new (because people take time to acknowledge the value of new concepts), it will bring you much satisfaction to live up to your lifepath's goals. You want everyone to like you - you can be a bit of a people pleaser - but this is unrealistic and instead you can enjoy the greater empowerment of your own approval.

    Past life experiences may give you an instinct to approach a project with the idea of doing it yourself but in this lifetime you are better off uniting with like-minded peers so that, instead of giving away your energy, it can come back to you from others. You can become envious of other people's talents and creativity, but it is only when you access your own natural generosity of spirit and stay focused from the perspective of equality that you become more open to being succesful yourself. Thus, anything you do on your own in this life becomes bogged down and difficult. By staying open and not making all the decisions, you can use the flow of back-and-forth energy from others in your group to become even more creative and innovative. And it's much more fun, to boot. In choosing a profession, follow the energy that attracts you. If you find your energy soaring in the job, then it's right for you. You must also choose carefully who you work with - you do better with people who are open to new ways of doing things, who are generous and respectful, who value your ideas and vision, and are not controlling at all because you are a kid at heart and don't want 'adults' telling you what to do. This is a group-oriented lifetime for you.

    You appreciate variety as the spice of life so any occupation that allows you to explore many facets of experience such as teaching, writing, music, acting, politics, leading trainings, court reporting, or sales work that involves travel and working with a variety of people can suit your talents and interests. Even though security is an issue for you, money isn't as high a priority as the experiences it can buy; given a choice between money in savings or a chance for adventure or a learning experience, you will choose the experience and may sometimes spend money before you earn it. You want a safe, secure home base (preferably with a fireplace) but when you come into your full confidence, you will trade security and boredom for adventure. With your quick wit, you can usually find or create money when you need it.

    Other career suggestions: entertainer, director, caterer, doctor, veterinarian, interior decorator, retail or hospitality worker, entrepreneur, publisher, motivational speaker, designer/creative department, professor, travel guide or anything in tourism, outdoor worker, freelance anything, preacher, lawyer, public relations officer, sportsperson, trader, business owner, CEO, or anything where you are not tied to a desk 24/7.

  • captain!! this is awesome! thankyou so much. i have been paying someone to tell me the things that you just shared for free. dont know how you have done it but you have. its all soaking in and i feel like things are flowing for me.. i am starting a music course today. and continuing my art. surfing. have had ideas for surf business but will see...

    the freedom thing and not being tied to a desk 24/7 u nailed it. kids? yes i feel like it could be alot of fun. yes i want to let my playfulness continue to express yes i have soooo much love to give.

    thankyou. big huge hug 🙂

  • 4/4/91 thanks

  • Aries44, you may find it difficult to adjust to the need to take a backseat from time to time, gain greater knowledge, and simply pay your dues on your journey through life. The road to the top might not be entirely comfortable for you, yet you will respond to the promise of respect and authority that beckons. While at times you may have to content yourself with being a big fish in a relatively small pond or on focusing your considerable powers on trying to make other people execute your plans and schemes, mostly you will rise to the greater challenge and direct your energies and talents with an eye to the bigger prizes offered by life. Success-oriented, sometimes in the extreme, you will realize fine fulfillment, providing you don't demand too much too soon and are willing to work for a while under a mentor or teacher. Your hard work will bring you much reward in life.

    You are here to lay claim to an area of expertise and make it your own. Though money and power are attractive to you, your orientation is not necessarily materialistic. Rather, your goal is to develop a skill or talent to a level of mastery. Reaching this goal may require you to give all your energy to your prime focus, renouncing or sacrificing other desires or interests. You are a strange blend of realist and idealist, reserve and extroversion, and the serious and the comic, but you are able to focus on your goal with savage intensity to the point of workaholism. Those who get in your way may be trampled underfoot, usually unintentionally. However, once you perfect yourself in your chosen skill or master a particular talent, you will have an even more difficult task, since true mastery requires manifesting a unique vision or using your talent in some unique way. Thus, ideas, ideals, and creative vision are important since they must be made into solid reality or used as a philosophical backdrop for you to create form from purpose or concept. You come from a place of deep subconscious awareness of the realms of the imagination, from which all creativity springs. You must mold your imaginings into a practical perspective by dispensing with the emotion attached to them and engaging only the core ideas to apply them to a realistic end product. So your career process involves beginning your education in a specific field, first apprenticing yourself to a master, then graduating to more and more responsibility and ultimately becoming a master yourself.

    You come into this lifetime with the skills of observation and persuasion so you have the ability to talk the right mentor into taking you on as his pupil and sharing all the secrets of his profession or field. Patience and humility is key in this lifetime as nothing rushed or forced will work for you. Fortunately you are blessed with tremendous diligence and dedication and often stimulated by an underlying insecurity that pushes you to achieve - or over-achieve - and an urge to dominate that must be kept in check. Though you do excel at being the boss, so management, public speaking, politics, and entrepreneurship are good choices for you. One lesson to learn in this lifetime is how to proceed with grace and dignity and to mature calmly in the knowledge you will reach your goal. This is not a path so much of leadership but of perfecting your own techniques and methods, rather than telling anyone else what to do. Remain sensitive to other people if you want their cooperation. Your finely honed instincts for empathy will work well for you here. You do work best on your own though rather than in a big group, because you are capable of setting very high standards and challenging yourself over and over again. An environment where you can feel safe, protected and respected is where you will do your best creative work. As the years pass, you will yourself become a teacher or mentor, completing the karmic circle by sharing what was given to you earlier in your life. Make sure you establish a very good reputation for yourself by always dealing fairly and honestly with people, and presenting yourself properly in public as bad behaviour can come back to haunt you at the most inopportune times. You will be a role model to others so watch your tendency to addictive behaviours.

    You possess high energy and have healing hands and sensitive intuition that would make you an excellent counsellor who can grasp important subtleties. Any of the healing fields or even businesses that help people are suitable, such as hands-on bodywork or energy work like Reiki, physiotherapy, or massage, writing, teaching, music, and motivating others. The business of personal growth is another good choice for you.

    Other career suggestions: Film producer, rescue worker, salesperson, pilot, mechanic, advertising or PR guru, manager, stockbroker, doctor, president, school principal, CEO, financial planner, accountant, administrator, antique dealer, architect, athlete, builder, businessperson (self-employed or other), dentist, engineer, farmer, guard, investor, lawyer, real estate agent, scientist, soldier/army officer, surveyer, valuer, government positions, chief executive, civil servant, law enforcement specialist, teacher, bank manager, chiropractor, orthopedic surgeon, mathematician, geologist, biographer, florist, interior designer, daycare teacher, pediatrician, actor, editor, hair stylist, illustrator, and art history teacher.

  • Dear Captain,

    My birthday is 09/17/1952. The grant for my job was not renewed due to the economy. What I thought would be with regard to the year 2010 and 2011 in every aspect of my life has been turned upside down. It is leaving me with a fealing of hopelessness. I am searching for my birth year life path. Please help. Thanking you in advance.



  • Groovn, in your lifetime you may have been rather unconscious of the effect you have on other people and may have alienated quite a few unless you made an inward journey to find the courage and detachment that would allow you not so much to admit when you were wrong as to admit when others were right. The resulting maturity and increased sense of tolerance and acceptance that must be learned by you in this lifetime will prove more than worth the cost. Until then, you may have refused to acknowledge other people's complaints or dissatisfaction with a sort of "You're just imagining things" attitude, which is actually part of your defense system. Make sure you don't rationalize your behaviour with elegant arguments that serve only to patronize others.

    Once you stop judging people and instead begin regarding them with consideration and compassion, you will find fulfillment in taking on the role of protector - so any career where you fight for justice for others would suit. You have an innate sense of heroism and truly want to do the right thing, so you are often pained to find out that you have been considered thoughtless in any way. You were born with a headstrong, passionate approach to life and love, and you burn with emotional intensity, often rushing in or using your sharp tongue without fully considering the results and consequences. A bit of a 'prickly pear' at times, you have an extreme sensitivity to criticism which can cause you to go on the attack. You just need to lose the need to be infallible and develop the objectiivty to recognize and understand (without judgment) the needs, desires, and greater goals of those around you. Your immense creative energy can then be used to serve others in a myriad of inventive ways.

    You must learn to go with the flow of life, to receive love naturally, and to be alert for the opportunities that you have asked the Universe to bring you. You need to be with like-minded people who share your unorthodox ideas and visions of the future, and who can give you the support and love you crave. When you focus on altruism, life will send you special people and work to fill you with hope and positive energy. Your talents would be effective dealing with groups as you can see how to promote open and harmonious cooperation. You are capable of doing what is best for the group as a whole. Success would follow as a scientist, astrologer, electrician, technician, computer expert, or any occupation where the ability to 'see' the future and bring it into the present is an asset. You would be happy in work that brings innovative ideas to the public. Broadcast work in radio or TV is another field where you have innate talents, or careers where you can use your skills to further important universal causes. You would be good at working with children or in self-expressive fields such as teaching, the creative arts, and acting. In fact, you are a natural teacher. You must save time for fun if you don't find it in your work, so as to allow your creativity to flow.

    You probably feel a pull in two directions - 'upwards' into the spiritual life and metaphysical interests, but also 'downwards' into the material world of daily life, family and business concerns. There doesn't have to be a separation though - you can successfully combine both worlds in creative ways, such as making money while bringing more beauty, happiness and awareness into the world. You may for example open a spiritual business like a New Age bookstore or teach seminars devoted to religion or personal growth. You generally feel safer in the mind because of your exceptional analytical abilities and observational skills, but you also have powerful emotions. Your emotional sensitivity helps balance your mental energy. You excel in a variety of fields like creative writing (especially screenplays), martial arts, and producing. You do well as long as you trust yourself, but stay open to feedback and take any project step-by-step, not seeking to take shortcuts or cut corners. Once you put your mind to it, the body of work you can produce is enormous.

    But you also have a deep streak of romanticism that makes you so vulnerable to distraction, seduction, and fantasy. Dreams of being loved and adored by many can be your undoing but they can also save you from a dull, boring existence. You need to establish a healthy equilibrium between the two and make your ability to fantasize work for you, not against you. Don't let every sweet talker or situation that promises you the world seduce you into doing something that is against your gut instincts. Follow your intuition, not your weaknesses, when you make choices. Healthy detachment will not only make you productive and help you fulfill your destiny - it will make room for love and work on a higher plane that is free from escapist dependencies and fantasies. When you lose your obsession with chasing gratification and personal validation in all the wrong places (to the point where it damages your health, distorts your mind, and prevents you from being productive and successful), you will gain the distance and sobriety necessary to bring you all that you want.

    Your astrological profile says you're independent, adventurous, friendly, optimistic, a lover of freedom and the outdoors, but can be restless and may scatter your energy, and may also at times be impulsive and unreliable. Your sexuality can either be lusty and free, or very moralistic. You're frank and candid and can be very charming, but you can also be blunt and tactless. You'd rather travel far than be stuck in routine. When you get angry or when things get too serious or dull, you feel like running. You have to do something -- not about it, but something else altogether. You abhor anything that fences you in and you need to feel like you have space. You don't have a lot of patience to wait things out. You should seriously consider physical activity as the best means of anger management or stress relief, if you don't already (naturally) do so. Your sun sign wants to create the perfectly ordered environment and your moon sign wants to create the perfect social setting where people can enjoy themselves, so interior design, architecture or event planning would suit.

    Other career suggestions:- inventor, manager, journalist, accountant, musician, doctor, orator, printer/editor/publisher, lawyer, engineer, army officer, broker, travel industry worker, adventurer, and travelling salesperson.

  • Hello Captain,

    My birthdate is March 4, 1991. 12:41pm Boulder, Colorado. I'm in college right now trying to figure out where to go with my future. I have some career ideas, but I've always had career ideas. I always seem to come up with something new every few months. It would be such a relief to just know what the right path is for me and to be able to run with it.

    Thank you for your wisdom and time.

  • Amarnaa, indications are that your lifepath is to find a mentor/teacher and become an apprentice - though this process will require time, patience, and effort, the years of training will suit your studious, solitary nature. But in the end you must achieve the stature and experience to break away from the protection of your mentor or organization and really come into your own. You must release your fears of personal rejection through contact with people who are better versed in the ways of the world, and then you will be able to set your own needs aside in the interest of larger and more permanent achievements. If you can avoid depression, self-negation, and a tendency to withdraw in the face of challenges by maintaining a positive attitude - despite any stressful educational demands - you will gain great satisfaction from mastering a trade, profession, or craft. Your life's work and experience will synthesize into rewarding achievements of truly lasting value. You are here to lay claim to an area of expertise and make it your own. But try to resist your tendency towards workaholism. You must have some rest and relaxation in your life as well.

    You are a strange blend of idealist and realist, reserve and extroversion, and the serious and the comic, but you are able to focus on your goals with savage intensity. You may even inadvertantly trample other people underfoot if they get in your way. You have great skills of observation and persuasion, persistence, dedication, and diligence that will enable you to go far. But you must search about to find the best teacher for you and may need your powers of persuasion to talk them into taking you on. You must quell your urge to dominate others and submit yourself to the tutelage of someone wiser and older than you. Proceed with grace and dignity and mature calmly in the knowledge you will surely reach your goal. Once trained, the best thing for you is to work alone at your craft. In later years, you may become a teacher or mentor yourself.

    You set high standards not only for yourself and the quality of your work but also for others. Thus your interpersonal relationships are often fraught with overly high expectations. You may even give up on meeting one single life partner and may find more satisfaction in your work and the company of your colleagues, followers, and close friends. It will benefit you if you try to avoid any clinginess and neediness - your desire to be taken care of (to find the 'mommy' you never had) can lead you into a never-ending search for security and you can easily develop emotional dependencies on those around you. Your success will rest on your willingness to run the risk, take charge, and assume full responsibility for your own life by creating what you need for yourself.

    You have a deep need to find a place where you can feel safe, protected, admired, and loved - somewhere you feel you truly belong - and this will probably come through your work rather than a family. Despite your loner nature, you have finely honed empathic skills and are good at being the 'boss' so a career in management, public speaking, politics, and entrepreneurship would be good choices. Because of an inherent, though not always manifested, love of the outdoors and animals, you would make a good guide or ranger - but you would also excel at high-tech careers. If you do want to be alone however, you would make a fine researcher. You do well in service and healing-related work. Your natural charisma, which you don't always appreciate or trust, would make you a compelling dancer, actor, or artist, but it would feel more meaningful to you if your art was connected to a higher purpose or motive of service.

    Stemming from past lives spent as a monk and a nun, you may feel a subtle negativity or mixed feelings towards money and material success. So, if money is scarce in your life, you might want to re-examine your beliefs if it stops you from earning what you deserve. You are intuitive and have imagination, vision and foresight, which you could use in business to become wealthy. Self-trust issues can also hold you back from enjoying success in some areas of work. But you can enjoy a good reputation if you work hard to build one, and will probably end up as a role model to others. You dislike being on a tight schedule or working under pressure so high-pressure jobs are not for you. You may have a love of travel that you can satisfy through your work or leisure time. You're witty, versatile, mechanically inclined, and have talents for many different things and simultaneous projects. This last, however, is also a failing: you need to focus and concentrate your energy and not scatter it over too many enterprises and directions. You loathe repetition in your daily routine, and may have more than one “job.” You have a lot of mental energy and enjoy communication. Easily bored, you need a fresh change of pace frequently just to keep your energy levels up. You probably channel your energy through your hands and may express yourself through musical instruments, massage, and the like — or using video games, puzzles and other types of games as diversions. You love to try new hobbies or games, especially if they’re social and challenge the mind. You may end up having dexterity in many skills, but find it harder to achieve mastery.

    Other career suggestions - Animal trainer, Anthropologist, Athlete, Bookseller/publisher/editor, Explorer, Fiction writer, Holistic healer/naturopath, Interpreter/translator, Journalist, Lecturer/professor, Paramedic, Priest/spiritual leader, Sociologist, Sports instructor/trainer/Sports physiotherapist, Travel agent, Travel guide/eco-tour guide (hiking, kayaks, or any other mode of travel), Travel writer, Veterinarian, Florist, Interior designer, Daycare teacher, Pediatrician, Hair stylist, Illustrator, Musician, Art history teacher.

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