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  • Cazmayo, you will probably never gain from others the same level of understanding you offer to the world. You have a unique brand of insight and must resist the urge to second-guess your best hunches or turn on yourself when you encounter rejection or disapproval. Emotions like possessiveness and jealousy can at times make it hard for you to be objective in your life and love. Learn to trust your intuitive understanding of others and put your unique talents on display. You can be self-conscious in the extreme but you have a need for acceptance and approval. As long as it is properly acknowledged and doesn't manifest as mere neediness, this quality can help you rise above the narrow restrictions of self and into the world of spirit.

    The ability to put yourself and your ideas on view in such areas as teaching, the performing arts, or other public pursuits will prove especially rewarding, as these will be areas where you will best be able to combine and employ your special gifts in a way that benefits all. You are a sensitive soul who can be very closed and secretive, even enigmatic to those around you. Developing hope and trust enough to open to others will allow you to heal any scars from old hurts. Your compassion and insight would make you a good therapist, healer or counsellor as long as you learn to detach from your emotions. You need your own private space or office as you work well alone and would enjoy a career that involves research, library or computer work. You could be a great artist, craftsperson, performer, promoter, agent, or musician. Whatever you do, you need to allow yourself ample time for solitude and reflection. Stay away from work that involves attention to detail, in-depth analysis, perfection, or accuracy as these will only bring out anxiety and restlessness in you. Many like you are late bloomers, taking longer to come into your confidence due to issues of sensitivity and self-doubt. You have some deep issues about cooperation too - you can give your all, adapting chameleonlike to the values, interests and desires of someone else, only to feel resentful when you discover you have ignored your own needs. You are here to experience treu freedom - not the sort where you insist on doing whatever you want, whenever you want - but the kind that manifests as a drive to experience and know, a sense of mobility in the physical, mental, emotional, social, sexual and financial realms. You look for adventure where you can get it - from life, books, or films. Writing, acting, politics, leading trainings, court reporting, or sales work that involves travel and working with a variety of perople can suit your interests and talents. Really, you can do almost anything that appeals to you.

    Other suggested careers - police officer, designer, professor, priest, nurse, clerk, and judge.

  • Hi Captain - another generous offer from yourself!!

    Can you please give me a few suggestions??

    13.01.1977 Nambour Australia 9.15am

  • Hi Captain,

    Thank you so much! I have been feeling that I have no career, no skills and wondering where Im going. I have been considering doing a counselling course for a while but finances and babies have restricted me but I'll get there. My hubby says I should do it, as total strangers are always confiding in me, be it Tescos or where ever! Late Bloomer? I hope so. I feel to be a counsellor, you need to have some life experience and maturity, so everything is as it should be, Im 39 so maybe my career will take off when Im 40. I have started a spiritual medication group and its fascinating. A lovely caring group of people interested in the same things as me. I have a pain in my stomach to emmigrate so freedom to travel is important to me. When I was 17 I wanted to be a nurse but thought I was too emotional to handle sick children. Dont think I could detach in the evening if I had witness the lose of a child etc.

    Ive had a tough childhood and the last few years have been challenging, but I now understand that this was for a purpose, to enable me to empathise with others and have total understanding that only comes from enduring the same hurt.

    I look forward to turning 40 in a few weeks!! and hopefully a new career.

    Thank you for offering this reading, you have helped me put my focus to the future with optimism

    Kind Regards


  • Hiprincess, you are naturally professional and quite competent - the key to your success will be in your ability to control your tendency to worry or to obsess, which can lead you down some wrong paths as you search from relief from career and other anxieties. A balanced healthy diet and a regular program of physical exercise or training in sport or some outdoor activity will help you build a positive self-image and get you out of your own head in a positive way. Seek out peaceful harmonious environments as well as relaxing music. You must protect your nervous system, which is inordinately vulnerable to stress, because of your acute sensitivity. Depression is the result of long periods of stress that have gone unrelieved. You are likely to have the relatively rare opportunity to expand your awareness in a sudden, even shocking epiphany or moment of breakthrough at some point in your life that will reorient your perspective. Once your spirituality is awakened and enhanced through studying metaphysics, it is unlikely it will be ignored.

    Your mission then will be to communicate your newfound consciousness to others. Your natural gift of persuasion, compounded by an innate likeability and charm, will aid this process. You may also work with others to help them give up substance abuse that can keep them from being fully present in life. Using symbolism such as a story or an image will help you share your message by tapping into a more primal level in others. People like you therefore are often found in the arts such as theatre, film, poetry and music. Maintain your sense of humour however and don't take yourself so seriously that you think you are the only one with all the answers. Root out stubborn power drives and ego trips in yourself and others. Being such an attractive powerful person, you will naturally draw many partners over the course of your lifetime.

    You have an intuitive sense of fairness and the ability to teach others the subtleties of developing balance and harmony in their lives. You would make an excellent lawyer or judge (or anything in the justice-seeking professions), or a counsellor, diplomat, peacemaker, marriage advisor, or business consultant with your ability to see both sides of a situation. By virtue of your creativity and presence, you have within you the potential of the inventor, the artist, the prophet, the athlete, the entertainer, and the leader. People like you are called to rise above personal interests to work for the good of your fellow men in some way. You have a potential to be a source and inspiration for others. You possess an inordinate amount of energy and intuition. There is so much going on in your psyche that you are often misunderstood early which makes you shy and withdrawn. You have more potential than you know.

    You galvanize every situation you enter. You inspire people, but without conscious effort. Energy seems to flow through you without your control. This gives you both power, and sometimes emotional turmoil. There seems to be a bridge, or connection, between your conscious and unconscious realms, that attunes you to a high level of intuition through which even psychic information can flow. Because you are so highly charged, you experience the consequences of a two-edged sword. You possess great abilities, but indulge in much self-reflection and self-criticism. You often feel highly self-conscious. You are aware on some level that you stand out. Even when you try to blend in with your environment, you often feel conspicuous, alien and out of place. You are blessed with a message or a specific role to play in life but you must develop yourself sufficiently to take full advantage of that opportunity. Until that time, your inner development takes precedence over your ability to materialize the great undertaking you were chosen to perform. Consequently, you seem to develop slowly and your real success does not usually begin until maturity, between the ages of 35 and 45, when you have progressed further along your path. You may be frustrated, largely because you have extremely high expectations of yourself. But these expectations can be unrealistic and can prevent you from accomplishing anything. You can be very impractical, envisioning a skyscraper when only a bungalow is required. You may also suffer from bouts of confusion and a lack of direction. This gives rise to loss of confidence, and the onset of deep depression. The cause of these emotional problems is your lack of understanding of your own sensitivity and potential. You have strong ambition and desire to achieve something great. However, lack of confidence in your ability to realize this dream may cause you much frustration. You sense the enormous potential you possess, which requires equally enormous confidence in your ability to materialize your dream. Confidence is the key that unlocks your potential.

    In 2010 you are in the best year of your nine year cycle to make great strides in your career, study or business so make sure you go for it.

    Other career suggestions - acting, dancing, writing, interior/graphic/fashion design, beauty therapist, teacher, sailor, fisherwoman, swimmer, social worker, doctor/nurse, psychic/mystic/clairvoyant, manager, computer analyst, engineer, architect, broker, and sales person.

  • Thanks Captain - so clearly admin is not my forte ๐Ÿ™‚ A lot of the career paths I have thought about over the years but for one reason or another not done it.... But will look into myself a bit more and find out what exactly I am wanting to do...

  • Hi Captain,

    Thank you for the suggestions. I work in research now and I like my job but would like to advance and sometimes wish for something a little more creative. I have always wanted to be a forensic investigator but I think this option has passed me by.

    โ€œYou can learn to release any anxiety or negativity you may have by getting rid of everything in your life that has outlived its usefulness and no longer serves you - crushing responsibility, the past, pride, grudges or hurts, bad habits or attitudes, people, and material things.โ€

    This is something I am working on. I donโ€™t know why I try to hold onto things once I know I have no use for it. It is a bad habit. I think right now I am going through a major transition and this is lifeโ€™s way of telling me to let it all go.

    Thank you and blessings,


  • Hi, thanks in advance for this opportunity =]

    Im really a bit clueless now as to my career direction.. Iv been excluded from uni (was studying arts/english/teaching) for this year because i failed some subjects, so now im looking for more work; i work casually as a bartender at a couple of stadiums.. ultimately id like to work in media/journalism; i write for a music website which is only voluntary, and i am also a musician.. i also enjoy cooking..

    im really struggling with finding a more permanent stable job right now, and am really feeling the heat from my mum and brother as to why theres not enough income coming in..

    i know eventually i wanna go back to studies somtime next year, but not sure exactly what to do..

    any guidance would be much appreciated, thanks so much!

    im 19/10/1986 born in suva fiji 10.40am

  • TheCaptain,

    My birthday is December 18, 1984 and i was born in Panama City, Panama at 8:30am. What would be my career suggestions? Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Actually i just verified that i was born at 8:15am instead if that makes a difference. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • KevinSunil, in this lifetime you must not allow yourself to be sidetracked by emotional or interpersonal issues. Your powerful mind borders on genius and you have the ability to be able to master any idea, task or quest for discovery you undertake. This ability allows you to break the mold, rise to new heights, and bring your discoveries to the world. However you must guard against an inclination to preach rather than teach, or to bring others to your cause through criticism or browbeating. Also, you may possess a rather dangerous sense of your own infallibility that will bear watching and a tendency to love a challenge more than you love the result or discovery itself. Still, if you continue to nurture your love of learning and set aside your rather large ego in the interest of pursuing a worthier goal or idea, you can bring a rare sense of adventure to your life's journey and will serve as a role model to others by engaging your insightfulness and perceptiveness as you explore your chosen field.

    You are here to undergo a voyage of exploration and discovery, to follow your curiosity to reveal new knowledge and understanding to others. But to do this, you must learn to relate more intimately to people and release the need to do everything yourself. You were born with pioneering and leadership abilities that, when combined with your great breadth of vision, your quiet brand of intellectualism and your idealism, can result in some signficant discoveries. But this path is not the path of a maverick, but of someone who works with others to accomplish an often lofty mission. You will enjoy your excellent talent for thinking strategically and your flamboyant and dramatic flair when it comes time for you to share your discoveries with others. A scientific invention, an insight into or way of viewing life, a medical breakthrough or innovation are all ways you might contribute to the world, even if you must sacrifice your own needs - home, family, even fame and wealth - to answer your calling. Such self-sacrificing tendencies must be kept in check, however. It is through collaboration with others that you will make your greatest advances. Often you will experience an epiphany and suddenly go out on your own or start a new venture or form your own organization. But you must take others with you on your journey - whether on an expedition of exploration, engaging in collaborative efforts in dance or theatre, working in a laboratory with co-workers, or being involved with a muse as you create, you will not be alone, no matter how much you may wish to be. Though you lead, you must roll up your sleeves and work shoulder to shoulder with others. You will become adept at bringing out the best in people, even becoming very protective of those under your wing. Every captain needs a loyal crew when casting off for unknown shores. You will also need a partner of like mind who will understand why you devote so many long hours to your work.

    You are here to learn to stand on your own feet and have the courage of your convictions, to function independently within your family, society and relationships in general. You mustn't let others dominate your life or tell you how to be or what to do. In this life you are learning how to build your own identity and you will be richly rewarded for your independence of thought. Many self-made millionaires share your profile and engage in philanthropy by sharing their wealth and influence with humanitarian causes. You need to be able to do your thing according to your own impulses, without being limited by uninformed input from others. You need a profession that allows you to follow your own instincts, some career that requires initiative and independent action such as that of a surgeon, technician, inventor, writer, or entrepreneur, for example. In return, you will teach your fellow beings how to achieve fairness, harmony and balance in their lives. With your innate diplomacy, you could be very successful as a politician, or lawyer, judge or anyone in the judicial system. Your skill as a diplomat might see new breakthroughs in interpersonal relations between people or countries. You would also make a good counsellor or advisor of any kind with your ability to see both sides and points of view of an issue.

    Other career suggestions: Film producer, actor/performer, police officer, stockbroker, president, school principal, CEO, financial planner, software business owner, architect/builder, creative director, storekeeper, banker, mountaineering or rock-climbing instructor, accountant, antique dealer, scientist, musician, valuer, engineer, farmer, chemist, advertising agent, office manager, travel agent, artist, pilot, chef.

  • Sagibaby, I think I have told you before you are a born psychologist. Your deep understanding of the human condition would make you an excellent counsellor or advisor to those who have been abused or mistreated. You could use your charm and resourcefulness to fight for the underdog or disadvantaged through politics or the justice system. Once you recapture your child-like trust in life and other people, you would work well with children or young teens either through teaching, caring for, or advising them. Your love of all that is pure or natural could see you in a career as an alternative healer like a naturopath or homeopath, etc , running a health food store, dietician, or anyone concerned with health matters like a masseur or therapist. You have talents in finances and building. Any field that emphasizes appreciation of the physical aspects of life would be suitable for you - farming, construction, engineering, cooking, or teaching physical education or fitness training. But you need freedom in what you do - managing your own project or company or working for an organization where you can feel autonomous is good.

    Other career suggestions: administrator, director, manager, athlete, entrepreneur, broadcaster, writer (esepcially screenplays), musician, stand-up comedian, lawyer, researcher, race car driver, preacher, public relations or human resources officer, sports or entertainment professional, salesperson, entrepreneur, publisher, motivational speaker, designer/creative department, professor, travel guide, outdoor worker, freelance anything, martial artist, actor or producer.

  • I was born on 7/9/1991 00.35 am Split ,Croatia.what do you suggest ๐Ÿ™‚

    tnx.:)I know I have MC in pieces with neptun in 7,and 4 planets in 3 .maybe something with books,tv,radio?

  • Nency, you must make a commitment to your unusual thinking and way of doing things. You are highly observant and a unique talent for seeing things in a different way, and your opinions and insights are always original, even brilliant. But you have a tendency to keep your quirkier side to yourself for fear of being thought of as strange. If you can make a firm commitment to doing things your way, you can reach the heights of career success. You must apply your considerable determination, as well as some patience, to remain true to yourself if you are to ultimately achieve the recognition you crave. You are a somewhat conservative, old-fashioned type who may lack in self-confidence but, as much as you would like to keep your thoughts to yourself, you must risk showing the world who you are and what you think and not be ashamed of your own eccentricity. Then you can turn what you see as a liability - your unconventionality - into a career asset. You have an attraction to all that is unusual and bizarre and, though you can do quite well plodding along in any typical job, it will be far more satisfying for you if you risk being different. When your unusual idea starts to take off, you will have the talent and financial acument to ensure it turns a profit.

    You will probably suffer some rejection especially at the start of your career but you must use that dogged determination to realise your dreams of traditional success. Even in the face of early difficulties, you must persist against long odds. But be careful not to focus on your ambitions so closely that you become unaware of the people around you - you may become inconsiderate of their rights in your quest for success. Don't let pride or an overly strong attachment to doing things your way turn your personality too rigid. Make sure your methods are always moral and ethical.

    You can understand anything and teach it. Many fields, such as acting, teaching, bodywork, writing, or business to name but a few, can use your charisma, high standards and expressive energy. Your innate but often hidden wisdom will lead you, despite your issues of emotional honesty and self-doubt, into making a good living. You can bring fresh insights, perspectives and information into the world. As a natural healer, the medical or psychotherapy professions would be very suitable. Your emotional sensitivity would make you a wonderful counsellor or advisor as long as you remained objective towards your patients and didn't get dragged into their problems. Wherever you work, you will want to feel safe and secure in your environment. Once you develop your self-confidence, you would excel at being the boss, so management, public speaking, politics, and entrepreneurship are good choices for you. You have finely honed instincts for empathy and, as a manager, would show goodwill and enthusiasm towards your employees. Goal-oriented professions or positions which enable you to use your sensitivity to lovingly organize others to work towards a specific goal are the best for you.

    Other career suggestions - nursing, social work, gardening, child care, bond trader, banker, stock portfolio manager, human resources officer, gynaecology, antiques or museum director, chef, journalist, hospitality worker, lawyer, CEO, florist, interior designer, daycare worker, pediatrician, editor, hair stylist, illustrator, musician, and art history teacher.

  • Hi Captain,

    Been a while since I bothered you...but I would appreciate if you can give me some suggestions as for my career.

    Birthdate: 18 -11-1967

    Thanks in advance

  • What is important for me to know...if you can tell me... what direction to take in the coming months.

  • late evening between 9 and 11... im not sure dont remember specific time and in everett, wa.... you should know this by now lol 7/21/1990.... thank you!

  • thank you very much :)))

  • Flowsco, you were born with pioneering and leadership abilities that, when combined with your great breadth of vision and idealism, can result in some significant discoveries, both inside yourself and out in the world. You are not here to be a maverick however but to work with others to achieve a common goal. Possessing a quiet brand of intellectualism, diplomacy, and a subtly nuanced mode of thought, you will always seek to bring something of value to others. Your flair for the dramatic and excellent ability to think strategically can be used to accomplish a lofty mission - to give something of benefit to the world, for example, a scientific invention, a medical breakthrough, an insight into or new way of viewing life, designing a new dance or piece of clothing, or an incredible innovation in some area of life - and this so compels you that you may sacrifice your own needs in order to answer your calling. Thus, you need a like-minded mate who will understand your devotion to your work and the long hours you put into it.

    Expanding your horizons and forging into uncharted territory will not come easily. Not as adventurous as some, you can nevertheless experience incredible achievement, especially when you set aside your more selfish or egotistical inclinations and use your considerable charisma to inspire others. But resorting to charm or manipulation will not advance your soul's growth. Complacency can be your stumbling block but you can go far, using your talent for organization, your efficiency, and sensitivity to other's needs.

    Your social talents are infused with a rare and dynamic idealism. But you must resist the urge to skip steps or retreat into complete solitude as your nature tends to prefer. You do need to be able to do your thing according to your own impulses without being limited by the input of others. You are the pioneer, after all. You need a profession that allows you the freedom to follow your own gut instincts and one that requires initiative and independent action such as that of a surgeon, lab technician, executive secretary, or entrepreneur for example. You will find fulfillment exploring the depths of the human psyche or other inner worlds so the professions of counselling, psychiatry, and psychology would suit as would working within healing, financial and rehabilitive institutions of all kinds such as mortgage companies, research or other investigative agencies (you do like finding out hidden secrets and mysteries and would make a great detective, explorer, archeologist, or PI). Metaphysical interests and practices will draw you - many like you blend their practicality and mysticism through a spiritual business, whether associated with a particular religion or, for example, selling books or teaching seminars devoted to themes of religion, spirituality or personal growth. Your negotiating talents would make you an excellent politician, mediator, human resources or public relations officer or any job where tact, fairness, and diplomacy are vital.

    Whether or not you work in holistic business enterprises, you are here to bridge two worlds. You feel safer in the realm of the mind because of your exceptional analytical abilities, but you also have powerful emotions. You have strong creative and expressive potential and you can excel in a variety of fields, including martial arts, acting or producing, business, and creative writing, especially screenplays, due to your good structural sense. You do well as long as you trust yourself, but stay open to feedback and take any project step-by-step. Self-doubt can see you settle for an occupation that doesn't make good use of your skills and you end up doing 'a little bit of this, a little bit of that'. Watch your finances too as you may have compulsive and impulsive spending patterns that can lead you to behave frivolously with what you earn.

    Other career suggestions - Courtroom lawyer, real estate mogul, bodyworker, investment banker, tax attorney, mortician, journalist, musician, analyst, criminologist, doctor, hypnotist, insurance agent, scientist, florist, interior designer, daycare teacher, pediatrician, actor, editor, hair stylist, illustrator, art history teacher, futurist, salesperson, pop star, coach, astronomer, psychic healer, talk show host, computer programmer, inventor, physicist, technologist, electronic engineer, social/charity worker, electrician, travelling the world as an ecological consultant, astronaut, radiographer, cognitive therapy worker.

    Up until your birthday this year, Flowsco, you are in a 4 personal cycle. Your thoughts and energy need to be directed to career opportunities, business, work, and security now. This is a time to build a foundation, make important connections, keep your nose to the grindstone, and save your money. Expansion will be slow but positive. Try not to feel too restricted. This is an opportunity to consolidate and retrench, as your life will become very active and expansive after your birthday. Build firm friendships and strive toward balance in family relationships. This is a good time for engagement and marriage, to follow a routine, pay off debts, start a diet, or quit smoking. In other words, you are well advised to get your house in order in terms of relationships, body, mind, and spirit. It is possible that long awaited opportunities will come your way before the end of this year.

    After your birthday, you move into a 5 personal cycle. This can be a time of upheaval in your life and it is possible that more than one crisis will unfold for you. But always remember that the Chinese alphabet characters for crisis are actually change + opportunity. Not all change needs to bring distress, and it is also just as likely that there may be very pleasant surprises and opportunities in store for you at this time. To reap the benefit of these opportunities, you will need to remain positive and optimistic in your outlook. This is a time of freedom and expansiveness, and it is possible that you will find yourself driven by a desire to break free from your usual routine, delve into unknown areas, and reconstruct your life in a way that feels more authentic to you. This is a time for taking action, expressing yourself (particularly through writing, as 5 is the number of the scribe), and finding new people, new places and new situations.

  • Barbara2107, you will do well in this life as long as you do not allow others to convince you that it is somehow inappropriate to want what you want, to feel what you feel, or to take the risks necessary to get where you want to go. Your life will be characterized by a marked tendency towards 'political correctness' until you break away from that type of thinking. Hopefully, you found early encouragement of your talents and abilities, but more important will be developing the intuition to know when it's time to move on. If you can cultivate a better sense of timing and use your considerable intellect to embrace your more radical inclinations without fear of rejection or reprisal, you will find fulfillment and success. You have the simple moral courage to do whatever you have to do to achieve a truly authentic life so don't get bogged down in mood swings or a need to be popular. Do what you know you must do to be happy in YOUR own way. You need not be limited by other people's thinking or fears. Be true to yourself.

    The lure of the unusual or exotic is strong in you so any profession involving travel and its broadening effect on your perspective is encouraged. Rather than learning from established educational insitutions, you will learn the most valuable lessons through life experience. The best education for you is learning through trial and error. Destiny will be your most important teacher and it may see you let go from a job or relationship and launched into unknown waters until you resolve to live an authentic life by being yourself and doing what you want to do. Find the courage to leave the safety of what you know and strike out on your own. You came into this life with a fear of change and are inclined to cling to the rules, traditions and people you grew up with but it is only by finding personal freedom through being yourself that you will find happiness. You were probably a bit of an oddball or outcast when you were a kid, and you yearned to be part of a group or club. You may spend all your time now trying to fit in, until you realise you are only trying to impress shadows from the past, and that in truth you are a loner. Thus, you may exhibit a passion for helping those who are lonely or abused or less fortunate.

    Once you break free mentally and emotionally, if not physically, from societal norms, you can make substantial creative contributions to any field. But, as a radical thinker, you must take care when presenting your ideas to the world. Thorough preparation and solid presentation are essential, since being ill-prepared can knock you off your feet and you can become frustrated or depressed. Though you have the capacity to be an authority figure or leader, this life for you is all about the freedom to follow your own impulses. Guard against taking on too much responsiblity or authority but also don't stray so far outside society's rules that you become reckless or distracted. Though you like to be well thought of by your colleagues, you usually will do best when self-employed or working in an independent capacity, staying out of the pack in order to keep your thought processes and methods untainted by outside influences. A healthy balance of freedom and responsibility is the key for you. Fulfilling set requirements, domestic or professional, on a daily basis while leaving large blocks of time for yourself to recharge your batteries will keep you on an even keel. It is not human contact that you are interested in so much as a given field of study, whether it be scientific, technological, artistic or economic. In fact, it may be many years before you settle down long enough to devote yourself to one field - so strong is your soul's need to find freedom. You would excel as a travelling salesman, travel agent, pilot, or flight attendant.

    You can be effective in groups, as you can see how to promote open, harmonious cooperation and are capable of doing what's best for the whole. You can be very successful furthering idealistic causes or humanitarian goals in which you believe. You are good in positions that require objectivity such as a scientist, astrologer, electrician, technician, computer expert or any profession where your ability to see the future and bring it into the present is an asset, such as bringing innovative ideas to the public. Broadcast work in radio or TV is another field where you can display innate talents. Applying your creative energy properly, you can produce positive results and you have the enthusiasm, passion, and determination to get any job done and to see things through to completion.

    Whatever you do, you are better off and will find greater satisfaction in fields where you can use your skills to further important universal causes, rather than a career where the spotlight is on you. Your inventive mind and sense of fair play can see you trying to right the injustice in the world through the legal system. A natural networker, you are here to serve the good of the community and to inspire others, whether through art, invention, or communication.

    You are drawn to contemplation, meditation and esoteric sciences (such as kaballah, yoga, alchemy, astrology and metaphysics in general). Your avant-garde and visionary mind makes you a great student, psychic/mystic, healer, teacher, writer, musician, or artist. You can be somewhat of a chameleon when it comes to your work. You may try on careers the same way others try on clothes. The odd thing is that as a "quick study", you are usually successful at whatever you do. You may even have two careers at once, often antithetical to each other - such as working as the manager of a bank by day, and then moonlighting as a Tarot Reader at night. However, you probably best utilize your life's purpose by becoming a teacher or counsellor. You are a very skilled healer at the subconscious level and others are often healed by your touching and insightful words.

    Other career suggestions - publicist, sales representative, journalist, language instructor, translator, bartender, performer, tour operator, librarian.

  • well i wish i could be a singer but thats a dream, and i write poetry on a daily basis, i was thinking of a travel job like a flight attendent...and astrology seems very intreuging and i would love to learn how... ive always loved school and used to want to be a teacher... I was also in vet school but dropped out because i got pregnant, i have no idea what i want to do there is such little time to do all the things i want to do so yes it is like trying on clothes for me lol, it seems that i cannot ever finish what i start though, i can but only if im truly determined....

    Multiple jobs, heck multiple personalities -because life is too short to just be one thing ๐Ÿ™‚

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