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  • captain what do you see me doing ? june 2,1972 ive been at a job for 12 years and would like to change.

  • KaleyC, you are very service-oriented and would do best in a career where you can serve and support others. Any profession where attention to detail, discipline and patience, precision and dedication are concerned is for you. Although you crave the security of prosperity, you need to get beyond that to overcome your reluctance to be creative with or without earning a lot of money. You are rational and intelligent so shake off any wrong values about chasing financial rainbows that you may have picked up from the family and society. Your creativity and your ability to communicate are two of your greatest strengths, not impractical self-indulgent ideas, so put them before any income issues if you want to be really happy and satisfied in your working life. Travelling first class will not mean nearly as much to you as using your creative ability to uplift and inspire others. Do what you're passionate about and the money will follow. You are a natural leader with the important qualities of authority, sensitivity, and problem-solving ability.

    Suggested careers: artist, inventor, innovator, fine arts,fisherman, weaver, butler/housekeeper/professional housecleaner, farmer, wine producer, craftsperson, tailor/seamstress, shoemaker, builder/bricklayer, chemist, charity worker, architect, surgeon, nurse, messenger/deliverer, aircraft controller, chef, gardener, scientist, teacher/tutor, minister, loan officer, financial advisor, accountant, bookkeeper, office controller or project manager, computer analyst, lawyer, engineer, broker, salesperson, waiter, restaurant manager, journalist, critic, editor, researcher, auditor, veterinarian, biologist, accountant, social worker, systems designer, holistic healer, nutritionist, statistician, archivist, investigator, translator.

  • Hi Captain, I was born November 2, 1978 in Owensboro, Kentucky.


  • 13 AUG '92

  • Oh, and at 12:15 pm.

  • Cassandra2, you have a fertile imagination and visonary ability but you tend to be a bit of a dreamer and need more grounding. Fields as diverse as accounting to the military to the arts will help you develop the mental discipline and pragmatism you need to be successful. You are the artist, philosopher, and poet of the world and you are gifted with great drive and persistence but you must learn the art of making things happen. This particular lifepath often calls for you to master a craft, whether in a creative, commercial or other endeavour. You are blessed with a fine sense of detail, investigative talents, and unequaled powers of concentration but can be thin-skinned when it comes to criticism. Your strong need for material security will influence your career choices but you must not be afraid to put your creative inspirations on the market. You must go out into the world and be of service to others in order to find real fulfillment. You are extremely intelligent, able to grasp new subjects with ease. You’re also capable of multi-tasking - however you don’t always finish what you start because you’re forever chasing the next opportunity. You are honest, friendly and open-minded.

    Suggested careers: inventor, athlete, networker, artist, lawyer, counsellor, an adviser of all kinds, any sort of justice fighter or law/peace keeper, negotiator, detective, private investigator, secret agent, publicist, sales representative, journalist, language instructor, translator, bartender, musician/performer, tour operator, librarian, pilot, real estate mogul, bodyworker, psychologist, investment banker, psychic, tax attorney, mortician, analyst, criminologist, doctor, hypnotist, insurance agent, lab technician, psychiatrist, researcher, scientist.

  • sorry captain i didnt give you my born time or place so here it is if you dont mind doing it for me 9.52am in wynne arkansas on june 2, 1972 thank you kathy

  • Lightwhisper, commitment can be a problem in any area of your life. You may have a fear of being pigeonholed and like to stay free and unattached from conventional roles. Part of you always remains childlike. You are a natural healer of emotions and highly sensitive/psychic and empathic, so work in the healing arts will suit. Avoid self-pity, aggression, and depression, and do not become too emotionally involved with your work. You have natural artistic and creative abilities for the arts but also function well in the business world. You have difficulty letting go of what is familiar, but clinging to the old and outworn becomes stagnation for you. Selfishness or self-centredness can be a big stumbling block so don't let it become a barrier to helping others.

    Suggested careers: counsellor, psychiatrist/psychologist, therapist, dancer, actor, writer, poet, artist, accountant, banker, scientist, engineer, stock market trader, air traffic controller, dealer, film director, jeweller, sales representative, teacher, architect, illustrator, politician, school principal, professor, publicist, resort manager, spokesperson, stockbroker, TV anchor/talk show host, manager/CEO, psychic, lawyer, religious leader, advertising executive, interior decorator, event planner, human rights advocate, children’s author, orator/public speaker, motivational trainer, owner of a creative empire, fashion designer, game developer, animal trainer, athlete.

  • Kathy72, you need to curb your natural excitability and somewhat abrasive streak in order to become more effective and cultivate a greater calm and patience. You will reap rewards if you give up a measure of the freedom you so prize in order to serve others. Blessed with many gifts, you can fall into a depressive state if not careful to control your mood swings. You have a love of innovation and a talent for predicting what trends, fashions, new products, forms of entertainment or scientific breakthroughs will rise to the forefront of public culture. You instinctively sense what will be of interest to others and can be a real mover and shaker in many professions. You would excel at being the boss in any managerial, public speaking, political or entrepreneurial role. Goal-oriented positions that enable you to use your sensitivity to lovingly organise others to work towards a specific target are well suited ror you. You will be drawn to professions that pay well.

    Suggested careers: decorative designer, painter, outdoors guide, ranger, gardener, landscaper, dancer/actor/artist, high-tech or computer work, etiquette or good behaviour teacher, any type of communicative or media career - journalist, fiction writer, radio announcer, DJ, etc., consultant, web developer or developer, entrepreneur, makeup artist, hairstylist, editor, project manager, film director, yoga teacher, interpreter, stand-up comedian, day trader, diplomat, photographer, preacher, lawyer, travel agent, administrator, broadcaster, musician, race car driver, public relations, bus driver, cab driver, chauffeur, craftsperson, fundraiser, lecturer, light manual worker (carpentry, carpet laying, etc.), mail carrier or messenger, pilot, receptionist, salesperson/shop assistant, talent scout, teacher (further education or university), telephone operator.

  • Hi Captain.

    What a good thing you're doing. I'm born on 24 May 1985, 10:35 a.m. GMT + 2, Chisinau, Moldova.

    Right now I'm an accountant and going crazy. I need to change my career in a completely new direction. If you could please give some suggestions?


  • Hi captain, born 3 Jan 1968 Johannesburg, South Africa at 12pm. I am thinking of changing direction, currently a "paper pusher" with an eye for detail. I manage and negotiate contracts.

    Thanks for the kind offer.

  • Hello Captain! I'd like to ask your advice about choosing right profession for my son. He was born April, 17, 1996 at 0:08 am in Moscow, Russia. Thanks in advance!

  • Can anyone who posted while I was away on holidays please repost your request if you are still around and wanting a reply?

  • I do, I do! 24/05/1985 born 10. 35 a.m. GMT + 2 Chisinau, Moldova. I'm really struggling which way to go, and don't know what I want to do. Thanks Captain!

  • And for me please))) I'd like to ask your advice about choosing right profession for my son. He was born April, 17, 1996 at 0:08 am in Moscow, Russia. Thanks in advance!

  • Lanaav, anything concerned with natural beauty or physical activity (the arts, fashion, dance, athletics, massage, beauty therapy, etc.) are all good for you because of your strong sense of sensuality, aesthetics, discernment, and grace. You could study the Chinese art of placement, Feng Shui, as you have a natural talent there. You have an instinctive empathic feel for when things aren't right or balanced in your environment so interior or fashion design could be your calling. Also you have a good grasp of distance and measurement which could express as a talent for architecture or landscape design. Other suitable professions include farming, working with animals or nature, engineering, cooking, teaching physical education or being a fitness instructor. You also have a talent for handling money (other people's that is - with your own, you can be a bit frivolous) and material security so any positions within financial or building and construction industries would suit. You do best when allowed to do your own thing so managing your own project or business, or working for a company where you have a lot of autonomy is good. Metaphysics, martial arts, acting or producing, business, and creative writing especially screenplays are all areas where you would excel.

    Whatever you do, you will need to gain more objectivity because you sometimes have a rather tempestuous and impulsive approach to problems and life. You also tend to worry too much. Stop worrying so much about being in control. Let go and let life and people flow around you without thinking you have to direct and determine everything. You need to trust that the Universe has a plan for you and is looking after you. It scares you to let nature take its course but you must come to respect nature and allow it to guide your life, a life which has its own particular destiny, much of which will demand privacy, intimacy and seclusion.

    Other careers - performer, researcher, media careers or careers that involve communication such as diplomat/photographer/preacher/teacher/journalist/lawyer, salesperson, technical support worker, customer service representative, market research executive, public relations officer, public or motivational speaker, painter, carpenter, archeologist, horticulturist, mechanic, draftsman, stockbroker, real estate agent, army officer.

  • Monetadmirer, your son is a born pioneer and leader - his drive to learn and explore will be strong in his life. His courage and energy would make him a fine social worker or social commentator as he learns empathy and compassion by putting himself in other people's shoes. But he will have to practise moderation or restraint in his sometimes forceful or drastic views and recommendations. He will want what's best for all people and will have a keen sense of justice and understanding of social issues. As long as a need for personal recognition does not get in his way, he will excel in the media and communications and as a cutting edge social reformer. Humanitarian or service activities are his calling in life. He may be confronted by some loss or suffering in his life that will teach him to relate more to those less fortunate than himself. Money will be his greatest challenge and issue - though he may initially see it as a big drawcard for his career, he will find most satisfaction doing a job for the love of it and its helpfulness to mankind, rather than the paypacket. He must learn that the size of his earnings does not reflect his net worth as a person. Any greed or dishonesty will be his downfall.

    Other careers - counsellor, diplomat, peacemaker, fields involving beauty or art, entertainer, speaker, the law professions eg. policeman or lawyer or judge, rescue worker (fireman, paramedic etc.), soldier, musician, artist, poet, dancer, photographer, designer, teacher, healer - doctor/nurse/therapist, administrator, director/manager/boss/team leader, entrepreneur, broadcaster, writer, stand-up comedian, race car driver, pilot, advertising executive, public relations officer, mechanic, stockbroker.

  • My partner is having a hard time finding something that suits him, something he would be happy doing his date of birth is April 26, 1979.. Thanks in Advance, he will really appreciate this!!

  • Captain thanks once again for all the great services you give to us.

    February 19th, 1994 Memphis, TN 11:14 AM

  • Grduck, your partner has a fine combination of deep emotion and practical talent that will serve him well in the right career. Overcoming his resistance to change however may be one of his biggest stumbling blocks. He can be too passive at times and will have to work hard to develop enough determination and detachment to be effective. Avoiding negative patterns of thought like self-pity, escapism and fatalism, and releasing old grudges will enhance his focus on advancement. He is creative, imaginative and secretly romantic, gifted with great discerning taste especially in music. Matters of a technical nature and puzzles will have a fascination for him - he can be an excellent problem solver if he maintains his objectivity and he can become adept at synthesizing large amounts of information, creating order out of chaos, and logistical planning. Many people like your partner have leadership potential and end up starring in academia or business roles, quietly puzzling through their theories and creating more efficient work environments to benefit everyone. In order to communicate his findings and plans to others however, he will have to improve his verbal and writing skills. Developing a craftsmanlike approach to work will help. While not all people like your partner end up in positions of authority, they can guide others with their powerful minds and creative ideas as counsellors and advisors, inventors, fine arts directors, entrepreneurs, empire builders, innovators, politicians, heads of state or of small businesses, even preachers. Anything in the healing professions - doctor, dentist, nurse or nurse's aide, pediatrician - would be good because he could apply his healing ability while being of service in a practical way. Psychologist, dietician, accountant, organizer, and craftsperson are also good choices. When he applies himself, he can accomplish a task in an hour that may take another person five. Best tip (for anyone) is for him to follow his passion.

    Other careers - Banker, manager, real estate agent, singer, photographer, farmer, gardener/horticulturist, filmmaker, interior designer, dancer, musician, art dealer, tailor, clothing designer, caterer, restaurant owner, receptionist, public speaker, florist, daycare teacher, art history teacher, actor, editor, hair stylist, illustrator.

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