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  • Samandy, you are energetic and empathic and do best in jobs that are challenging, competitive, and entrepreneurial. You tend to work too much, however, rarely allowing yourself enough time to relax. You are very ambitious and work hard to achieve money and recognition but can have mixed feelings about both due to your idealism. Able, ethical and aware, your colleagues will marvel at your methodical approach, the quality of your work, your high standards, and your attention to detail. Yet you rarely feel like you're doing your best. You tend to dislike but are not phased by routines, probably because you are so well-organized. You are better suited for specialized positions and prefer to work in large companies where you can get a sense of safety and belonging. You do, however, produce your best work when you work alone.

    Suggested careers: soldier, police officer, rescue worker, advertising and public relations, promoter, management, interior designer, painter, carpenter, archeologist, horticulturist, mechanic, engineer, draftsman, banker, broker, real estate agent, sales, team leader, pilot, manager, osteopath, physioherapist, public speaking, politician.

  • Clairemurray, you are energetic, kindhearted, imaginative and protective. You have a continual need to be challenged which may explain why you tend to jump from job to job or prefer a profession where you can multi-task. You’re smart and able to quickly master new subjects. The best jobs are those that will lead you towards positions of leadership. You work well with money and are a fine communicator. You are a natural leader with the authority, creativity, and sensitivity to solve any problem.

    Suggested careers: psychic, inventor, lawyer, religious or spiritual leader, police officer, professor, social worker, child care, chef, housekeeper, public speaker, banking and finance, human resources professional, stockbroker, travel agent, psychology, teaching, nursing, government services, advertising agent, machine operation, transportation, the military, office manager, artist, pilot/flight attendant, musician, comedian, chauffeur, homebody, writer, publisher, politician.

  • Hopeternal, you need your own private office or space. You work well alone and enjoy projects that involve discovering and carrying out a vision where the work is done in seclusion. You like time for reflection, and are good at noticing pertinent details and analysing the significance of information. You have excellent practical skills which can bring a vision into reality but must confront issues of self-doubt and insecurity. You are spiritual, positive and ethical; you love to travel and learn new skills. You are quite calm, resilient, and non-aggressive and will avoid confrontation at all costs. You have really good communication skills and are best utilized in positions of management. Also you make a great teacher or PR person because you are so diplomatic and well-organized. You are stylish and classy and like artistic ventures, such as painting and music, due to your sense of beauty and your love of creativity.

    Suggested careers: research, librarian, computer work, monastery or nunnery worker, preacher, artist, craftsperson, performer, musician, promoter, writer/editor, speaking, fashion designing, debating, advising, marketing/public relations, hotel/recreation, IT, the military, travel writer, travel agent, teacher, healer - doctor/nurse/therapist/masseur/psychiatrist/ophthalmologist, administrator, philosopher, salesperson (with travel), lawyer.

  • Captain, thank you for the reading. It is kind and made me smile. I work in healthcare, but it is good to know I have other options, some I would not have thought of. You give much and you are really appreciated.:)

  • OOO Captain this is a good one im having toruble with this i always wanted to be 3 things 1Phyclogist cause i want to help people and ive always been fasinated with the minds of others 2 Messege Therapist on a cruise ship and this is just the party animal inside thinks this would be grat

    3Superhero and thats just becuase it would be awsome to really save lives with my own version of justice forget laws rulez get really into helping the whole world not just by race color places we live but yeah enough of that my bday is July 06 1988 2:09am thnks again

  • Khatie, you are detail-oriented with a passion for knowledge and meaning. Service-oriented careers that require accuracy and research are well suited to you. You have excellent communication skills and are adept at facilitating solutions at the office or place of work. You work extremely hard and are capable of handling the most complex projects. You can be obsessed with being perfect and have an innate sense of anticipating customer needs. A deep thinker, you are bound to analyze people carefully. You can handle responsibility and enjoy helping at work and can always be counted on. You like opportunities that allow you to express your creativity and can be a bit frivolous with your own money. You are honest and thoughtful and expect the same of other people - however you usually trust people before you truly know them. This, of course, can get you into trouble because you are often too unsuspecting for your own good.

    Suggested careers: social work, sales, editing/screenplay or creative writing, food preparation, waiter, restaurant manager, caterer, food critic, researcher, accountant, auditor, teacher, sales, philosopher, religious/spiritual leader, entertainer, doctor, veterinarian, interior decorator, student, dentist, metaphysics, martial arts, hotel management, department store personnel.

  • Llindieloo, independent, humane, innovative, unconventional and visionary are all adjectives that describe you. You are foresighted and your line of thinking can be many light years ahead of the rest of the world. However, sometime you can be so involved in futuristic thoughts and inventions that, like the proverbial absent-minded professor, you are out of touch with day-to-day affairs. You’re passionate in all you do and do things in grand fashion. Unfortunately, this passion and enthusiasm can leave you feeling exhausted and unfulfilled. Jobs that allow you to express your creativity and communicative ability are good choices. You have a humanitarian side and are always ready to espouse a good cause. You have unusual ideas which can help improve the productivity of the companies you work for in a big way, and your imagination can see new paths where others may run into brick walls. Sometimes others have a tough time understanding you. You should avoid jobs that encompass too much routine, and should move toward jobs in which self-reliance can be an asset. You make a solid leader, too, knowing instinctively what needs to be done to stay on top.

    Suggested careers: astronomy, astrology, radio or TV broadcaster, humanitarian causes, electrician, computers/electronics, photography, aviation, the military, engineering, mechanics, food preparation, facilities management, transportation, radiography, actor, writer, mimic, teacher, scientist, organic farmer, holistic healer, market researcher, photographer, animation, inventor, manager, computer analyst, lawyer, architect, broker, court reporter, trainer, musician, salesperson (with travel).

  • Siriuslupine, you work well alone and need some time for solitude and reflection. You are energetic, kindhearted, imaginative and protective - you work hard, but would rather give orders than receive them. You should avoid jobs that encompass too much routine, and should move toward jobs in which your self-reliance can be an asset. You prefer to live by your own rules and if left on your own, are usually successful. You’re driven, unafraid of challenges, and willing to take risks, passionate in all you do and you do things in grand fashion. You prefer leading to being led. Jobs that allow you to express your creativity are good choices. Your originality is the most impressive and outstanding of all your characteristics. You are quite imaginative and always able to see new paths where others may run into brick walls. You are very adaptable and are fit for various occupations.

    Suggested careers: research work, librarian, computers/technology, artist, craftsperson, performer, musician, promoter/agent, public relations, monastery or convent worker, counsellor or advisor, designer, speaker/debator, psychology, teaching, nursing, government services, legal services, advertising, higher education student, machine operation, transportation, the military, journalist/writer, politician, social worker, trader, stock market executive, human resource professional, housekeeper, chef, inventor, manager, lawyer, engineer, architect, salesperson (with travel), philosopher, psychoanalyst.

  • Amazing i didnt tell you about the being a philosopher that was the first thing i ever wanted really be and practiced on my own but i thought philosophers dont make money in todays world so i thought i coudnt do that

  • Dearest TheCaptain,

    I'm so happy you used your intuition in answering my career question! It was more reliable than the astrology/numerology parts. For twenty years, I worked with Special Needs children & adults, but ten years ago a medium said she saw me signing a book contract.

    This is a little out there as I have no idea what I would convey or anything about that world. I'm embarassed to say I burst out laughing when the medium said that. Did you suggest writing something just from seeing something written here? Or is there more to it??? Can you clarify your thought, please?

    Thank You!



  • Thank you so much Captain, yet again a wonderful in depth reading, you have given me lots to think about and consider....

    much love and joy to you.



  • Laie4, I felt you have a talent for putting all your accumulated life wisdom into a book about how we can love each other better.

  • This post is deleted!

  • New to the forums... I've been reading and finally decided to jump in..... Would love career suggestions.... 4 July 1958

  • Softshellcrab, trustworthiness and dependability make you a great leader. Grounded in reality, your sense of fairness enables you to be supportive of others. You have a high degree of intuition, and a deep understanding of the needs of others. You are seen as a valuable employee. You have strong creative and expressive potential and can excel in a variety of fields. You can be a bit frivolous with money with compulsive and impulsive spending patterns. Beware of self-doubt that might make you a dabbler in many things rather than devoting all your energy to excelling and finding success in one area. You are more productive when you work alone.

    Suggested careers: therapist, counselor, personal trainer, doctor, nurse, cosmetic surgeon, dietician, secretary, hairdresser, metaphysician, martial arts, acting or producing, creative writing especially screenplays, diplomat, peacemaker, police officer, scientist, interior designer, professor, politician, priest, clerk, judge, anything in the beauty and art professions, entertainer, public speaker, homemaker, working from home, child care, teaching. social work, gardening, human resources, bond trader, bank executive, CEO, stock portfolio manager, lawyer, chemist, chef, fishing, religious work, wine merchant, business studies, academia - history and literature.

  • Thank you, Captain. A few of the options you listed are under consideration. Now, I just need to decide which one I should pursue.

  • 24th August 1988, Captain ^^

    (I really don't want to change the way I'm doing, but it could be nice to confirm that im doing the right thing ;)... and also, inside medicine there is a lot of things to do, so there's still room to choose from)

  • HiddenDiamond, the profession of psychoanalyst or psychologist leaps to mind when I think of you. Anything to do with understanding and observing how people act or think - even detective - would suit you, I feel. Also, research of some kind would be good.

    Now let's see what the star recommend.

    You will need your own private office or space because you work well alone and enjoy projects that involve discovering and carrying out a vision where the work is done in seclusion, like research, library or computer work. You could be a fantastic artist, craftsman, performer or musician, bringing your private dream to others. You are good at working behind the scenes too and would be a great promoter. Even in a regular job, you need to allow ample time for solitude and reflection. You have excellent analytical skills and intuition and have an inherent need for a secure working foundation. Though you may feel confused when making your own decisions, you would be good at doing it for others. Service oriented, you will feel most satisfied when your work actively helps or supports others. Wherever persistence, strength, sensitivity, a highly retentive mind and attention to detail, and analytical abilities apply, you will excel. You have a knack for anticipating your clients' needs.

    Suggested careers (not already mentioned): care giver, social worker, counsellor, real estate adviser, doctor/nurse, sports or athletics psychologist, restaurant/spa/hotel worker, teacher, therapist, human resources director, accountant/bookeeper, biologist/botany, gardener, yoga teacher (elementary or high school), acupuncturist, nutritionist/dietician, office manager, veterinarian, systems designer, project manager, holistic healer, analyst (financial or other), architect, charity worker, consultant, dancer, dentist, designer, environmental organization worker, event organizer, inspector, institutional worker (particularly mental hospitals and prisons), lab technician, mathematician, tailor, secretary, statistician, and anything to do with communications - translator, editor, journalist/nonfiction writer (especially books on nutrition, medicine, and general health), critic.

  • Interesting... Science and Music were the areas that scored highest when I did my psychologic orientation tests, back in high school.

    Indeed, everything in the first two paragraphs, is something I enjoy. While being a psychanalist would be interesting, there's certainly a high unemployment rate in that area. Psychiatry, however, might be an option.

    I have always liked science since I'm a little kid, but after learning about the agressive environment of researchers(the ''trust no one and be best everyone else'' thing) does not feel very appealing to me, unless I had a very stable familiar and social environment, with good friends and a stable romantic partner. Then I might be able to have a more agressive approach toward my career.

    The artist/craftsman/performer/musician part, is defenitely there, and I do enjoy using my artistic side, and also playing classical guitar(I have played it since I'm 5 years old) however I use those things as some sort of way to relief me from pressure. Making them my ''work'', would make me stop enjoying them as much... just like I enjoy writing poems when I feel inspired... getting paid to write a poem until deadline X would defenitely be a major turn off for me, because I dont like forcing inspiration. When it comes it comes.

    And yes, I defenitely am a service-oriented person. I remember this online game, Maple Story, which I used to play. While I could make money, if I wanted to, easily, by buying things in the ''market'' and selling them more expensive than I bought them, I always despised people who did this, because it felt to me like they were stealing from others.

    I always preferred to hunt my own merchandise, and then sell them. Then I would feel like the money I obtained was earned through my own sweat, and not by stealing from others, because I was actually doing something good for the community.

    PS: I have been considering Anesthesy(always does a similar thing, which would make it less likely for me to fail once I had all the methods mechanized in my mind) as my first choice, and Psychiatry(Plenty of people I talk to have/have had psychiatric problems. Indeed, after having been a videogame addict myself, I feel an empathy toward people with similar conditions and would like to help them, because I know how bad it is... and I also know there are much worse things.) and General Medicine as second choices.

    Thanks captain 😄

  • Dear Captain,

    I left a job I could no longer stand to be in and am not sure what to do now. This could be the guidance I need!

    Aug 25, 1976. Melbourne, 13:28.

    Thank you.

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