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  • Debijo, you like professions that involve a certain risk. You like to investigate, being curious by nature. You are highly motivated and hard-working - you enjoy problem-solving and analysis. You have a powerful balance of independence, strength and sensitivity and need a stable, noise-free environment. you enjoy problem-solving and analysis. You are a person who is very interested in beautiful things like art, music, and attractive people.

    Suggested careers - police officer, actor, musician, dancer, accountant, banker/financial advisor, dentist, insurance agent, secretary, bookkeeper, the armed forces, sales rep, the arts, diplomat/mediator/negotiator, psychic, technology/electronics, scientist (also an interest in science-fiction), writer, inventor, engineer, TV presenter, PR officer, critic, model, academic, humanitarian.

  • Hello Captain, I sometimes wonder if there is something different I could do. My BD 09/21/59, 7:30pm, Williston,Florida,USA.

    Thank you for another kind offer 🙂

  • Moonalisa, you are competent and capable and can remain calm under pressure. You prefer work that is routine and take a methodological approach to your tasks, excelling in jobs that are specialized. You possess a keen eye for detail, organizational ability, and an admirable work ethic, and are more productive when allowed to work alone. You are articulate, strong-willed, resourceful, and have an excellent memory.

    Suggested careers: teaching, work in laboratories/scientific research, inventor, police officer, information services, hospital administrator, judge/lawyer, ambulance driver, government worker, statistician, soldier, editor, navigator, cook/chef, embroiderer/sewer, importer, interior designer, painter, carpenter, archeologist, genealogist, gardener/horticulturist, mechanic, engineer, draftsman, banker, broker, metaphysics, martial arts, acting, screenplay writing, and real estate agent.

  • Captain, can't believe I waltzed onto on a day when I am thoroughly fed up with my career to find your posting! My dob January 31, 1969, 9:26 am Oswego, NY, USA.

    Many, many thanks!

  • Stranger2, you need a profession requiring lots of change, variety, and movement. If you don't find this, you may make lots of job changes. You like to move, travel, write and you enjoy learning new things. You have a tendency to procrastinate, which must be overcome in order to avoid becoming lost in worry and negativity. An instinctive organizer, you may be drawn to public service careers. You are detail-oriented, a trait admired by management, and aren’t afraid to take on responsibility.

    Suggested careers: teaching, writing, politician, trainer, court reporter, sales work that involves travel and working with a variety of people, nurturer/houseperson/housekeeper, actor/musician/entertainer, caterer, doctor, veterinarian, interior decorator, hospitality work, networking, arbitrator, talent or travel agent, gem merchant, detective, scientific researcher, scholar, craftsperson, manufacturer, meteorologist/weather forecaster, lawyer/judge.

  • Serendipity367, you have a creative mind, intuition, and exceptional manual dexterity, plus good financial sense. You can be solitary and prefer a stable calm work environment. Your sensitive nature makes you shy away from aggressive or competitive situations. You are articulate and a good communicator.

    Suggested careers: scientist, home carer/houseperson, writer, decorator, inventor, engineer, counsellor/therapist, technology/electronics, humanitarian causes, diplomat/politician/mediator, publisher, actor, fashion designer, doctor, administrator, public relations officer, lecturer, art collector, sociologist, real estate or investment advisor, coaching, architecture, family services.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Laie4, you have strong analytic and structuring abilities, strength, persistence, common sense and fortitude. As long as you are willing to work hard and go through a steady step-by-step process without trying to take shortcuts, you can go as far as you want. You gain satisfaction from helping and supporting others, either within your own family or in teaching, advising, and business enterprises. Because you like to know what is expected of you, a career that is practical, with clear limits and boundaries, and definite measures of success will appeal. You have natural leadership abilities but may be more productive when you work alone.

    Suggested careers: the creative arts - entertainer/actor/singer/musician, romance/children's book writer, interior designer, painter, carpenter, archeologist, horticulturist, mechanic, engineer, draftsman, banker, broker, real estate agent, army officer, inventor, accountant, finance and banking, law enforcement, building, the mechanical trades, administrator, government worker, technology/computers/electronics.

    Mu gut feeling is that you would make a great relationship counsellor for adults, psychologist, or therapist, or in any sort of work helping children like teaching or fostering or therapy. Also I think you'd be a good writer.

  • Hi Captain, If you could take a look at mine that would be great! My dob is june 5th 1984, Galway, Ireland between 9 30 and 10pm (dont have a more exact time than that, hope thats ok!!) Im currently a teacher but kinda fell into it... and although I love it I often wonder if theres something else Id enjoy more or be better at!!

  • Starrgirl, you need alone time and would do well working out of doors. You also would be good at a high-tech career because you are very creative in terms of finding deeper wisdom. Since these jobs are generally secure and pay well, and since you love this kind of logic-based work, you'll enjoy success on all levels of technical work. Your natural charisma may draw you to the arts and you excel in healing or service-oriented work. You need and want good money but you must learn how to handle it or you will fritter away what you earn. You have a talent for arbitration, problem-solving, and communication.

    Suggested careers: backwoods or adventure travel guide, ranger, researcher, writer or poet, dancer, actor, artist, farmer, gardener, activist, astronaut, inventor, philosopher, traveller/travel agent, counsellor, healer, spiritual teacher/guru/religious advisor, professor, accountant/banker, dentist, insurance agent, secretary, book keeper, technology/computers, the armed forces.

  • Littlelioness, actually yours might not be such a good combination for working together. Your hubby's need to be the boss may clash with your passion, impatience, and natural leadership. Competitveness can get in the way. Outbursts of anger and arguments can ensue over business decisions and direction. Alternatively, because of your partnership in marriage, your attitudes toward each other may be so relaxed as to make a business partnership ineffective and lacking the push to advance a joint project. You both can withdraw when confronted with problems. You will both want to find a good moneymaking business idea but watch out for wild and wacky working tastes and ideas - your husband especially can be prone to financial impulsiveness so avoid get-rich-quick schemes. Timing will also need to be considered. Ethics and idealism will be important in your decision about what type of business scheme to pursue.

    Your suggested career ideas are fiction writer, design and architecture, illustrater, secretary, entertainer/actor/dancer, accountant, banker, dentist, insurance agent, book keeper, teacher, trainer, athlete, PR officer, critic, TV presenter, salesperson, academic, police officer, charity worker, caterer, public administration, talent scout, builder or architect, identifying new products or trends.

    Your husband's suggested career ideas are the military, politics, mechanic, surgeon, butcher, vehicle driver, journalism, actor/musician/dancer, accountant, banker, dentist, insurance agent, secretary, book keeper, athlete, fireman/firefighter, fire or metal worker, architecture and building, corporative executive, entrepreneur, philanthropist, PR officer, critic, TV presenter, salesperson, academic, police officer.

  • Darkness angel, you are extremely perceptive and wise and can focus on the big picture. That ability along with your good judgment enables you to solve problems before they arise. You make an excellent boss. Routine halts your creativity so you need flexible positions that allow creativity. You are perhaps the most employable sign of all, based on your work ethic, your intellect, and your desire to be the best. You're the one that quietly works her way up the career ladder, often behind the scenes. Your analytical mind solves problems easily, and this gets you promoted.

    Suggested careers: journalist, artist, inventor, athlete, leader, networker, arbitrator, diplomat, musician, missionary, go-between, peacemaker, editing, pharmacy, accountant, banking, insurance, product management, librarian, scientist, office worker, critic, healer - doctor/nurse, dentist, psychologist, analyst, dietician, craftsperson, organizer, stock broker, courtroom lawyer, auctioneer, administrator, director/manager, entrepreneur, broadcaster, stand-up comedian, researcher, and race car driver.

  • GJay, you tend to gravitate towards occupations that allow for plenty of dynamism, freedom, and movement, both physically and intellectually. You offer kind words and useful advice, always listening and lending a shoulder when necessary, and often become deeply involved in others’ lives. Coworkers can always count on you to help out, especially if it means you will learn something new or alleviate the workload of others. You are seen as a valuable employee. Your natural charisma and creativity would also stand you in good stead in the arts.

    Suggested careers: actor/musician, anything outdoors or non-traditional, high-tech work, sales, the travel industry, in human rights and humanitarian causes, missionary, charity worker, the armed services, counsellor/therapist/psychologist, police officer, scientist, interior designer, professor, politician, researcher, priest or religious leader, doctor/nurse, clerk, judge/lawyer, teacher, coach.

  • Grduck, your natural charm and friendliness plus your ability to handle people makes you an excellent agent or arbiter and use shine in PR work or networking. Your key strengths are enthusiasm, loyalty, honesty, compassion, and infectious motivation. You are concerned with beuaty and fairness. You’re very intelligent and always alert, very charming and are well-liked by others. You are generally not motivated by money or power. The best jobs are those that will lead you towards positions of leadership.

    Suggested careers: politician, mediator, scientific researcher, gem merchant, detective, craftsperson, art curator, scholar, meteorolgist/weather forecaster, attorney/judge/legislator, counsellor, actor, model, designer, decorator, beautician, make-up artist, painter, writer, entrepreneur, union leader, explorer, teacher, concierge, sales rep, advertising agent, office manager, travel agent, pilot, flight attendant, musician, comedian, chauffeur.

  • Captain--many thanks, you've given me something to think about (again). Done a lot of that lately 🙂

  • Hi Captain,

    It's 9/17/52 Detroit, MI (Wayne County) The time was 3:33 AM.



  • Delbertc, you are friendly, outgoing, and prefer the company of others but you are capable of working alone some of the time, too. You prefer to avoid conflict and prefer a peaceful environment to work in. The situations you want to avoid are those dead-end jobs where you become one of the cogs in the wheel, or one where you're alone most of the day, or where you feel confined, or where there is a lot of stress on attention to detail or analysis.

    Suggested careers: working outdoors, craftsperson, researcher, healer, entertainer/performer, actor, artist, musician, promoter, printing and the newspaper industry, publishing and writing, builder/architect, antique dealer, interior designer, landscaper, ranger, sociologist, mediator, diplomat, therapist, administrator, public relations, teacher, self-employed.

  • Tonib3741's daughter, you would be best served by finding a job that makes full use of your ingenuity, imagination, sociability, and love of ideas. Anything that requires quick thinking is also recommended, as long as it's not repetitive. You do not want a job that's static, or one that requires serious responsibility for the welfare of others (your approach to people is light and social, not heavy and responsible), or one that involves manual labor. You are often more productive when you work alone and prefer an environment where you feel safe and secure.

    Suggested careers: the communications field—writing, radio, TV, magazines, journalism, publishing, song-writing, and the like; photography, music and the visual arts, salesperson (with travel and freedom involved), the military, travel agent, pilot/stewardess, teacher, lecturer, counsellor, healer, performer, promotion, buying, interior designer, painter, carpenter, archeologist, horticulturist, mechanic, engineer, draftsman, banker, broker, real estate agent, army officer, management, public speaking, entrepreneur.

  • Hello Captain. If you can bear it (lol) July 27,1959. Pulaski, Tn. USA at 11:06 am.

    Thank you! Hugs & love to you.

    When is the next party?

    Laie needs a 'drying out' party. Bless her heart. Hang in there Laie!

  • Spalma, you have an eye for what looks good and what works. You have dependability, strength, fairness, and determination and are a tolerant individual who believes that the road to success involves hard work and scrupulous behavior; you don’t believe in taking shortcuts. You work best in a structure, such as a large corporation, school system, church, or the military.

    Suggested careers: the justice system - attorney/judge/law officer, teacher, pastor or priest, ranking military officer, entertainer - singer/actor, child-minding or care, sportsperson, inventor, real estate and construction, banking, insurance or investments, dentist, orthopedic surgeon, business executive, musician or someone involved in the music world, interior designer, painter, carpenter, archeologist, exploration, horticulturist, mechanic, engineer, draftsman, stockbroker.

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