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  • A popular question on the forum seems to be about career - either starting one or changing it - so, if you give me your birthdate, I will throw up a list of suitable jobs based on a combination of various astrologies and numerology. You may discover an occupation you hadn't considered before or some profession you were considering but weren't sure if it was suitable for you. At any rate, you might at least get a ballpark idea of which career direction to turn to.

  • TheCaptain,

    Try me please! December 11,1976.

    I know you have directed me towards healing and I like that idea...

    But it never hurts to know other possibilities.

    Thanks!! Have a great day.

  • Hummm, I'm between jobs...Feb 1, 1970

  • Sorry, I forgot to ask if you can tell me where you were born and the time (if you know it.)

  • born in alberta, eary morning, 6:00 am works

  • thanks for the offer

  • hi captain, born adelaide australia 5 am sept 23 1971. thanks again you're a champ

  • Here is it TheCaptain!

    Place ; Singapore

    Time : 21:15hrs +8.00gmt


  • Hi Captain ..

    Feb 9, 1964, 9:32 pm Dubuque Iowa

    Thank you

  • Hi Captain !

    Perfect timing! I haven't been on Tarot in forever as we are dealing with flooding. Hope the storm that came through your area didn't cause you problems! I'm at a major crossroad as far as a career. The info : 21 Jan 62, 5:55pm, Warwick ( Kent County ) Rhode Island

    This has become depressing --- going on 4 years now. Normally, sparks of insights come in the form of symbols & omens and i know which direction. Not this time! I asked on another post, but the answer fit what is already going on. : ( So, Please, please, please, toss in a dose of intuition ... I really want to find one path and stay on it!

    Thanks for posting this! I hope reading something that you see and post can help me. Well, I've struggled just to write this ... super lost, so sending before I delete.


  • Hi Captain

    This is great..because I'm out of a job as of right now and I have no idea what to do next....born Feb 3 1957, sorry I don't know the time. Monchengladbach, West Germany. Thank you so much for helping.

  • Hi Captain,

    My husband suggested I think of a business we could run together. He's employed by a global corp but doesn't think he will be able to stay in his field & compete past 10 years from now. He thinks if we can start a business within five years & get established that it should be something we can manage through our retirement years. We have never run a business but he does have a head for it. We want to work/retire in the SE. I'm in the process of doing some research and found your thread. Can your info help us determine what that business might be? My dob is Aug 3, 1957, northeast Ohio, USA & my husband's is Mar 29, 1957, same area. I don't have our time of birth. Thank you so much


  • Captain, it's so nice of you to offer your help to everyone, thank you! My birthday is Aug. 23, 1960, born in San Francisco, at 6:05 am. Bright Blessings to you! πŸ™‚

  • Good morning Captain πŸ™‚ Yes I would love to have suggestions. 10th December, 1958, Weaverville, California USA. Peace and Blessings to you Captain.

  • Thanks Captain! This should be interesting...

    everyone always says I am so far off from where I should be!

    Lets see!! umm.. Oct9/86 ThunderBay, ON

    I am not sure of the time - I think two or three minutes after 1 or 2 am?!

    Hope that's enough! Take care!

  • Hey Captain this is neat get to meet all these good people from around the world now i can say i got friends all over the world .I know you told me about one but i would like to be part of this also and Thanks Captain your great Delbert c Weatherford Texas august 19-1951 9-35 am

  • Hi Captain. I am asking for my daughter, we are moving to FLorida next month, but I want to know if she will be able to find a good job there. Her birthday is 13 June 1973, born in Pensacola, FL, 4:47 a.m.

  • Hi Captain. 11 jan 1062 scotland, ayr , 7.39 pm (19.00) thank you !

  • Hello Captain,

    I forgot the time in my earlier post. 10th December, 1958, 12:04 am PST Weaverville, California USA. I would love to have some clues πŸ™‚

    Laie4, I know exactly what you mean, I also usually get insight and direction and lately not much of anything, its so frustrating. Think I need to do a good clearing around here :).

    Thank you Captain for the great service you do here. Love and Light πŸ™‚ GJay

  • Emergence - you are dedicated, restless, have deep feelings, are easily hurt, and fiercely loyal. You prefer leading to being led. You have high energy, sensitive intuition, leadership and authority, healing hands, a need for movement/excitement/change/adventure, and a craving for mental and physical challenges.

    Suggested careers: occupations connected with the earth/buildings/finance etc., healer, wizard, counsellor, writing/journalism, teacher, motivational speaker, lecturer, trainer, salesperson, travel agent or air steward/ess, the military, humanitarian/charity work, outdoor work such as ranger, gardener or guide, and the justice-seeking professions such as police or legal work. Jobs that allow you to express your creativity are also good choices - inventor, manager, computer analyst, engineer, architect, and broker.

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