I don't trust my feelings anymore : (

  • For the last year, I have long to bring a baby into this world with my dear husband. My husband has a 11 year old boy from a previous relationship ( who I adore, and feel so close too), but at the same time I feel the extreme need to be call mom. I am a youth minister and work with 20 teenagers, and have always loved working with teens. In the past I trusted what my mind & body were trying to tell me.., trusted my ability to sense the presence of sprits around me. However, for over the last 3 months...my body keep sending me single that I am carrying a child, and I buy so many home pregnancy tests, just find out I am not pregnant. I know I have epilepsy and pcos, and have been trying to take extra care of my body..., I feel like if I don't get pregnant with in the next year..that it might take a toll on my health. Right now, my neuro doctor has taken me off certain epilepsy drugs, so when I do fall pregnant, I will not harm my future child, but the down side, I am having seizure, and lost the ability to drive. Please help me understand why my body is feeling pregnant when I am not..

  • I am not sure if you need this

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  • Hi, Have you ever thought about adopting.

  • Yes we have

  • I think the situatioin is that you want to become a mom so much, that you may think you're pregnant when really, you're not. I was an adopted child at birth, and my mom, who has raised me since birth(with struggle), could not have children because of sists in her ovaries. Me and my mother are closer than many biological mother and daughter we know. So this doesn't mean that you cannot adopt to be close to your child. The child you raise will always be yours. Because of nurturing them, and being there for them every step of the way. I don't appreciate my mom as much as I should, because she does a heck of a lot for me. But one day, you will have a child. It will work out, I promise you that. And raising your child is up to you. Religion, schooling, athletics, the way they respond to you, and the way they treat other kids. Now I am a teenager, but I am a very mature teen. I help people in any problem. Because I know what it is like to desire help, advice or just guidance. I really hope this helps you, because I went off topic a few times, but I'm always here for more advice.

  • defintely mind over matter. Control the epilepsy with less risky drugs. Your health is priority. You are a minster. Have faith. God said He will give you the desires of your heart. This may be His desire for you, and your desire as well. All things are possible with God. God opens wombs through out the entire Bible. He can do it for you. Have faith, don't worry, expect He is preparing you. Pray and talk the baby in. Don't speak against the miracle. Prophesy your baby will be healthy and strong. Belive in God, He overrules the practicing doctors. They practice, God is Perfect.

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