Please...a call for a reading, guidance or prayers for my sister

  • Please, to anyone on the forum who can help:

    If anyone could give me a reading for a very serious, legal situation with my sister and her boyfriend I would greatly appreciate it. I truly don't want to go into the details unless I absolutely must because of legal reasons (maybe I'm being overly-cautious, but the Internet is never truly secure...) but I am so distraught and need some insight as soon as anyone is able to give some. My sister's boyfriend was accused of and is currently being held on a serious crime that we are sure he didn't commit...basically a very complicated situation between him and former associates lead us to believe that he is being accused of something out of pure spite and malice. You know that feeling you get in your gut when you just know with all your heart that something is wrong with a certain situation? That's what I have...and I know my family feels this way too. Anyway, I am sick with worry because all I can think about is my sister and her young daughter. My sister is currently a stay-at-home mom searching for a job and already under pressure from that and being a new mother. This is going to absolutely drain her—emotionally, mentally, physically and financially—and I feel helpless. We don’t live in the same city and I wish that I could do more for her at this time when she really needs it. Can anyone please read what is truly going on and what a possible outcome could be? I know that nothing can be predicted...our actions dictate the way our lives unfold in this universe. But any words would be helpful right now, and any advice would be appreciated. I’ve asked for readings on this forum for my own personal situations before but I can assure you that none of my personal concerns have been as important to me as this is. Sometimes I feel as though I would rather carry a burden than the people I care deeply about and love. I need to know whether my sister will be okay, whether he will be ok and their daughter, my niece. Prayers would also be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help. Be blessed and love to everyone.

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