Need relationship advice asap! Preferrably Capricorn females, any advice welcome

  • Ok so I'm a cusp Taurus/aries male and I'm currently dating a female Capricorn. Everything was totally cool in the beginning. We went out almost every weekend and talked almost everyday. Now we barely see each other during the week and whenever I ask her to hang out she always shoots me a lame "I'm tired" excuse. Couple things tho, I'm younger than she is 23/26, we work together and I'm her boss at our job. She has another job as a cake decorator and has been working long weekend hours lately. I'm trying to give her the benefit of the doubt when she says that she's tied cuz I know working two jobs sucks, but I'm a manager and I'm taking 17 hrs this semester as a biochemistry major and I still find time to wanna be with her. We have been getting lunch together lately so that's a plus and anytime we work together, she's all over me. One thing that irks me is that she gets really withdrawn when it comes to physical stuff like kissing or hugging. I know cappys are shy by nature, but damn man I am hurtin lol. I want her to be more physically affectionate toward me without me having to ignore her because that's the only time I get an emotional response out of her. I hate ignoring her tho. Anyhow, any advice is greatly appreciated at this point bcause I'm totally frustrated right now. Thx in advance!!!

  • What i think is happening:

    Many aries male oversimplify (simplification is taurus also). we tend to think "its simple" and "just do it" because that is the way we deal with it ourselves. but not everyone has that straightforward(taurus) mindset in them, which causes us to bump into people that dont meet our own standards. the essential difference between aries and capricorn is that where capricorn is about doing it right and making the right decision, aries is about doing the best you can and doing it right now.

    so basically, she probably thinks she is making wise decisions by thinking about getting enough rest and alone time. And you interpret this as lack of interest.

    you probably think you should be around her as much as possible and exploit every moment with her to the fullest. which she thinks is ignorant and possibly immature.

    basic miscommunication. and the most obvious remedy would be to communicate about it, but you would probably end up in a fight. so in your case it would seem that mutual compassion for each others apparent shortcomings would be the best fix.

  • thanx for the reply. very good, useable advice.

  • I'm a capricorn female. Sorry for generalities but it might help. Cappies want to do things right. OUr scale of morality depends on our upbringing and cultural background. Kissing could be a wrong thing to do and while she would do it with you she may feel guilty. But because she likes you she would give in when you are together. by the same token she, if she feels guilty and associates this with being with you, she may turn away and severely limit her seeing you. If her belief is that physical expression belongs to marriage, she may prefer to refrain from it for now. But, if she really wants you not being physical means that she'll lose you, she then is forced to engage in this to keep you. Confusing of course. Capricorns are disciplined but practical, too. If she's having a tough time with this game, she would eventually make a decision-- either she goes for it or she breaks away. Assure her that you are sincere about her. This is important to her. Consistency is important and she will be weighing that on her mind all the time until she's absolutely sure you truly love her and will some day marry her. Capricorns are the most loyal people in the zodiac. When they love it is forever unless you give her reason to turn away from you. When that happens it means you've lost her trust and it is extremely difficult to reverse it. If she loves you she will be there looking at you but will refrain from any form of intimacy. If you're unable to save the relationship she will eventually give up although may keep her feelings for you inside. Sincerity, trust, love are key to her heart. Don't forget her b-day and greet her on special days. I'm sure she'd like to hear from you often. Don't overdo it,however. She's a workaholic and will not be happy if she's not able to do her work. Good luck!

  • As a Capricorn female, here's my perspective:

    First of all, when it comes to work, no matter what our job is, we put everything we have into it and it's very important to us. We'll be thinking about work when we're not at work, even if our job is working a registar at a fast-food place. Yeah, work is THAT important to us.

    I have 2 Aries siblings. I admire their ability to be fun-loving & free-spirited, but I often think of them as 'air heads' even though they are both quite intelligent. Capricorns are serious by nature, and we get irritated if we feel some things aren't getting taken seriously enough.

    Capricorn's also love deeply, and love isn't something we take lightly. When we give ourselves to someone, we give them everything we've got, just like our jobs. But we also have to know that a person is very serious about us before we will show alot of affection.

    As far as your Capricorn saying she's tired: she probably is. I know I often feel that way, but if a person cares enough to just come spend a quiet evening with me, I'll soon start feeling energetic. Capricorn's like being the best in everything. Not neccesarily competetive, we just can't stand to not feel good-enough. Capricorn's want to know that they can discuss their job and you'll patiently listen and not act like it's unimportant. And we can spot a fake compliment a mile away. We like to know that someone is real. And we don't care for playing mind games: we're to busy for that.

    I hope that you find some of this helpful.

  • Another Capricorn female here. Astrologically speaking, it all depends upon her birth chart. Sun signs just give you a very general view about someone's personality. All the other planets, houses and aspects will offer you a more detailed information about her. Her natal 7th house, and any planets there and the house where the ruler of the 7th lies will show you what energies and qualities she finds more interesting in a partner. Sinastry charts (a bi-wheel overlapping yours and her birth chart) can help you understand the potentialities of your relationship.

  • Another Cappy female here. I just want to let you know that if you seriously want to have a relationship with her then be patient. Pushing a Cappy to meet your agenda will only make us back up fast and far so we can evaluate what is going on. Although we are great at being leaders, we don't always have to be the one in the lead, however we definately don't like to be dominated or manipulated.

    We are very goal oriented, and we NEVER want to be second best. Like it was stated above, it isn't a competition thing, it is all about us being the very best WE can be. If she is tellng you she is tired, then she is. We give 110% to whatever we are doing. Once you really get to know us, you will find that cappy's keep things pretty basic, and we don't play games as a rule. We value security, trust and honesty. Once those are in place in any relationship we are involved in (personal, work, etc.), then the rest will follow.

    Although we are usually portrayed as being the cold ones of the Zodiac, we are actully very loving and nuturing, we just hide it until we are beyond certain that the person we are about to shower with this love is worthy of it. By that I mean someone who will appreciate us, that has proven they are there for the long haul, and allow us to be us. We don't give our hearts lightly, so once you have it you can count on us being very loyal to you.

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