Need some relationship advice asap!! Preferrably Capricorn females.

  • Ok so I'm a cusp Taurus/aries male and I'm currently dating a female Capricorn. Everything was totally cool in the beginning. We went out almost every weekend and talked almost everyday. Now we barely see each other during the week and whenever I ask her to hang out she always shoots me a lame "I'm tired" excuse. Couple things tho, I'm younger than she is 23/26, we work together and I'm her boss at our job. She has another job as a cake decorator and has been working long weekend hours lately. I'm trying to give her the benefit of the doubt when she says that she's tied cuz I know working two jobs sucks, but I'm a manager and I'm taking 17 hrs this semester as a biochemistry major and I still find time to wanna be with her. We have been getting lunch together lately so that's a plus and anytime we work together, she's all over me. One thing that irks me is that she gets really withdrawn when it comes to physical stuff like kissing or hugging. I know cappys are shy by nature, but damn man I am hurtin lol. I want her to be more physically affectionate toward me without me having to ignore her because that's the only time I get an emotional response out of her. I hate ignoring her tho. Anyhow, any advice is greatly appreciated at this point bcause I'm totally frustrated right now. Thx in advance!!!

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  • Thx much for the insight. It was pretty helpful. I do kinda suspect that she's not that into me anymore, but at this point I'm just gonna go with it and try to adjust simply for the fact that I can see myself being with her a long time and not feel like im settling.

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