Need some relationship advice asap!! Preferrably Capricorn females.

  • Ok so I'm a cusp Taurus/aries male and I'm currently dating a female Capricorn. Everything was totally cool in the beginning. We went out almost every weekend and talked almost everyday. Now we barely see each other during the week and whenever I ask her to hang out she always shoots me a lame "I'm tired" excuse. Couple things tho, I'm younger than she is 23/26, we work together and I'm her boss at our job. She has another job as a cake decorator and has been working long weekend hours lately. I'm trying to give her the benefit of the doubt when she says that she's tied cuz I know working two jobs sucks, but I'm a manager and I'm taking 17 hrs this semester as a biochemistry major and I still find time to wanna be with her. We have been getting lunch together lately so that's a plus and anytime we work together, she's all over me. One thing that irks me is that she gets really withdrawn when it comes to physical stuff like kissing or hugging. I know cappys are shy by nature, but damn man I am hurtin lol. I want her to be more physically affectionate toward me without me having to ignore her because that's the only time I get an emotional response out of her. I hate ignoring her tho. Anyhow, any advice is greatly appreciated at this point bcause I'm totally frustrated right now. Thx in advance!!!

  • Hey tricks 2 Cappy male here i know you want a Cappy females spin on this,but they seem to be far,and few on this forum;but the thing you ned to know is that when she seemsshy is just a front for us it really is because we Caps need time to formulate a plan of action and i mean it to execute perfectly. remember this she may well be figuring out if you are worth to have in the long run years down the road.don't let her cool side fool you! i can say this as a Cappy there is a power struggle going inside her about her next move&your next move.Wish you the very best Dude! PEACE!!!

  • Thx a lot for the insight guy, I really appreciate it!


  • Hi Tricks2, One of the fundamental traits of a Capricorn is "everything is not as it seems". The facade is simply that. Clearly, you haven't found the right buttons yet. A clue is looking at the things she does for you.... often it's a signal of the things (buttons) she'd like done to her.... Perhaps you could cook her dinner, give her a shoulder rub, tuck her into bed and leave without having your needs met. This will give you bonus points which count in the longer term. Your message comes across as a little "needy", perhaps you should start getting other interests too. All the best!

  • thanks for the insight. yeah im definitely trying to keep her around for a while cuz she is pretty awesome, but its been really hard for me to get a read on her lately. hopefully your advice helps. I'll start being a little more attentive.

  • Ok I am a capricorn female.

    I tried to put myself in her shoes.... funny it is all to easy to do that.

    When I feel like she is what I really need is emotional support. I like to be a strong person almost as though I can take on the world. I hate to admit defeat. Sometimes my emotions overwhelm me, or if others around me are having an emotional hard time I seem to absorb that feeling. Many times when I say I'm tired what I really mean is that emotionally I am empty, and I need the recharge.

    My gut feeling is that something is bothering her. I choose to hide when I have something bothering me. Maybe your woman needs the emotional support to know that she doesnt have to shoulder what ever it is she is struggling with inside. When i'm hiding i dont want any attention, especially physical.

    One thing I'll add from my own perspective. If she wants space give it to her. Pushing her for more attention is only likely do push her farther away. Also.... dont make it sound like you work harder, or your life is harder than hers. We each have our own struggles and I dont beleive any of us have a harder go than others we just handle them all differently.

    LOL that was just my two cents.... not sure if its actually related to being a cappy or not.

  • That was a beautifully written, insightful and empathetic response mom2jess!

    Not sure if you're into astrology Tricks2, however, i can give you a little insight into what is happening for your Capricorn girl.

    Pluto (the planet of transformation) has started its 12 year cycle in Capricorn. This means there is a lot of change happening in everyones life, although particularly for Capricorns. This is a huge shift in the way she is aiming for things in life (Sun in Cap). The Pluto influence refers to things changing or ending to allow for new things to happen. It could be that she has been single for a long time and with you in her life this is making her change her thought patterns around how she would like to spend the rest of her life. Or... essentially there are other things she is dealing with of a personal nature.

    It sounds like you're really into her, which is lovely, I suppose it's important to understand that when someone is going through such tremendous transformations, it's all new territory to them and this can be confronting, confusing, some people can feel depressed because they feel everything they have known is ending, what they fail to see is the positive side, which is the new beginning. Yes, these can be scary, but they can be exciting and full of endless opportunities. Hmm, my 2 cents worth?.... respect, empathy, understanding and attentiveness are great cornerstones for the foundation in any relationship.

    You're compatability lies beyond your Sun sign (do you know where her/your other planets are?) Am happy to look them up if you wish, I will need to know both birth times and places.. I don't do diviniation.

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