Tell me what you think of the reading I did

  • Last night I did a reading concerning weather or not pregnancy might be an option in the near future (within about 2 months). I did a general past, present future reading. This is what I got:

    past- ace of cups

    present- wheel of fortune

    future- ace of wants

    Then I asked if He would be happy if we had a child soon. This is what I got:

    past- seven of wands

    present- knight of pentacles

    future- three of cups

    Then I did a general "past, present future" with no specific idea in mind for both of us together. This is what I got:

    past- seven of swords (reversed)

    present- wheel of fortune

    future- the high priestess

    anyways, I have already read into it quite a bit myself so I would like to see what you all think of it. Thanks for any replies.

  • well cant really go into it much right now, but at first glance i would say that if you want to get pregnant now is a good time. and dont wait too long.

    he may feel anxious at first, about the commitment involved probably, but he will make a good father later.

    this is probably a tough time for you, or its going to be, but eventually youll be much wiser.

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