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  • I am trying to learn how to utilize feng shui but I'm very much a beginner. I was reading an article recently about setting up the bagua over your home to see where certain areas apply. Since I share my home with others, it seemed suggested that my domain is my room, my personal space. I was wondering, if I follow the bagua, and the prosperity or purple corner is in the far left corner of my room do I base that on the entrance to the room meaning my door or the door and entry of the home, it's two very different directions. Could use some assistance in understanding this process and any tips on how to improve family relationships, prosperity and over all positivity would be appreciated.


  • You base it on the entry door of your room, if you are sharing your home with others, is not family.

  • It is family but very much lived as if room mates on some levels. Does that make a difference?

  • Your room door as the entrance, do it no matter what. Coz that is your space entirely.

    If you want & the others have no problem, then you could do some feng shui with the front door of the house as the main entrance point, but this won't change your room feng shui.

  • There are some articles here on for Feng Shui regarding prosperity. I just read something a week or two ago about putting a plant contained in a blue container in your prosperity corner of your room. I copied it somewhere and thought I would give it a try. I just haven't found the right plant or container yet.

    OK....this is what was written.

    Plant a lucky seed

    Thriving plants represent growth. If you'd like to expand your good fortune, place a healthy plant in the far left corner of your home, then seal the deal by placing three shiny coins beneath the pot. There's no better way to boost your financial luck. Housing your plant in a blue pot will cultivate your fortune even further.

  • AuntBuck thanks for the tip. I read something about a plant awhile back too, thanks for clearing it up. My dilemma is that I guess I'm going to try to feng shui my room, moreso than my house. Living with my daughter and granddaughter in a sort of roommate feeling atmosphere. There are so many things throughout the house that I can't control, stuff not where it belongs, things almost intentionally placed to annoy me and mess with the flow of energy. I just thought well if I could adjust the energy for myself in my private space maybe that would work. What do you think?

    The prosperity part should sure help but that isn't my driving force I just want to rid the negative and make it more peaceful an existence.

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