Same gender twin flame

  • Hi all! This is my first post. I'm a male, 61. Forty years ago I met my twin flame. I didn't know back then what a twin flame was, really wasn't into anything ethereal, basically was Christian. I had a near death experience three years ago. Afterwords I did much research and learned about twin flames and the minute I read the description it hit an epiphany. He is indeed my twin flame. Thing is, I treated him terrible, and despite that he always tried to connect with me in some way. I could even feel what he was feeling. But I rejected him because the whole thing freaked me out. For years I lamented that I had spurned his attempts at friendship, and since learning what twin flames are I feel as if I've done some terrible, forbidden thing. I know I hurt him inside very badly, and I wish I could make up for it. Anyone, any thoughts?

  • Just ask him out for some event to get back. Nothing gets done sitting here and thinking. You're still alive, living and breathing. Use actions and words and sincerity to redeem yourself. Good Luck!

  • Thanks for the advice jinglewab, but that's easier said than done. See, he's married. I did visit them years ago and I don't know what happened but his wife, who was very friendly at first, was very put out at me for some reason....and he's kind of henpecked. Oh, I know...married...I must be wrong about it. Not so, for far too many reasons for me to go into here. I'm just wondering what this all has to do with Karma, my lesson in this life, and if I can vindicate myself in this life. I've read we should never force things that concern our twin flame. I'd be doing just that if I initiated again any communication.

  • Montecar,

    Ask the Angels for their help. Ask them that if it is right for you two to be back in contact, to create the opportunity for you both to bump into each other or come across each other again. Then leave it in their hands.

    I wish the best.

  • Wenchie, thanks much for your concern and love. I've tried that. I've asked my spirit guide to help me. I guess it was my spirit guide, who when I first sat near my TF, I heard say "look...that's you inside of him" (freaked me out, didn't understand at the time. Nothing even remotely ever happened to me like that before or since). It's like my ego and spirit are fighting over this, and I'm not really sure which is which...!!! I simply remain, wondering...did I transgress so badly in the way I treated him that my lesson/our reunion must wait until another life time? That voice I heard when I first met him, I really haven't heard it since.

  • montecar - this has happened to me and my twin flame (or "twin soul" as the Egyptians put it) in a past Life. At least yours didn't burn you on the stake! The Lesson for you right now is: Patience. I suggest you seek out your Spirit Guide so you can hear that "voice" again, then ask for opportunities to explain things to your twin flame.

    You see, in this Life, my twin soul/flame are the same gender too, but she doesn't like the idea of a homosexual relationship (we're both single). So that ball is in HER court, so to speak, and I'm just waiting for her to make the first move. You might have to do the same - whether it's for just this Life, or for a few to come.

    Remember: Patience. I wish you good Luck in this endeavor of yours.

  • Thanks, much Ketira. Fascinating information on your past life...!!! Alas, it was I who did the rejecting (after his repeated attempts), very sorrowful to say it would have been me burning him on the stake. What a pity, how was I ever so blinded..and by what, from what?? I think my typical religious upbringing had LOTS to do with it. I've pretty much come to the conclusion to just let life unfold as it will. I'm more concerned about the karmic ramifications...will our situation reverse in the next life, or will it be even harder as a lesson for me to learn.

    I did ask my spirit guide his name...I heard "Carlin, Carlin, Carlin, Carlin!" (LOL...I thought of George Carlin...!). So, I think at least I got his name. Just for assurance I asked the White Light for protection when I asked. I always ask the White Light for guidance and ask it to forbid any evil spirits from deceiving me (I'm not really sure if there are evil spirits, but ask just to be on the safe side).

    My twin is very macho, and I'm pretty masculine, too. It's weird because we physically look very much alike...some people have even thought we were twins! He was very family oriented (great relationship with parents) and I wonder if his desire to have a family would have caused us problems even if we had connected. So, maybe the blame falls equally on him, too. I think I could have managed a platonic relationship...because I also feel such a brotherly fact I wonder if in a past life we were actually identical twins.

    That said, I hope you and your twin flame can reach that plateau for which you were intended in this life for.

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