Is it so selfish...

  • To want to ask. To want to know... I met someone and there is a deep connection..But he pulls then pushes, I pull then ask for space to clear my head. My emotions are overwhelmng do to the fact that I know he's the one.. I have never in my life felt this before. How do you deal with this. I

    My DOB is 09/29/76, he's 10/23/83... Any insight would be great. Truly... I dream about him and it's so vivid... There's a few songs that will be in my head and will instantly be on the radio when I turn them on and generally it's when I think about him. I think about him quite often.

    He called me Monday night and awoke me from my sleep to ask me some very deep questions... I thought I was dreaming, but I wasn't. I answered them, but two very distinct questions come to mind, " don't you feel something" and I think about you a lot, do you think about me? I said everyday.

    Since last Monday, I haven't been able to speak with him, and he's being distant. Ive tried but now he's reclusive.. Dang scorpios ( lol ) And I haven't slept right. What gives.. I know he's the one for me.

  • give your scorp some space...he isscred and trying to slow it down

  • scared i mean...sorry

  • Thank you Blueyedervish. It's been a week since our conversation (Monday) and the last I heard from him was on Wednesday when we were texting each other... By this last weekend after I sent him a text and he didnt respond I had to ask for some space.

    I don't want to rush it with him at all. Yet our emotions are intense. We both know it and feel it. In my gut I just feel we voice it at different times. Im afraid of rejection and I was told he was too. I would just like some insight.

  • Dear JCHC,

    My ex ( a Taurus) is the same. I feel you. We are friends now because he insisted on being part of my life but all we have been doing till now is playing tug of war. It never ends.

    I have dated a Scorpio before and I can see some similarity between Taurus and Scorpio, This is based on my experiences with these two signs though, I am not an astrologer.

    My Taurus now can disappear on me for a week without any news and when I confronted him and asked him what he wanted, he told me that he was sick or work been taking all of his time. I am kinda used to his disappearance by now and stop assuming stuff. I am giving him all the space and time he needs to figure out what he really want. If it is meant to be, it will be.

    I agree with blueyederfish, try to give him some space. Let him figure out what he wants. Don't let him feel suffocated but at the same time, don't let him think that you are pulling away either. Do not make hasty assumptions when he didn't reply to your messages and try not to threaten him with ultimatums ( never work in a relationship). Find a way to compromise.

    All the best to you. Have faith.

  • Taurus, and Scorpio are 4 to 10 astrological opposites. so it would make sense, and your right in seeing similaritys between them.

  • JCHC, this can be one of those ultra-romantic relationships that many people yearn for, a relationship of passion, excitement, and daring. You two will share your innermost desires and dreams with each other; you are secure enough to reveal your most sensitive sides without fear of reprisal. Your relationship has few problems of a mundane and practical sort.

    In love, you two will let yourselves be swept away on a romantic wave. You both have so much under control in other areas that you have tremendous self-confidence as a couple. Thus you have no fear of losing all in a headlong rush of passion. The relationship generally proclaims what it is openly, and if it is somewhat unconventional, it is prepared to take the flak that society may aim in its direction.

    Some love affairs in this combination may be of the more outrageous type, not because the partners are intent on flaunting their connection but simply because they do not believe in tempering their affection for each other, privately or publically. You are both tremendously critical people, however, and this tendency is synergized by your relationship, making it extremely demanding and at times very stressful. Miraculously, in love (but less often in marriage) you two usually succeed in meeting each other's high standards, whether physical, financial or social. There may not be however a correspondingly deep emotional bond here, which can indicate a lack of self-awareness and an unwillingness to confront feelings directly.

    Digging deeper into your emotions and being unafraid to examine your feelings critically, then deciding honestly whether your attraction for your friend is more physical than emotional will help you find a solution for your confusion. As a Scorpio, he may want more intensity of emotion than you can give him. That's why he asks you such probing questions - to see if you feel and think as deeply about life as he does. Scorpions are very temperamental and dramatic about everything - he wants someone just like him who likes to probe and investigate the bottom layers of life's mysteries. He also has a nasty habit of building up his poor self-esteem by tearing others down and a combative tendency that may impair his success. Ironically his public image is all-important to him, so in oreder to get on with people, he must learn more cooperation and diplomacy. In the end however he may put his own self-interest and ambition ahead of finding a faithful life partner and a family.

    You yourself JCHC have a tendency to be perfectionistic and must learn to let go when people don't match your very exacting expectations. You can nurse old grudges and resentments for years and this can develop into a stern unforgiving attitude unless you are careful. You tend to be overpossessive, even co-dependent, in your relationships and need to cultivate more independence. For a while the object of your love will enjoy feeling needed and appreciated but if your atttiudes become too claiming, he will begin to feel trapped. Also you can get so preoccupied with a relationship that you neglect your more important long-term goals. Focus more on the big picture of your life.

  • TheCapitan, thank you so very much.. I will read, and re read this...I want to understand, and give more of myself emotionally to him, and I know Im scared. Im afraid to communicate such intense feelings in such a short time. I have much to learn, again thank you.

    When should I communicate with him if I told him this past Sunday that I needed space from him. I have a desire to as questions, but am concerned about a lack communication from him.

    Emergence thank you for story and support. And thank you to all who have read my story and contributed

  • You must wait until he contacts you or you will appear too desperate and possessive to him.

  • KarmaComa, thank you as well...

  • Ok.. Well I guess the next question is will he make contact. I hope I didn't push him away for good. I want to reach out to him

  • How do I learn to trust my intuition and open up more. I;ve been lurking through the threads here, and Im curious as to how.. 🙂 Thank you

  • TheCapitain... I re visited page 42 as per your request... I tried emailing you there. I hope you get it. IF not my email is my name I would LOVE to send you my picture and his. Im sorry to bombard you, Im just eager to learn! 🙂

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