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  • Hello Captain,

    Can you give me a reading my birth/day feb 28,62 3:15 am

    I live in panama and i am meeting people everyday, there is this one man that im interested in but i dont see him often, he travels quite abit, when he is back in town he sends me texts, saying he wants to see me, but we never hook up, i call him Mr. nocturnal, i do find him to be quite cute, my question is is he sincere or does he just want to roll in the hay?

    Waiting for your reply


  • 228, you are gifted with an enormous capacity for devotion and dedication, and you can experience wonderful fulfillment in this life, though you may have to struggle with the challenge of directing your energies in such a way as to enhance your sense of identity. Scattered energies and a youthful (sometimes immature) attitude are your hallmarks and you may find it especially difficult to take responsibiltiy for your own actions - or lack of action. Likely to be much better at motivating others than yourself, you may promise more than you can deliver and at some point you will be called to pay the piper.

    Yet if you can learn the value of dedication and commitment, your more devotional and spiritual aspects will be awakened and your path to personal strength and firmer identity will be greatly enhanced. If you can fight your desire to lose yourself in sensual pleasures and let your desire to do good be the principle by which you set your resolve, all will go well for you. Stand up for what you believe and release your worries about what others think of you and your need to be accepted and appreciated. Find the emotional support you need inside yourself, not from the outside world.

    You must learn to face any challenge in life without backing down or away from it. The path of least resistance will take you down the mountain to the darkest depths, not up to its heights. Self-pity, martyrdom, self-indulgence, and escapism such as fantasising, drugs, drink, sex or food are all traps you can fall into when you feel the world is too harsh. What you really want is to receive love but you must first give love out to those who need it. Cheer others up and make them happy and they will in return give you the love you crave. You are a romantic who loves to fall in love and are prone to having 'crushes' on people whom you don't really know well. Don't allow your emotions to rule you or you will get involved in promiscuous situations or infidelities (real or imagined) and then wonder what happened.

    This man likes to play with you and get your hopes up. He loves to be admired by women (several women at once) but doesn't intend to have a real relationship with you. He is not capable of either love or commitment. And don't give him money if he asks.

  • Captain,

    I have a big heart , i do try to help my friends when ever they need help, i never relized i was allowing my emotions to rule me.

    I knew this guy was playing games, didnt really see anything coming of it ,

    I would like a partner in my life , do you see any particular man coming my way? Oh ...what about Scott, he lives in the states, he and i have been chatting on FB and we always start out asking each other about our daily lives, then we start to get into flirting conversation.....then he will ask me about my divorce.

    (When in fact i did file for a divorce from my husband who left me around a year ago for a younger person and now she is pregnant and getting ready to have this child.) but i think the lawyer here just took my money an ran) so any way once Scott mentions that our conversation dwindles to small talk and the fun ends. My question is did the lawyer i paid , put in for a divorce for me or did he take my money and ran? Do you see this happenning any time soon? Is that baby really Lances?

  • Good afternoon Captain, Just wondering if you have any inklings of what my future might be like. I was born in Hyannis Mass 6AM at the Cape Cod Hospital. Darn I miss the Cape. What else can I tell you.?

  • Hi Captain, can you tell me anything about what my future holds. 10/27/58 @around 12:45 pm. Love, Financial, Career, my life right now seems upside down.

  • Please start a new thread if you are not the original poster. I will only answer 228 here.

  • 228. you need to stop scattering your energies around so much and focus on what is most important to you.

  • ok Captain sounds like good advice, this has been my lfe for the last year scttered,I am now recovering from all the drama, but it still lingers , I just hope that I dont lose this man Scott again, now that we are talking again, he is a cancer, he's 58, and i am 48 i dont know his bdate

  • But you never really had this Scott, did you? He is just a long distance fantasy man whom you don't know a lot about and can't even be sure that he tells you the truth. You need to make more contact with real people instead of dreaming about absent lovers you haven't made a real connection with.

  • Ok Captain, I am open to any advice i can get, true i have known this man for many years, However, I really don't know him so to speak, you are right,Maybe i should have reworded my question, Will we ever have a relationship?

    On another note, i am excited about moving back to the states from Panama, do you see where i might end up? with work and my living quarters??



  • Hi Captain,, Where are you my dear ? I forgot to tell you I was born in Hyannis Ma at 6;01 the same place Jack Kennedy was born. Janet

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