Can it be true love between Virgo/Libra & Aquarius/Capricorn?

  • I was born 09/21/67 on the cusp of Virgo & Libra & I definitely feel more like Libra any day. I'm in love with a man who was born 01/24/46 & is supposed to be a true Aquarius, but shows all the signs of clearly being on the Aquarius/Capricorn cusp & most of the time acts like 100% Capricorn which makes it very difficult to communicate with him. As I'm a true Libra I like to talk things out & try to resolve everything to maintain balance. He like to hide his feelings & has very hard time letting me in on his thoughts & emotions. I've met this man in the end of 1995 & for the first 10 months we were just friends. When we became lovers our friendship strengthened even more. Over the years we had ups & downs in our relationship, but I always felt that we have a special connection & can overcome any difficulties that are in our way. Unfortunately, for the last year, our relationship has been very difficult & on January 20, 2009 he got very upset at me & asked me to leave his house (we were living together before). He started a fight with me because I asked to borrow some money from him to pay my bills. I wasn't working for a few months before that, but just started a new job at that time. Yes, I did ask him for a large sum of money, but I was definitely going to pay him back. It was really upsetting to me that he would flip out about it & be so angry with me & decide to end our relationship for that reason. I've been living in my own apartment since 01/20/09 & I hate being without him. I've seen him many times after this blow-up happened, but he refuses to discuss us which makes me very upset. My gut feeling is telling me that he still loves me & cares about me, but how do I resolve this situation with him? I want us to be back together, because I know that we are meant to be together. We just need to overcome this difficult patch. I'd appreciate any advice in this matter.

  • Hi, I don't think he should have reacted the way he did unless he really didn't have the money on reserve to loan to you. Sounds like he may have a short fuse. The money issue sometimes can make or break a relationship. Sometimes the intentions are right to repay but that's hard sometimes. I find it hard to believe that as long as you've known him that you haven't, in some way, helped him. Money is an issue to a lot of people right now. The way I think is if someone ends it, it's time to re-think everything. I know that there are strong ties. I have to put up an emotional shield sometimes. It's necessary sometimes for me to remain level-headed. I've had lessons to learn myself and sometimes feelings are a lot different than reality. It is beneficial for you right now to try and strenghten your own situation. I have found that when you do this, you'll find those that will help you.

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