Help with tarot spread please

  • I posted this wrong firsts time, posted in Psychic section ! very sorry !

    Can someone please help with what this relationship Celtic cross spread is saying to me? thanks xx


    significator nine of cups

    crossing cards 1&2 8 cups & 4 swords

    card 3 - 7 of wands

    card 4 - 5 coins

    card 5 - 9 of wands

    card 6 - the hermit

    card 7 - 10 wands

    card 8 - ace of coins

    card 9 - the lovers

    card 10 - 6 of cups.

    hope someone can get some insight i am a bit lost xx many thanks all who answer xx

  • please! ??

  • The significator is a person who knows he/she is handsome/beautiful, respectively, and doesnt mind showing it off once in a while. Is a very content person by nature. Somehow the relationship right now is at that point where you feel(significator) that things change & nothing remains permanently & its hit like a fact & hit hard. Relationship may not be at its best now coz you feel(signifi.) that you have to take a break, think things out, giving yourself time to heal, mentally/emotionally/physically any way. The person is fighting within to want to not to want to be to not to be. There was a loss & he/she took it hard, though realised maebe all is not lost & has been hurt too, but is still standing up again like a fighter. Ready to face it.

    Significator would need time alone to talk with him/her self realise his/her own worth. significator blamed him/herself & is trying hard trying to do everything on their own. Relationship can be worked out on & can lead to abundance, trust & security. There is a strong hope & a fear for this relationship to form again, but its a very strong desire to have a deep love.

    Things would work out and there would be happiness & family & safety all around you.

    Let me know if this helps.

  • Rchi Many thanks this is amazing !! although it may not make sense to you it does to me!

    the situation is very messed up!! my love of 8 years left for another ! he has an alcohol problem ( only hurting and against himself) and i think, is with this girl because she too has a problem and also does not understand (yet) the extent of his problem !! he knows he MUST stop for good but is not yet ready and ended up, although he loved me and told me so each day, not like me for (nagging and encouraging him to quit). as many people tell me he has to hit rock bottom before he will get help maybe this is what he is doing ? This woman is after something and dont think she wants more than a UK passport but ........ this is his problem !! I am trying to move on although I cannot believe the man i was with for 8 years is the same one who lied to me, about wanting to get back together, for the last year and is still lying ! ( well not any more as i will not speak to him! ) .

    For the moment we go our seperate ways but maybe if he gets help and some Therapy there MIGHT be some hope for us again in the future as we definatly had a very very strong bond once!

    Many many thanks, the cards and you got it spot on and i did not "understand" the same reading from my book ! xx Susie

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