Can you give opinion on my cards please :)

  • Hi everyone,

    I would love opinions and readings on these 3 cards I did this morning!!

    my questions were:

    1. is he genuine?..... Death

    2. will he really help me?....Hierophant

    3. The Outcome...... The Chariot

    It was interesting that they were all Major Arcana cards too!

    any insight will be appreciated. Thank You

    much love and joy



  • Hi, I really would be grateful for interpretation of these cards...anyone?



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  • Dear Denise, Since you didn't say, I have to assume all the cards were facing upright not reversed.

    The Death card is a card of transformation. It suggests bringing to light problems or differences, esp on the mental level which can lead more spiritual things. It also suggests that some ideas may need to be altered or let go.

    The Hierophant is the priest, the revered teacher, the rabbi. So this person may have his particular agenda of advice, honour, morality, etc.

    The Chariot represents the male and female aspects (the yin and the yang) of yourself under the control of the charioteer: Your High Self. In other words yoking one's opposites in a balanced team, that can run together like the wind. You must be the one in charge of yourself however. Always remember that.

    The choice is yours. Blessings SuprFabSingViv šŸ™‚

  • Hi pokierfacer,

    Thank you for your interpretation, and you were right, they were facing upwards,

    and I have to say your reading of them ring true to me, and what you said about .."You must be the one in charge of yourself however. Always remember that."....excellent advice and timely reminder for me.

    once again Thank You



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