The captain could you give me some insight

  • hello my name is kathy [b-day june 2 972] i want to switch jobs but im scared ive been at this job for 12years i dont know if burned out or what the other job ive never done before and scared i cant do it but woud like to try .will i succeed or fail? thank you

  • Well, ask yourself if you really want to spend another twelve years in your current job? Sure, you might fail at another job but you just keep on trying until you succeed. That;s what everyone in this world faces.

    Surely any change is better than none at all.

  • Dear kathy72,

    To chime in with the Captain, your angels say it's up to you. You decide and they will support you 100%. If you are looking at another job, then you are not happy where you are. And that is all your angels need to know. They want you to be happy! You cannot be afraid of change. If the opportunity is presenting itself to you, and it sounds like it is, then you need to just see what you deep down feel about it...and follow your intuition about it. You will succeed if that is what you see yourself doing. You will fail if that is what you see yourself doing. So choose success. Everytime.

    Angel blessings,



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