Need some help choosing a career.....

  • I have many interests and I'm passionate about almost everything I do. I've worked in various fields. I've recently learned that I really should focus on something in the 'creative service'. This covers a multitude of possibilities. Is there anyone who can look at my DOB (30-07-63) and see specific details of my career destiny?

  • What is your passion?

  • I mean what do you love to do the most - what do you see as your greatest talent?

    Have you ever been drawn to selling or investing in real estate or the hospitality industry, as in hotels and restaurants?

  • Jeweller or art gallery manager or interior designer?

  • I've had a few jobs in sales. Sometimes it can take much effort to convince people to buy things. That frustrates me. Investing in real estate requires a certain amount of funding that is not available to me right now of the near future.

    I guess what I really wanted to know is....will I ever realize my true calling or will I spend the rest of my life searching for "what I am here to do"?

    On a less serious note..... I was thinking a psychic could look into a crystal ball and see me somewhere in my future doing whatever it is. lol

  • I love jewelry! I am a certified interior decorator! And I've actually opened an art gallery to the public displaying local works of art including my own paintings.

    Because of the DYI community, my interior decorating business didn't survive, the art gallery couldn't sustain itself.

  • I've been a manager of a retail business. I've had a job in administration. I've been an accounting assistant.

    I'm tired of trying all these things only to find out that 6 mos - a year later I really wasn't my thing afterall.

    I've even tried to figure it out by making of list of all the things I know I "don't" want to do. I always wanted to be a home designer. Architectual math and I just don't reside on the same plane though.

  • hi there, maybe you are just someone who needs variety in their jobs. theres nothing wrong with that. i have to say i can relate to the chopping and changing stuff. maybe it comes with being artistic and wanting to try lots of new things. thats great that you paint. i say dont give up!! keep doing all the things that make you happy and that you enjoy.. and maybe it will all take its natural path for you. i think the more pressure you put on yourself the harder the decision making! this comes from me who is a classic at doing that. amazing that captain could see those things that were true about you!

  • How good an artist were you? Did impatience get the better of you?

  • I get a vision of you bending over a jewellery counter - maybe you could be a buyer or manage a jewellery shop?

  • Captain, as to your question about how good an artist I was.....I was my own worst enemy. At first, it was like I went into a trance-like state and after several hours I would step back and take a look at the canvas in complete amazement. I would recall painting the entire landscape( which is what I found myself painting most of the time), however I did not know how I was able to do it. This happened for about 3-4 years. Then people would ask me to paint certain things for them. (this is when "the magic in my brushes" wasn't so obvious anymore). First I was giving the paintings away. People were loving my work. But then money got involved. The pressure from others' expectations was getting to me. And it became just another chore that I had to get done by a certain deadline.

    By the way, thank you for your response, I was hoping you'd give your input. Manager of a jewelry shop would be interesting.

  • Stranger2,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts as well. I think you might be right, I must be one of those people who gets bored easily. I've always believed that 'variety is the spice of life'.

  • Captain,

    Because you are soooo very wise, I really need to ask you another question. And then I promise to leave you alone. lol

    But I've been doing a lot of soul searching these last few days. About a year & a half ago I had a massive heart attack. Over 30 percent of my heart was completely damaged. The doctors said it was amazing that I survived and I would be on medication for a very long time, possibly the rest of my life. Six months later, after extensive testing & retesting, the cardiologist told me there wasn't a trace of evidence that I'd ever taken a heart attack! How does this happen? And why?

  • ssprincess,

    no worries. i also get bored easily and distracted, find it hard to focus unless i am really into it. i read what you wrote to captain re the money and art stuff. i can soo relate! as soon as it becomes a pressure to sell or its all about money the inspiration for me goes. that happened to me. the purity kind of went from it. i am trying to get that back.

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