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    My name is Sonia. I was born on 24 May, 1985. Im quite disturb these days because of few things which i do not want to discuss here.. Can anyone especially Captain tell me when are all the things going to get alright? and second question is when will i get married? im getting pressure from people that i should get marry really not feeling good these days..Please help...thanks

  • Be strong, don't give in to pressure. I'm 3 years younger than you, but I daresay, there's alot more in life than marriage. Personally, I think there's alot more things that needs to be done before one could settle down. Courtship and marriage is a gradual process that cannot be rushed. Do not give in to pressure. I have seen many married couples suffer their entire lives because they married someone incompatible. Look carefully, choose carefully. Marriage is a decision that could change your entire life. We are all here on earth, living in existence seeking love and happiness, but be careful of the path you choose to happiness, for some would lead you to a life of suffering. Only you know yourself best, not others, listen to yourself when you are making such important decisions in life! Cheers, all the best!

  • Thanks jinglecwab!!!

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