• Hi, I was married to a virgo, our birthdays are Sept 16th mine. his is the 18th... Well we thought we were in love but it didnt last.. to much argueing and we both had 2 have the last word well now I am with a with Libra its been 5yrs He is with a leo and getting married after 6 mos??..... I am just starting to understand astrology although I always believed in it. has anyone else delt with this kind of realtionship, we cant stay away from each other even if we fight we have 2 see each other after a bit.the new girlfriend doesnt think we should be friends he is listening after 27yrs on and off with me? im pissed

  • i don't have any advice for you i just wanted to say that virgos always have to have the last word. I personally have never been to interested in a virgo. me and my virgo friend always argue about EVERYTHING. i am a virgo myself. LOL

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