Stars say "Yes" experience says "No" HELP

  • My husband & I have been married 22 yrs. & I found out last April that he was having an affair with a former friend & neighbor with whom he also had an affair with for a few weeks 20 years ago. He has been going back & forth between the two or of us every 2 to 3 weeks for the last year. We got back together , again , last Monday & he broke it off with the other woman in front of & he cleared the air on many issues that he had refused to honest about in the past. All my readings, horoscopes, & reports strongly indicate that this relationship can be saved with hard work, patience, & the healing nature of time. I dodnt know if I should follow the advice of the stars or if I should just cut & run. I need help & advice. Thank You

  • let me try to synthesize what you say you feel with what you know from your divinations. first, i always assume that a reading or insight is the servant of the subject, not its master. I dont believe they are meant to force us in a certain way, but rather to shed light on a situation and provide us with objective truths, and are to be taken quite literally. remember our answers are not received from another person but from a force that is not human. analyse what you have learned, set the facts right and make your own choice.

    your relationship can be saved, but it doesnt have to be saved. clearly if you want to save the relationship you can do so but it will take as you say, hard work, patience and healing. on the other hand you could break it off. weigh the importance of the relationship against the pains of holding onto it. be honest with yourself, then intuitively you will find which way provides you the greatest happiness.

  • Hi Amanda you need to look at the difference of now and before what has changed ? One of the things that helps me is deal with your self only take him out of the picture so you can make a decision on what you would like to do, this is about you and your wants and desires and put them down on paper the good coll-um and the bad coll-um in your relationship over the period of your relationship . Also look at the patterns one for the things i told my ex before we got married was if she had a affair just tell me or if she wanted someone else just do not lie to me but she did so 9 years latter we wound up getting a divorce over the lying .I could not accept lying .Affairs happen lying is a direct attempt to hide the truth and not knowing the truth or exposed the truth there can not be any trust and with out trust and faith in each other it will more than likely fail and it comes down to you and what your willing to accept and live with i hope this might help you i tried my best to ecept but the lying never stopped and every time doubt would come in over far fetched stories the fights would stat and it would always go back to the first lie because it was never exposed .

  • Well thats 3 times i have lost part of reply

  • amanda

    astrology can be helpful to find out cosmic influence on natal charts, compatibilty charts and all other charts. but on top of natal and compatibility, you also have to include planetary transits

    in your case, you might want to know which planetary transit happened when the affair began

    sometimes, when the transit is over, the influence it brings is also over, and so the affair may end or it will go further which is the end of your marriage (another transit may happen after the first ends). this is where you can only leave your husband to choose. which one does he want to end : marriage or affair.

    spiritual healing is important to anyone in any situation, even if they are not experiencing hardship. I would suggest you start this healing journey, with or without your husband. there are many benefits to it, you will discover this yourself.

    as far as Cancer, I read somewhere about 7 years of turbulence for Cancer - Capricorn axis. If this is true then it would go for Cancer/Cap sun sign, Cancer/Cap rising and Cancer/Cap dominants. If I find the website again I will give you the link. But for now, just brace yourself and hold on. Embark on the healing journey as soon as you can. It will help during this period.

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