Other Party Sees Me As The Hermit?

  • Hi All,

    I have always liked this card... A lot. What do you think the implications are of someone perceiving you as said card? Any thoughts? I know that there are many things to consider, and it depends on the context, what about at a first glance?

  • the hermit, as far as aspects of character are concerned, represents wisdom and self sacrifice at best and alienation and detachment at worst. it says devotion to whatever you are doing is more important then your personal needs and cravings. you would be likely to put yourself more of less selflessly to some cause for the sake of innovation, new creations, and the greater good.

    In many ways the hermit is the stereotype for virgo, which you may or may not be, depending on how well that other person knows you.

  • Folckert,

    Thanks for your reply. It makes a lot of sense.

    Someone I was talking to also suggested an element of unattainability, disparity (as if the person feels he/she will never be "equal" to the Hermit). That might be a tad extreme.

    I also read about seeing the hermit as a teacher, a guide, but one that others don't know about.

    Just wanted to share these aspects I was told about.

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