5 card Relationship spread

  • So, today, I happen to come across two readings I had on an index card. Both were relationship readings (my current and old one). See, I put a little note on which each card meant, but I have no idea what the placements of them meant. I know that if I knew, I could pull out more meaning behind each card. To try to hit the nail on the point: I'm not sure if the first is how we get along, or why we are together or if either 2 or 3 tells what we brought to the table. I'm certain 5 is the outcome though. Does anyone know this spread?

    Current relationship reading:

    Hair o fat - structure, stability

    4 of wands - complicated tasks/steps

    The tower - complete change in life style/behavior

    8 of discs- focus/Understanding

    Star- Happiness and hope

    Old relationship

    8 of cups- lost of interest

    Hangman- New Path

    Queen of Swords- (I guess this was in reverse) Control of Mind

    The Universe- (Note said: I would give her anything. Makes me wonder who wrote it)

    the tower- complete change in lifestyle or behavior

    I'm just interested in at least my current relationship because we've been together for almost 4 years and our relationship dynamic has changed direction completely.

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