For the psychics: what you see:

  • when you read a post, can you see what emotions, pain, situations the authors are in?

  • Hello Glad!

    Sometimes I can...I'm in development with my spiritual side and it happens. I'm Native/French and I've just started to join ceremonies and other events. I've always felt a little witchy as my friends and family mention. What I have a hard time with is seeing it for myself!

    The faithfull ScorpWolf

  • Interesting. I have always wondered how it works! Here's to further development :0)!

  • Dear gladyouwroteme,

    I personally am not clairvoyant (yet! lol) but am clairaudient. What this means for me is I don't "see" anything when I read a post. But as soon as I get one's question or what they are wanting to know, I ask Heaven (specifically your angels, higher Self, Divine Creator) your question and hear their answer for you. Then I can relay their messages to you. Like I'm a messenger of sorts myself!

    There are different psychic skills, and that's a brief explanation of mine. Thanks!



  • angel reader --- that is so cool! I love it

  • Most Psychics can't see anthing for themselves.

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