How can I develop my psychic power more so I may be of help to others?

  • I feel like I 'could' do something if I have the focus or some sort of training to get myself to that stage. I see how people here post how they need help and how others instantly know all about the issue...

    For me at my current stage I 'know' what to say when an issue is explained to me but I would like to go to the next step and just be able to pick it all up with impressions and such so I may help others.

    Any advice would be wonderful, thank you.

  • AngelicSensuality

    Visit My Thread,

    How to Access your intuition,

    i created to help others develope

    thier psychic/intuition abilites that we are all capable of

    by dealing with eachothers, Yes you have to practice

    practice trusting your intuition by describing anything that

    comes to mind about something or someone its really cool

    and i think you'd love it! 😃

    hope to see you there.

  • okay! thanks 😃

  • Addictd thread has been a real eye opener for me. I never knew that I could tap into it as much as I have. I too want more though. I want to be able to grow my senses so that I can assist others too. I think that mediation will help. There is a couple spiritual centers in my town so I plan on trying to take some classes in healing and see if that helps. I'm hoping that it will. If you find out anything more that you would like to share please do! I want to be able to give back what I have been given. I'm very blessed to have found this place.

  • I feel that in order to receive messages and information you have to clear out all the 'junk in the attic' so to speak. Quieting your mind through meditation and quieting your emotions through working on any turbulence or upset in your life will help clear the way through your body to allow the flow of ideas and information. You also need to have peace and quiet in your surroundings when you are trying to access your psychic ability.

  • Hmmm,

    how does one clean out 'junk in the attic'?


  • You have to work through any issues that are causing you to be blocked. Blockages mean that the information 'route' is not clear.

  • Well a trick i did for myself was taping into my signs "special skills" im a cancer so i im supposed to be able to get really indept with emotions so when i get to talking somone and the convo takes an emotional turn im the guy my friends come and talk to my moon sign being aries i taped into my wild side so im also one of the perfect party people just find out who you are so u knoe what just embrace your sign and who you are and it will come to to you i guess thats what i did

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